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(CAP) New York Cheesecake V2

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

Used in 186 recipes at an average of 2.85%.


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A thick, rich, sweet, smooth, full bodied mouthfull of lemon meringue cheesecake perfection without the crust, because why have anything but the best part of the cheesecake in the recipe.

To be honest I'm not even sure how or why I chose the ingredients I did for this. I sat in front of my mixing station one day, looked at my flavors and figured these would make what I wanted and they did, and spot on at that. The only tweaks I made were with the %s on the CAP Lemon Meringue Pie by upping it slightly from the original amount and the same goes for the CAP NY Cheesecake. And to make a note on the V2 selection. There is no shortness of body in this recipe, nor are there any strange off notes due to the use of the V2s. To be completely honest these two V2 purchases were made when I first started mixing and never used until now or anywhere else in my mixing. They did the trick perfectly here though without a doubt.

I hope you guys enjoy this one!

This is an apricot cheesecake recipe,probably with a stupid name.i mixed it and forgot it for a couple of weeks,so i can't really say if this works as a snv.i guess it doesn't,it really needs at least a week of steeping,but in 2 weeks that it was tested it tastes fine

This is a very simple Blueberry Custard recipe.

Vanilla Custard V2 (CAP) provides the base for a good custard but lacks a bit of depth. By itself it is a good custard with some nice egg notes. The addition of New York Cheesecake V2 (CAP) and Bavarian Cream (FA) combine to add a richness and thick mouth feel that really brings the custard together.

Blueberry Candy (TPA) mixed with Blueberry Extra (TPA) and Forest Mix (FA) combine to make a sweet blueberry compote that has been loosely stirred into the vanilla custard.

This recipe tastes very good right after a good shake but it has a little bit of harshness. Give it a couple weeks and it is much smoother. After four weeks it is a very nice blueberry vanilla custard that will continue to develop over the next few weeks, if it lasts that long.

This is an adaptation of The Real: Strawberry Cheesecake REMIX by [ENYAWREKLAW]

This is a very simple flavor swap that turned out to be my new all day vape. Using TFA Blueberry Extra in place of Strawberry Ripe and TFA Blueberry Candy in place of CAP Sweet Strawberry creates a flavor that tastes like a Blueberry Syrup. I kept them both at the same percentages. The only other substitution is TFA Sweet Cream in place of CAP Sweet Cream. This choice was purely out of convenience as I didnt have the CAP version.

I tested the first batch that I made at the following intervals.

S&V - Tastes good. Nice and sweet but lacks any real depth. A bit too strong on the Blueberry.
2 Days - About the same but a bit more body from the Cheesecake and the Blueberry is a little better.
7 Days - Starting to get that baked flavor. The Blueberry has calmed down a bit but is still sweet and flavorful.
14 Days - About the same as 7 but a little smoother.
30 Days - OK, I am in love! The flavors have all come together as a real Cheesecake. Amazing! The Blueberry is perfectly sweet but not overpowering. I am very happy with the results.

I just opened a bottle that has been steepeng for 8 weeks. I also made a fresh batch 4 weeks ago so that I could compare the two. The difference between them is very subtle. The cheesecake is a tiny bit more pronounced but still not overly cheesy.

Profile: A thick, sweet and creamy Vanilla Custard that produces dense flavorful clouds. This is my take on Vapetasia's Killer Kustard.

The body: The TPA Vanilla Custard and CAP Vanilla Custard v2 are the dominant flavors here with a little added TPA Vanilla Swirl to really maximize Vanilla. The TFA Bavarian Cream was added to simulate the dense creamy mouth feel of a true Custard.

Supporting flavors: The combination of CAP New York Cheese Cake v2, CAP Vanilla Cupcake v2 and TFA Sweetener add a layer that resembles a cake batter in taste and texture. It is noticeable on the inhale but much more present on the exhale.

Steep time: This mix doesn't really come to life until at least 1 week. The Vanilla will be quite strong until then. The depth of flavor and mouth feel need a full months steep to really develop and it continues to improve for a few more months. (If you can wait that long)

Profile: A sweet, buttery Pound Cake with a slightly tangy citrus flavor.

The body: The FW Yellow Cake is the dominant flavor here with a little added CAP Vanilla Cupcake V2 to soften the richness of the Yellow Cake. The TFA Bavarian Cream and CAP New York Cheese Cake V2 were added to simulate the moist dense texture of Pound Cake.

Supporting flavors: The combination of TFA Citrus Punch, CAP Sweet Tangerine and TFA Sweetener add a sweet but tangy citrus note that delights the pallete. It is noticeable on the inhale but much more present on the exhale.

Steep time: It actually tastes great as a Shake N Vape but really comes to life after 2-3 weeks. The depth of flavor and mouth feel are spot on with a full months steep

This is a thick, creamy strawberry vanilla custard that produces dense flavorful clouds. It tastes very good after 2 weeks. For a fully developed flavor allow at least 4 weeks of steeping.

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