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(CAP) New York Cheesecake

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: cream soft thick vanilla

Used in 1997 recipes at an average of 3.307%.


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I felt it was time to give my BBCC Remake some new life so I reevaluated my flavor profile with some different flavors.

I chose :
TPA BB XTRA and CAP BB/POM w/stevia as my fruitstone I liked how the blueberries and pomegranate played nicely together the POM gave the blueberries that extra brightness I was looking for.

Also on that note I placed CAP Cheesecake, DF Custard and TPA Vanilla Swirl in the same layer as my cheesecake base, and it worked wonderfully even has that lemony smooth velvety cheesecake mouthful we all love so much.

And finally finished the whole recipe off with CAP Graham Cracker V2....

Once mixed and shaken and vaped the recipe was very good right off the bat... A week or two should really let those fruit berries and creamy cheesecake filling come out.....

This is not CBD oil, but might be to the taste of stoners... For those of us who are lucky enough to still have some of inaweras original milk chocolate in our inventory. This recipe is worth using it. If you anyone has a great milk chocolate to sub for inaweras original milk chocolate. Please do share!

My take on Experiment two by teleos. try it out and let me know your opinion!

"The father of Geometry", Euclid was a Greek mathematician most known for his work "Elements" which covers a series of proofs in Geometry. He also made wondrous strides in number theory, such as Euclid's Theorem that states, "There exists infinitely man prime numbers". Euclid is debatably the most influential mathematician of all time and continues to be so to this day.

This is a blueberry cheesecake recipe. I wanted to create more of a cheesecake with a blueberry syrup, rather than a blueberry infused cheesecake that is often what I've seen. This is done by using CAP blueberry jam and Quince. Both have a "wetness" to them that creates the effect of a liquid blueberry. The cheesecake is comprised of NY Cheesecake and Cream Cheese Icing. For the crust I went with a combination of FW Graham Cracker and INW Biscuit to keep it from being too bitter.


AETHER(pronounced E-THER). This is my first in a series of recipe releases that I will be calling my "Infinity Stone" line. AETHER, the Reality gem, is the gem to manipulate reality. It is depicted in the Marvel Universe as a red gem. As such, I thought a strawberries and cream recipe would be an appropriate fit.

Not much to mention on flavor notes, just a awesome strawberries and cream! Shake and vape but is best after a 3 day steep.

Please comment, mix, and or rate. Enjoy :)
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Similar to my raspberry cheesecake recipe just taken a step further.

Strawberry ripe and sweet raspberry give that beautiful sweet raspberry flavor I can't seem to get enough of.

Biscuit and sugar cookie offer up a nice sweet crust for the cheesecake to sit on.

Ny cheesecake is here for obvious reasons and yellow cake just adds a nice cake fluff to it if you will

Almond and coconut candy. The two that look the most out of place in this recipe. It never would have crossed my mind but before even trying to construct this recipe I looked up an actual baking recipe. Almond extract and coconut where two ingredients. I thought why the hell not it sounds good. In the first few testing days the coconut was way too forward. I almost scrapped the recipe and wanted to make a V2 leaving it out. But I was patient and to my surprise after about 7-10 days it fades somewhere into the distance just leaving a nice subtle coconut cream with a little nutty help from the almond. It's hard to explain until you experience it for yourself.

I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I have been. Give this one a solid week or more for everything to fall into it's comfort zone

My second attempt at anything with golden pineapple. I really enjoy this flavoring, it totally reminds me almost exactly of the pineapple gummy bear flavor without the gumminess, just a sweet, fragrant pineapple scent wafting throughout the vape.

I turned the pineapple up as high as I thought was safe because I've already noticed how soft and easily overpowered it can be and kept everything else super low to be on the safe side and not muddy this up, and I know everything looks super low, too low even, but I'm telling you it works at these percentages.

I also haven't done any variants or batches with this guy, just a nice little experiment that turned out pretty decent, so any tweaks, remixes, tips, etc are most welcome and I certainly am going to be playing with this one.

Up front comes that sweet breezy pineapple, it almost feels like shreds of pineapple/coconut on top of this cheesecake as far as texture is concerned, nice and juicy because of the dragonfruit, and the coconut has a sweet fragrant presence throughout the entire vape as well that blends really well with the vanilla and overall creaminess that shows off the most in the exhale, with the sweet pineapple/hint of coconut lingering on your lips at the finish.

As opposed to my attempt at authentic cheesecake in the butterscotch recipe, I really wanted this to be an awesomely sweet and creamy vanilla ice cream/cheesecake experience, and with that in mind I feel that this flavor is right where I wanted it to be.

The butterscotchin' continues! One of the first recipes I ever mixed was Wayne's Strawberry Cheesecake and I loved it and vaped the hell out of it but it always had one aspect missing that didn't totally sell me on it being cheesecake, and to his good credit the description calls it a vanilla bean cheesecake flavor and it's spot on, but one of my favorite parts of cheesecake is the cheesy, sourness mixed with all that sweetness. I just love it, I really do.

Sometime later when I joined the DIYorDie website and started pouring through articles I found the "Cheesecaked" article and I was in heaven! It has varieties of cheesecake bases and there was one that was for authentic cheesecake that has a creamy yogurt flavor mixed in for that very cheesy flavor I'd been seeking, so I started playing with different yogurts and percentages with cheesecake and I really like FLV Greek yogurt at low doses, it gives it that nice bite.

That being said, if you don't like that flavor aspect of cheesecake/don't want any emphasis on that, I'm sure this mix would taste just fine without it!

When I originally mixed this, I had everything except the butterscotch twice as strong and it just didn't do it for me, in fact there were some off notes at the end of the exhale that left my mouth feeling dry and bitter, I attribute that to the graham cracker and yogurt, and honestly the cheesecake profile as a whole was too strong, like wearing someone's prescription glasses that aren't yours and everything is somehow too in focus.

So to remedy I just doubled the VG/PG I'd put in, reducing all flavorings by half, and just brought the butterscotch back up, and a little higher than before, to 4.5, where it rolls right in at the front note and nice and strong on the exhale too, leaving the lower percentage of cheesecake playing around in the middle of this vape, with a full creamy richness throughout.

The custard/cracker/yogurt are all supporting the cheesecake flavor, I really wanted it to feel like an authentic bite of cheesecake topped with a nice butterscotch layer. The custard brings out a touch of that egginess which is exactly what I was hoping. The graham cracker adds just enough grit and texture without being distracting or dry, and the Greek yogurt adds that funky little piece I've always looked for in my cheesecakes.

I just mixed this and really am enjoying it, no steep yet, shake and vapes well, I'm excited to see how it tastes after a few days.

Also I typically mix my flavors and then 10%PG, 3mg/nic and top the rest off with VG but that's just me, I'm not very well read in VG/PG percentages so whatever your preference may be.

I've been mixing for a little over a year now and am recently feeling very comfortable with and enjoying my recipes but I'm still quite the novice so please any tips, tweaks, comments, critiques, remixes etc are most welcome.

Idea: To create creamy coconut cream topped on cheese cake.
Flavors: As base used cheesecake topped with vanilla cream mixed with coconut and all that topped with meringue.

Need I say More. My Game of Thrones Inspired Vape

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