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(CAP) New York Cheesecake

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Flavor Profile: cream soft thick vanilla

Used in 2215 recipes at an average of 3.284%.


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This is my take on a guava empañada. Delicious sweet guava, cream cheese, and a touch of cinnamon tucked into a delicious fried shell.


So I have been having nightmares for the last few months from the release of my Sicily Cheesecake from the Y U No meme dude. He decides to show up right at the last minute screaming Y U No... Y U No... running and staring at me violently with those beady eyes. Once he catchs up to me he stops, pauses and holds those crooked fingers to my face. As I look down on him in fear, I ask what's up my little dude? He is in a frozen state as I jump out of bed from this nightmare screaming Y U No.... Y U no..... Night after night he comes back terrifying me to no end. Then last night it finally came to pass I finally got to hear
the question that has been haunting me for months. Again as I look down on him in fear of what comes next with those beady eyes and crooked fingers he tilts his head up with a deformed smile, begins to say softly Y U No put lime in the Cheese cake as he vanishes back into the darkness.

This tribute recipe was developed from my Sicily Cheesecake that I had released a few months ago. Adapted from Wayne Walkers Cheesecake stones when its right its right dude.... Taking out the lemon and adding the FA Florida key lime puts a twist on this dilcious Cheesecake vape. For that matter you can experiment and add you own fruit or fruit stone to your liking. Enjoy!!!!

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Bird Cage: (Strawberry, Cheesecake, Frosted Flakes)
"The was a dream, someday i could see it. Like a bird in a cage, i know i could free it"
Add .15 of TFA Sweet Cereal Flakes for more frosted flakes profile.

Another strawberry cream and my latest ADV. Purilum NY cheesecake makes this a little more interesting. I know the percentages are a bit high, but it's works. Hope you enjoy.

Sweet vanilla cheesecake cupcakes. Moist heavenly all day vape. The infamous (CAP) vanilla cupcake for the pastry. The French vanilla and vanilla swirl to back up the vanilla in the cupcake and I'm using to cheesecakes, (CAP) cheesecake for the cream and the CGC to add more texture to the cupcake. A simple but delicious recipe. It's good after a hot bath but amazing after a week or two

Quick mix for myself. Loving these liquid barn flavors. Be on the look out for my real flavors recipes this week.

I find that this combination of banana concentrates to be a great combination that doesn't fade after the first few vapes. Molinberry glamour chocolate i find to be the ultimate milk chocolate that surpasses inawera original milk chocolate. Please note this recipe is subject to commercial release.

Bluebird project I'm starting. I tried it for the first time and really enjoyed it. I want to see if I can make a close substitute.
V1.5-bumped up the cheesecake

This is a nice take on a lemon meringue ice cream pie with a little bit more tart. Has that perfect balance in flavor. Light and Fluffy with a nice pie crust taste. This was an attempt at something a bit different. I Find it absolutely great. mixed at 60/40Pg. This flavor really comes together after a 5 day steep. Try it out. I would love your Feedback. super sweet Optional. I think the Blackcurrant adds a nice subltle unique taste to the recipe.

a little bit sweet,a little bit tart,a whole lot of delicious....Homemade lemon squares dusted with a light coating of powdered sugar

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