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From @Queuetue : The Derringer is my choice for testing, in a mix or with a single flavor. Please support creative people by buying authentic atomizers, but I also keep a number of these clones from Fasttech on hand so I always have a an atomizer ready to go while I'm mixing.

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(CAP) Marshmallow

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive dessert

Used in 991 recipes at an average of 1.729%.


60 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Passion kiwi milk light and smooth vape for thous who like passion fruit flavors

In this recipes the creams will make up the marshmallow fluff, the peanut butter and marzipan makes up the nutty part of this together makes a nutty peanut butter and the caramel & butterscotch ripple makes up the top layer in the snickers bar. The milk chocolate is the outter shell of the snickers candy bar

SO.... this is my first published recipe after almost 2 years of perfecting my process.

I, however, have only been able to come up with one recipe that i think should be published for the community, as I do lots of single/few flavor recipes most of the time... The result has been this:

Profile I have been after:
I am shocked and amazed how much the 'bacco recipes have hit my tastebuds on the "sweet spot" so to speak. I was always a menthol smoker (for almost 20 years) and when i started vaping, I thought I would need somewhat of the same profile... BOY, was I wrong! With all the bakeries, sweets, coffee-type recipes out there, I was in VARIETY HEAVEN. And I stayed in my comfort zone for a very long time.... Then came ENYAWREKLAW's Pistachio RY4 U... My life has never been the same since then...

So, for this recipe, I wanted to take some elements of PRY4U (mainly the RY4 Dbl) and expand upon it. What I wanted as a finished product was a 'bacco vape, but sweet to the taste buds and a heck of a lot more of a mouthfeel... Even more naturally sweet than any RY4 on the market. I think I have succeeded....

LB Butterscotch Graham Tobacco/ TPA RY4 Double:
This is a real experiment... who knew these 2 tobaccos could play nice together? Well, they do... As a matter of fact, they are great playmates! Definitely more tobacco tasting together though, so watch out if that ain't your thang...

LB Vanilla Ice Cream/ DIYFS Holy Vanilla:
With this combo, I didn't want it to end up tasting like Ben and Jerry's Wacky Tobaccy Ice Cream, rather, I wanted fluffiness with vanilla overtones and this amazing concentrate from Liquid Barn does that so well when you introduce the holiest of vanilla flavorings. What a COMBO!

FW Butterscotch Natural:
This was used to create a bit more punch with the butterscotch flavoring coming from the LB 'bacco... Just enough to taste good, and not cloying in any way.

CAP Mallow... This is here plainly to create more fluff/mouthfeel.... I like CAP for this reason most of the time.

Great after 3 days ( I know, right?....A tobacco? I swear! Try it!) but really takes shape 7-10 days... Do not recommend as a SNV... needs a little time.

Thanks! And let me know what ya'll think!


Peppermint Snookems is a nice peppermint vape that is not to complicated and can be Vaped right after mixing! This lovely vape should appeal to menthol vapers and non menthol vapersl.The Artic Menthol from (FA) has a light Eucalyptus taste on the exhale at the back of the throat.Just do not want folks freaking out thinking that the menthol would be too strong! The Peppermint is right there not too strong but just right smoothed out by the Cap whipped Cream and the Cap Marshmallow.All in all Peppermint Snookems is a nice smooth easy going Peppermint vape! Enjoy


A remix Method1's Lemonaids which is a remix of SlashaLO's Satyra.

This shit bangs. No subs possible. Best damn ratio of concentrates in the game. Fuck me up, fam.

ATF won't allow me to put the accurate steep day for this one, so please note that this recipe is best at about 5 days BEFORE you mix it. Trust me.

My take a a super fresh tasting delish strawberrys and cream.
Definitely give this 2 week steep


Melons and cream. The shining star in this recipe is of course the TFA Honeydew even at just over 1%. PUR and LA watermelon help to round out the melon base in the recipe to make it a more FULL and natural melon vape. LA watermelon is such a great tasting and strong watermelon aroma, alone it is more of a candied melon, so I use the PUR version here in conjunction to help soften the LA watermelon up a bit and make it more of a natural melon. FA cantaloupe is the foundation of the melons here. It just works, it seems as if its holding up the honeydew, and watermelon in a way that it is filling in any gaps and lower base notes that the other melons are lacking, giving us more of a full, wet and well rounded melon. The whole goal of this recipe was to create a delicious melon and cream vape, using a cream note that was a little lighter and not overly heavy but not to light either. The final verdict was CAP Marshmallow as a main cream note for obvious reasons while also using FA meringue and FA whipped cream to fill in the cream and give it a fuller mouth feel and vape experience. The cream is a lighter type of cream, which is what i was aiming for. Mix it up and feel it out. If you like it, leave a review. Thanks and enjoy!

Creamy Vanilla Orange. Smooth and tasty, Light flavorful not overbearing. The Blood orange sits on top of nice mellow and sweet. The Butterscotch Ripple adds in a bit of mellow sweetness. The Marshmallow and Meringue adds to the middle with a creamy smooth, fluffy candy like flavor. The Vanilla Swirl fills out the bottom. When I remix this i think the Vanilla Swirl could use a bump of a 1/2% to give just a bit more body. Did't try a shake and vape with this pretty sure it would be acceptable. Sat in the drawer for 15 days before I broke it out and vaped it. Pretty tasty but I will try it with another 1/2% of Vanilla swirl or French Vanilla for that extra richness I think this needs. Give this one a whirl, I think you will enjoy it.

A baked Strawberry vape. It's a all day vape for sure. You can shake and vape. Best if you can heat it up for 20 minutes. I have a magnet steerer hot plate. I used a small crock pot from Walmart in the passed. You can find them in the air fresheners section where the melted wax is. There like 10.00 or heat up some white rice (uncooked) in the microwave for 10¬15 seconds. Put you bottle in a cup and pour the heated rice around it. This will bind the flavors together faster so you can shake and vape it and get a better exsperance. And if you let it steep for 5¬7 days and it will be really good. You can check out my website on mix hardware and where to get it here www.theworldofvaping.com Go to the post on "How to make your own ejuice"

I've been working on this complex recipie for a while now. I'm pretty satisfied with this being the final. Mix enjoy.

Cap funnel cake
Imo a very accurate funnel cake 4-5% is best when going for funnel cake as the main profile. It's pretty accurate imo.

Fa zeppola. This adds a little more dough to the funnel cake a little bit of sweet sugar notes as well

Cap sweet cream/marsh... Sweet cream is here just to make the over all flavor a little creamy. And marsh is just for the sweetness and mouthfeel.

Fa fuji/tpa caramel
Can be tasted inhale and exhale they both sit at the front of this profile and really top off this mix.

You can shake and vape is good but Fuji and caremel bent a lot after full steep.
1 week smells and taste wierd the dough really comes out a little too much.
2 weeks its spot on and awesone

From @Queuetue : Because I have atomizers all over the place, I need something to put them on. These stands are colorful, awesome, and pretty inexpensive.

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