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(CAP) Lime

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

Used in 135 recipes at an average of 2.633%.


10 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Lime and Lychee infused Custard. The Vanilla Bean Gelato is more of a Vanilla flavor than a Gelato flavor. FA Custard Premuim is by far the best custard flavor on the market. I know that it is a difficult flavor to get your hands on so it can also be replaced with TFA Vanilla Custard or CAP Vanilla Custard V2. They do their jobs quite well as replacements.
Let it steep for about 7 days and you should be good to go! This is going to be my ADV, its damn good!

Once upon a time, a friend of mine described to me a flavor by 63 Maui. Now defunct, and recipes not released, I had nothing to test against. So I went after making my own version of Aole Pilikia (https://www.juicedb.com/juice/15730/aole-pilikia-by-63-maui)

I may have missed the mark, but what came out was undeniably very tasty. Vaguely reminds me of a Moscow mule.

Let this one sit for a few days to let the lime calm down a bit, but if you want that fresh citrus bite, it's still quite tasty day one.

Well if there ever was time where you could have skittles and rainbow sherbet with alil bit of tanginess well here it is I just mixed this up and it's good as S&V certified and it actually hit the spot I was looking for so mix this up at 70/30 and enjoy

I was looking for a pina colada but without the alcohol note. This mix brings a creamy meringue base to the light citrus pop of the lime and golden pineapple. Adjust the coconut down to .5% for a more rounded taste of the tropics however, at 1% it sits very well with me.

1 drop of Erythritol Solution per 30ml and the Liquid Amber with the Sweet Lychee bring out the fruit notes which naturally compete with the coconut being such a strong flavor. I feel this recipe is done as it's my third batch/tweak on my original idea. Feedback is welcome :)

Good as as shake and vape but better after a 3 day steep on the Meringue.

V1-2.5 Testing out this blue raspberry apparently its the best. Im on a candy binge right now. Starburst type is actually this -http://www.bullcityflavors.com/star-candy-fw/
not sure if they are they same or not.

V2.5 - bumped up the blue ras
Lowered the strawberry belts and switched to watermelon sour belts.
Also lowered the star candy and lemon because it gave it some harsh notes.

V3 - Lowered Liquid Barn blueraspberry.
Added Real Flavors Blue Raz

V4 - removed some extracts and replaced it with just lime by cap
added sour blue raspberry candy by wonder flavours

V5- Now that strawberry sour-belts is more accessible to people I wanted to release the version I like the most. You can also sub OOO Blue Raspberry Candy for the LB Blue Raspberry they are both VG based so use the same percentage. All the Flavors has them set up for a PG base though. Change the Extract to a VG based Extract in the list and use LB blueraspberry at that measurement and not the one provided.

V6- in this version I wanted to go back the original-ish profile with the cap lime. I use Yellow Burst by Real Flavors to create a lemon-lime sour profile after a steep the starburst flavor softens everything up for a chewy gummy factor. The sourness in this recipe comes from the citrus notes, if you wanted you could use a sour enhancer here but I found that it really didn't do anything for me. If you do not have yellow, pink, and orange also work. You can get yellow here ---> https://www.realflavors.com/collections/real-flavors/products/yellow-candy-burst-type?variant=13730023833712


CAP LIME- FA Cold Pressed lime @ .5%

LB Blue Raspberry- OOO Blue Raspberry candy @ 8%

RF Yellow Candy - burst type- RF Orange Candy- burst type @5%
RF Orange Candy- burst type SC @ 2.5%
RF Pink Candy- burst type @5%
RF Pink Candy- burst type SC @ 2.5%


7% (LB) Blue Raspberry

0.5% (RF) Blue Raz – Super Concentrate

2% (CAP) Lime

1% (WF) Sour Blue Raspberry Candy

1% (CAP) Super Sweet

Hotter Than is a refreshing cocktail vape that is meant to enjoy on a summer day. I get a nice citrus cocktail with a sugar coated rim.

Good as a shake & vape, but a few days steep doesn't hurt.

Please leave any feedback you have below.

this is gonna be a great summertime drink with a blast of cold limes with a touch of sour & sweetness

A sweet and Sour Grape and apple blend with a nice tarty punch to it.

Remix of monster Melon/Moma Melons.

I wanted to remix the fruits of this recipe without losing the original focus.

The addition of honeydew is credited to Jennifer Jarvis. She used TFA honeydew, I quite like JF honeydew however. It's smoother and doesn't melt plastic.

The half point of Flv cantaloupe rounds the body of the Melon and takes a bit of the tang away from it.

Cap lime fits into the candy/drink profile I was shooting for with this remix. It adds a nice layer of sweet and acid missing from the original mix.
The EM is really to blenderize the mix together and round any harsh spots.

Too much flavor was lost with mts vape wizard to be viable here imo.

All together, this is a satisfying near summery vape with a lot of flavor and complementery flavors..

An ice cold glass of Lemon-Lime juiciness!


Add 1 drop Koolada per 10ml

Add 1 drop Capella Super Sweet per 15ml

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