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(CAP) Lemon Meringue Pie

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Having a bit of lemon in the lime for a vape adds to a nice refreshing taste of this smooth creamy vape. Using Lemon Meringue from CAP as the daapy base to this treat, I didn't go super heavy as a base flavor, (if you are a less sensitive taster or use less flavorful equipment - don't be afraid to turn it up to 5%) but wanted it to be there enough to give the base layer of this flavor.

Layering on top of the pie flavor, comes the limes. I wanted this to have an actual no back lime jello kind of taste, so it was completely intention use of FLV Lime, as to me it is straight up lime jello. But I wanted it to have a bit of realistic lime in there too, like you added some lime juice from one of those little plastic limes...so FA Florida key lime for that.

I didn't want to use whipped cream flavors, so I opted for a toasted marshmallow, sweet coconut, kinako soy blend, to make it a little more interesting. The Kinako soy also adds a soft smoothness to the pie innerds giving it more of that no-bake pie feel. I didn't want straight up toasted coconut, so sweet coconut is a lighter version of a coconut, if you want more pronounced coconut, add in 0.5% of FA Coconut to beef up the coconut flavors to more of a shredded coconut topping. This is more like a whipped coconut soy cream topping.

I felt the crust was a little soggy so I added in some extra FA Graham Crust mostly to just test it out in a recipe...so far it's standing up as a good graham crust in this recipe off the shake. I tossed in a little extra meringue more of the crust flavor to support it but also it just ties in the pie and the crust together as a bridging note. If you don't have FA Graham Crust on hand and want to try this recipe, sub TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust at 1% instead. It won't be the exact same and may tone down the lime a bit more, to which you can always add more lime as needed.

The ws-23 is there less to be a "wow this is a cold vape" kind of feeling and more like, this is a chilled pie kind of refreshing effect. At 14 days steep this amount of cooling agent is mellow and barely noticeable so if you want a colder vape, add a little extra to the recipe.

Optional-- add your own sweetener. I didn't feel like it needed it and neither did my testers, but if you like sweeter juice, just the average amount for a bakery will work here fine.

I do believe at full steep - 14 to 30 days - the lime may die off some as it steeps. But it is less of a total loss and more of a serious mellowing. So if you wanted punch you in the face lime, try doubling the amount used and adjust the other flavors to bring balance back to the recipe (but leave them at less than double increase to enhance the lime.) It can be vaped off the shake fresh, but some people may experience the lime as some what harsh and overpowering for the first few days until the lime starts to tone down and the creams start to come out.


This is a delicious lemon cake!" if u love lemon cake,this is spot on delicious 😋 This sat overnight and it tastes just like taking a bite out of a moist piece of yummy lemon cake with light icing. If you mix this you definately won't be disappointed! The INW lemon cake is definately a star here and goes really well with the other flavors. Feedback is appreciated!

Lemon pie clone. Adapted from the Dinner Lady Tart remix by dacolez. His recipe is awesome, most prefer it over the original ! This one is an attempt to get closer to the clone. Chances are they didn't use as many flavors as dacole did in his recipe.

Shake and vape. Used apple pie for crust flavor and cap lemon pie for bakery flavor.

Attempt at a traditional southern banana pudding like granny made

Italian Lemon Cream Cake. Enjoy. Super Sweet from 0.3 to 0.5%.

Imagine taking a deliciously moist piece of lemon cake topped with meringue and dipping it in a glass of milk before each bite. That's what you get with Pounded In Milk.

After a day looking into various recipe Idea's I came across this dessert and I thought I would make it into a vape.. I never thought Lemon and Strawberry would work together.. This is great combination of rounded out flavors after only 5 days steep time..
Please Enjoy..


I recently have had the most ridiculous cravings for cheesecake the last little while so I decided to try out a recipe that could cure my cravings. Introducing the NY Cheesecake w/ Ice Cream & Whipped Cream and a Sugar Cookie Crust

Originally I had created this with JUST NY Cheesecake but after some advice from Wayne, I lowered it a bit and added TFA's Cheesecake w/ Graham Crust to give it more body.

Best after at least 3 days of steeping.

Simple little Lemon Pound Cake from my youth.. Mixed and created while on a Skype call with friends.. This recipe can be used with various other lemon concentrates I just prefer Lemon Sicily and Lemon Meringue Pie .. Please Enjoy

I have been searching for the best tasting blueberry vape for the past year! This one knocks it out of the park!! I was planning on steeping it for a month but I cant stop vaping it! This is def a home run!!! I suggest giving it a try and you will see what I mean!! The blueberry with lemon is phenomenal!!

I forgot where I found this lemon base but I sure am glad i tried it with blueberry!!

Flavor Notes

By: Rageisalotofwork Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 5.5% Steep: 7 days Difficulty: 25 / 100

Extremely close to a actual Lemon Meringue Pie, but closer to whipped cream than meringue. Lemon is prominent but not overpowering, Pillowy light cream with a hint of crust on exhale.

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