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(CAP) New York Cheesecake

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: cream soft thick vanilla

Used in 3249 recipes at an average of 3.288%.


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Best described as an abstract blackberry dessert bordering on a cheesecake/milk, Verano (spanish for Summer) is a very suitable spring/summer day vape. If you enjoy slightly floral (in a good way) flavors, this is one you'll want to try.

Full Flavor Notes will be included shortly. Just know FLV Blackberry Blossom isn't an (absolute) necessity here. It can be subbed for another blackberry as an accent. It's used here to provide a syrupy texture/slight floral undertone. I also opted for TFA Marshmallow in place of a traditional sweetener to avoid coil gunking.

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Soho and RY4D give this recipe tobacco notes but it is heavy on the pistachio extract notes. The creams in this mix give it a very nice, very smooth and creamy finish and the AP accent the bakery and nutty notes in the mix. I would describe this a comforting warm deep desert tobacco vape.
This recipe has been very popular on ELR and was uploaded there in August of 2016 so there are a few comments there if you want to go take a look at what people are saying about it.

I’ve got a ton of flavors and just wanted to make something that included both the old and new ones that haven’t gotten any love yet. Strawberry is one of my favs so why not do it with a new twist. The cashew adds a nice nutty flavor to the biscuit. Kinda of reminds me of a nutty ice cream cone.

remix of Joker from the vape suicide line from lizard juice, (Florida ejuice company I'm sure you've never heard of)
apricot cheesecake

this needs a LONG steep, 21 days + for best results

As with most Italian pastry deserts they are not overly sweet and that is what is what I wanted to capture here, more of an authentic Cannoli I grew up with . This is really good and ADV for me. The use of catalan cream and hangsen Italian cream will bring more unique flavor profile without overwhelming sweetness or vanilla notes - if you are looking for a sweeter more american cannoli then you can use Vienna cream, a dash of a vanilla ice cream and cheese cake of you choice for the filing

australian chocolate - smooth, somewhat sweet, dark chocolate. used low up to 1% - if you go higher it does not bring you more flavor but more a chalk mouth feel - this is more of a accent chocolate to me in a recipie and does that well here ( VT dark choclate could also be used )

Burlone (Joker) FA Pazzo - is a spot on cannoli shell with a dash of cinnamon and powered sugar - you get that fried dough crispiness for sure ( very much like Zeppola) . I can see this being used in many many combinations of cream, chocolates, and fruit . I can see this working well with a brandy cream filling or a vanilla burbon RY4 cream filling

italian cream/ Catalan cream / lemon sicily - these are used for the filling - catalan cream is a niche type cream to me it is weak on the cream texture and body but has some flavor profiles that are needed in this mix - most notably the citrus, vanilla and cinnamon . The cheese cake and the Italian cream work to create that thick type of ricotta cream filling. NY cheese cake needs a little more of that "cheese" note and Italian cream does that - it a thick tangy cream that really bring that unique note almost like a mascapone cheese - it has a low ceiling to to me and needs to be under 1%

The torrone is used for mild powdery sugary almond and citrus back note - used low to support the exhale

Made for Mixin in the kitchen episode "leave the gun take the cannoli" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es07SSpD-Ow

Two warm slices of fresh banana nut bread with a thick layer of rich vanilla custard slathered between them. Good as a SNV but the real flavor comes out at 1 - 2 weeks steep It gets even better if steeped longer.

A delicious cinnamon cereal for breakfast.

That You should try it out!


I recently have had the most ridiculous cravings for cheesecake the last little while so I decided to try out a recipe that could cure my cravings. Introducing the NY Cheesecake w/ Ice Cream & Whipped Cream and a Sugar Cookie Crust

Originally I had created this with JUST NY Cheesecake but after some advice from Wayne, I lowered it a bit and added TFA's Cheesecake w/ Graham Crust to give it more body.

Best after at least 3 days of steeping.

"Pretty straight forward, looking for a delicious Banana Blueberry Cheesecake. I want this one to be REALLY creamy, sweet, and satisfying. I'm planning for the banana to stand out more than the blueberry. Wish me luck."

The above text is what I put in the description when I originally mixed this juice. I knew it would need steep time, but it was surprisingly delicious right off of the shake. I mixed a second bottle so that I could have one put away steeping steadily. A solid month later I came back to the steeping bottle, upon sampling this juice I was happily surprised. This was awesome! I really nailed this one, I had thought to myself. After a few hours I did realize that I had over-sweetened a little bit.

Given a little bit of steep time, (3 days or so) the banana falls back a little, the blueberry jumps to the front, and the whole flavor melds together much better than it seems off the shake.

[After 36 hours, i want die for!
Its a steeper. 10days+]

-FA Custard Premium
A wonderful flavour! I use a high amount, that it can stand up against the other heavy creams.

Flavor Notes

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