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First thing I have to say is the CAP Meringue is actually CAP SILVERLINE Meringue but it’s not a flavor that is saved on this site?I was just mixing this up off the top of my head and found that I had a monster ADV on my hands now please take into account I’m new to mixing and only have about 5-6 months under my belt at the date of this recipe but I love to experiment and this mix is one of my best so far and I can promise it won’t disappoint. Not a lot of yogurt actual flavor but it makes a great backup for the Meringue and I feel like everything is working in harmony to make a very delicious lemon meringue pie and or yogurt. Thank you

Tarta de limón con merengue, receta muy fiel a la original "Dinner Lady".

A thick, rich, sweet, smooth, full bodied mouthfull of lemon meringue cheesecake perfection without the crust, because why have anything but the best part of the cheesecake in the recipe.

To be honest I'm not even sure how or why I chose the ingredients I did for this. I sat in front of my mixing station one day, looked at my flavors and figured these would make what I wanted and they did, and spot on at that. The only tweaks I made were with the %s on the CAP Lemon Meringue Pie by upping it slightly from the original amount and the same goes for the CAP NY Cheesecake. And to make a note on the V2 selection. There is no shortness of body in this recipe, nor are there any strange off notes due to the use of the V2s. To be completely honest these two V2 purchases were made when I first started mixing and never used until now or anywhere else in my mixing. They did the trick perfectly here though without a doubt.

I hope you guys enjoy this one!

The Year of Mixing Week 1
A light and delicious apple dessert vape.

This is based off of an actual dessert, made with cooked Granny Smith Apples, Egg Whites, Sugar, and vanilla.
To create this, I have used FLV Granny Smith Apple. This added with VTA RAW Sugar helps give the sweetness needed and a caramel cooked taste to the apples. Cap SL Meringue works perfect to add the egg white meringue needed. Then for the perfect shot of vanilla, I used FLV Smooth Vanilla.
Absolutely delicious.
VT Raw Sugar can be ordered at Chefs Flavours.

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