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(CAP) Marshmallow

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1684 recipes at an average of 1.705%.


80 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Sweet and sour sugar peach, just like peach gummies, great summer juice.

PS1: Peach with Stevia can be changed for following Super Sweet = 0.75% and Yellow Peach = 4.5%
PS2: This percentages were made only for a 70/30 recipe, you may need to adjust if vaping in other percentages.
PS3: Tweaked some percentages, recipe inspired by "diyvapor" in the link "https://www.99juices.com/recipes/3929/"
PS4: Tastes great as shake n' vape but after a few days it gets better.
PS5: Do not mix a giant batch because after a month or two the peach starts to fade away.
PS6: If you want more peach and less critus you can down the Yellow Peach to 3% and up the Peach with Stevia to 2.3%.
PS7: The recipe is not super sweet, if you want more sweet you may up the Peach With Stevia a little and the Super Sweet by 0.5%
PS8: The Marshmallow is used to give some body to the juice.

Been trying to make a mango vape since i started. when i was buying juice mango was my go to adv. my missing ingredient was cantaloupe, the sweet mango was one of my first flavours i mixed it up at 10% single flavour DONT DO THAT you will have a bad day lol lesson learnt wont do that again.


A yummi gummi profile!!! After hearing how good FLV Peach Gummi is on Noted, i got some in and had a little play! This is the result, and its a lovely ADV

Version 1

First installment of a recipe development series I'm doing for reddit.

Fuck you.

Crispy Meringue/Fresh Fruits/Light Cream

Cereal27 (CAP) 1.50%
Cream Fresh (FA) 0.50%
Fruit Circles With Milk (TPA) 3.00%
Kiwi (FA) 0.50%
Marshmallow (CAP) 0.50%
Meringue (FA) 3.00%
Meringue (TPA) 0.50%
Raspberry (Malina) (INW) 0.30%
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 0.50%
Sweetener (FW) 0.50%
Whipped Cream (TPA) 2.00%

Ωρίμανση: 3-5 Μέρες
ELR LINK: http://tjek.nu/r/hF7N


merry Christmas everyone and this is what I will be vaping on sunday and Monday guys mix it up and enjoy


this is just a revised version of my first recipe and I wanna see if this one would be better than the first

This is my first ever DIY mix, i'm quite happy with the result but really would appreciate feedback! it has a very rich cinnamon flavour, with a nice creaminess to it. I personally think the flavour is great as a shake and vape, because I just love cinnamon. For best results though, let steep for a week to really bring out the creamy and cake notes.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl
-This is obviously the main flavour, I first tried this at 4% but it just overpowered everything. I think it does a great job in this particular recipe at 3% as it gives a strong, rich flavour but not too much so that it blocks the creamy and cakey notes from coming through. I honestly love this concentrate and i think its perfect this time of year!

Vanilla Custard + Marshmallow
-the vanilla custard provides the recipe with a nice buttery note on the exhale, that just helps to create the bakery flavour i was going for. The marshmallow helps to add creaminess to the recipe. Had to play around with the percentages quite a bit, i think TFA Vanilla Custard is great at 3% and definitely works better than the CAP Vanilla Custard as its less eggy and more focused around the butter.

Cookie dough + graham cracker clear
Added these to give a little bite to the recipe. they add a nice flavour and texture to the mix, as well as adding to the doughy/cakey flavour i was going for.

cake (yellow)
this was the icing on the cake for me. I really thought that this filled the gap i had been missing in this mix, provided it with a lovely full on cake flavour after the steep, and really complimented the Cookie Dough. After a week the Cookie Dough got a little bit weaker, and i couldnt taste it as well, so this definitely made up for that.

thanks for hopefully helping by providing me with some feedback on this recipe! I really enjoy it! Remember this is my first mix so i most definitely will make mistakes, i would love to keep adapting this recipe to create the perfect cinnamon bun!

I thank u/ID10-t for this recipe he gave me in the suggest a recipe thread a few months ago. Was a good peach n cream flavour. I added FA White Peach because the fruit flavour I found faded over time. The original had a weird mouthfeel to it, Can't explain it, but adding CAP Marshmallow smoothed it out and I really liked the flavour it added to the mix.


I got the idea from Mr. Walker and just wanted too expand on it alil more and maybe give you more mouth fill

Flavor Notes