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(CAP) New York Cheesecake

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Cannoli filled with buttercream frosting with crumbs of Oreos mixed throughout.
Needs at least a week's steep.

This was my first time using the Cannoli Shell and Cookie crust. I have only had a cannoli once and it was a LONG time ago.. so I googled and one of the more popular versions has chocolate in it. I don't like mixing w/ chocolate flavors because they tend to get muddy... so I figured this was a good opportunity to try the Cookie Crust, hoping it'd be more like crumbs than a liquid chocolate mess. I was lucky because it's exactly what I wanted, a chocolate cookie dusting. The inside of the cannoli, I used WF buttercream because it's thick and good but not too sweet (VT's version is VERY Sweet) and added New York cheesecake as the "cheese-like" component. Overall I really like it. It's fairly simple but tastes fairly complex. It's similar to the Cassadaga's version w/ the chocolate chips except better because it's less busy and vapes cleaner.

Is this a Yogurt or a Cheesecake vape?
Give it a try and let me and the others know below...
You can test your own power of suggestion by vaping it while thinking of eating one of the two, and afterwards think of the other.

Have fun and enjoy,


The Blueberry Custard to end all blueberry custards. Or is it a Blueberry Cream? Wait, it kind of tastes like a Cheesecake, too! This mix plays tricks with your mind. I've even heard some getting waffle from it. FW Blueberry, TPA Blueberry, and FA Bilberry complete the trinity, along with INW Lemon Mix to really drive that blueberry forward.

INW Custard, INW Yes We Cheesecake, TFA Bavarian Cream, TFA Sweet Cream, TFA Marshmallow and DIYFS Holy Vanilla all combine to give a well rounded creamy as hell custardpiecakewaffle.

Creamy full body blueberry cheesecake. Sweeten to taste using Super Sweet. Was really going for a heavy hitting cheesecake. With back notes of the blueberry. Made some changes to my recipe to help get it there.

Notes**** Wasn’t liking how I could taste the vanilla swirl in my finished 4 week steeped batch so I decided to remove it. Also tfa blueberry extra just wasn’t cutting it so changed it out to Flavor West Blueberry for a more syrupy blueberry. Will update after a few week steep.

Not so much into chocolate vapes myself but people tell me it's great.

I know this isn't the full body rich cheesecake I had in mind when I started. That being said, after trying the first attempt nostalgia kicked in as that graham cracker crust taste came through. Then ever so gently as if to say we are real, the slight strawberry hits you. So this recipe just has to stick for me and I will start from scratch on my original idea. This is a great little all day vape especially here during the holidays. Added quick note, after 3-5 days it is almost spot on imho. Any feedback humbly accepted as I am only about 3 weeks into diy as of this post.


Just relax and enjoy a strawberry cream!

some notes
-The yogurt isn't tsopani style! Its more like a cream smoothie!
-succulent strawberry from osd is one of the best strawberries mix out there for sure!both with fairy floss from vta and a little raspberry from fa makes a perfect combo
-Hazelnut from fw and berries with creams!you guys need to try this!
-marshmallow doent effect much on first day- after 2-3 days is starting to work and its here to make some cuts
-super sweet is optional but a touch is always fine!


This blueberry Cheesecake was made on/for Interactive Mixing on the Diydownunder network. The blueberry trilogy Im not sure who to credit. The Cheesecake trilogy was created by Mr. Alfred Pudding

I have been vaping the Simply Cannoli recipe fromt the cannoli contest ( https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/5315 ) for a long time now. When I got FA Joker in the mail I wanted to try my take on a cannoli using that as my shell flavor instead of biscuit and joy and my preferred creamy filling flavors.

Joker is a very sweet fried dough so no sweetener is needed here. It has an almost glazed, powdered sugar taste to it on it's own. 6% seems to be the preferred single flavor ratio. I tried going lower than 5% but I really like this flavor being very forward in the mix so 5% it is.

I went with the 3-2-1 cheesecake trinity but removed the graham crust, not wanting it to interfere with my crust layer.

At this point, I thought it was tasting pretty good but didn't have enough body to the filling flavor. Cap VC seems to fit the bill well and add a nice eggy note that a cannoli should have.

Finally, I wanted a bit of a lemon zest on top to add some depth to the flavor and keep it interested. FA Lemon Sicily works perfect for this, tieing in with both the sweetness of the Joker and the tang of the cheesecake flavors.

I may still adjust the percentages a bit but I think it is good enough to share at this point. Feedback is very much welcome. Hope you like it!


A delicious cheesecake featuring VTA Forest Mix This is a mix of red berry's on the front with darker berry's following. This concentrate is brighter than FA Forest Fruit.

For my Cheesecake, I am using a Cheesecake Trinity, of INW Yes We Cheesecake, Cap NY Cheesecake, and TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust. I have heard this called the Alfred Pudding cheesecake trinitY. It works perfectly. 💕
To enhance the Forest Mix, I added thesome VTA Raspberry Jam* and **FLV Boysenberry, this is almost like a topping for the cheesecake.


Flavor Notes