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(CAP) Lemon Meringue Pie

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery custard dessert fruit

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I don't remember much from childhood. I think I simply killed off many of those brain cells in my delinquent adolescence, but I do have one fond memory that I doubt I'll ever forget.

I remember I was maybe 3 or 4, in pre-school, and my dad had been working odd hours all week so we had barely seen each other at home. This particular day, he didn't have to go in. My mom typically took me to school, but this time my dad offered -- except when we make it to the school, he simply keeps driving his 70s Ford Explorer straight past the drop off area. Confused, I ask him where we're going and he smiles while answering "we're playing hookie!" I'd never heard the term, so that didn't help relieve my confusion at all, but it sounded fun so I went with it.

We went and got some cheap McDonalds pancakes, played some minigolf, and saw a movie for the day.

With the story of quality time spent doing goofy shit with a loving father as inspiration, I'm submitting this as my entry to December's mixers club theme. The theme this month (and last?) is telling a story, and this just felt like the right thing to share. This is a simple, fast food pancake & maple syrup. How about some recipe notes?

FW Waffle + CAP VCC + PUR Cookie + FLV Cupcake batter: This is the pancake. FW waffle does a pretty good job as the foundation here, but to myself and most others it's just not cakey enough. That's where Van Cupcake comes in, except VCC is pretty hefty on the palette and has a strong icing kinda vibe to me for some reason. So I kept it low and helped mellow out some of it's heavy vanilla and icing notes with FLV cupcake batter. Add some soft crumble with PUR Cookie, chose this over FA cookie as it's a bit softer of a cookie IMO.

FA Butterscotch + FA Maple Syrup: These sort of team up with the nice maple notes in FW Waffle to provide a great gooey, buttery syrup without being overpoweringly MAPLE.

FA Joy + CAP LMP: Bit of a twist. My dad nowadays likes to cook his pancakes with a bit of lemon juice in the batter for some sweet zing and almost fries them so they have a really nice crispy ring around the edges. So I tried to include those notes in this, still unsure if they're coming through but I feel like I taste some fried stuff and soft lemon in the background somewhere occasionally.

OFFNOTES: As a certain reddit flavor review put it, FW Waffle can taste like you're just licking a hot iron. I tried to keep it at a respectable but low enough range to avoid this but sometimes I still get a hint of it. If you like slightly burnt pancakes from a cast iron pan, it may not bother you though. Hoping that with time a long steep will help the syrup and cakes blossom enough to cover it up.

My version of a bright and sweet Lemon Meringue Pie.

This is a moist and rich pineapple butter cake. I used FW yellow cake because i needed the tastiest yellow cake in this recipe. you could sub Angel Cake WF if you prefer. The pineapple is more of a baked pineapple in this recipe and adds sweetness. The LMP gives it extra zest to the creamy thick moist butter cake. I made this specifically for the DIY Down Under November challenge.

Static 2:
A full-flavored Raspberry/Strawberry mix after 5-days steeping.
The Phillipine Mango gives this mix more body. Lemon Meringue makes it "pop". And Peach adds a layer of juiciness.
A tad harsh for the 1st three days. I steeped mine 5 days. 3 months in, still extremely flavorful.

E-JuiceMakers :)

Wanted to do something with the lemonade cookie by TPA since it reminds of the lemon girl scout type of cookie.

I was finding that the lemon in this mix did fade after 2 weeks or so ( as most lemons seem to do ) I did not want to add another lemon to it so used the pastry zest to enhance that flavor a tad and also add some sugar like texture to the mix
Lemon meringue while adding more lemon to the mix also adds some of the body I wanted to fill int he middle of the mix

it is simple and tasty
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This is more of a home made un-toasted pop tart with a softer shell, jammy berry filling and that sugar lips icing. it is supper simple to make and yummy
FW Cpt crunch berries provide some of the cookie/ AP texture along with the the sweet berry notes for the filling
CAP lemon meringue pie provide some of the mouth feel, and fillls in the middle of this mix as well using the lemon to bring out some of the sweet berry notes
FW cake batter dip adds that vanilla sugar lip creamy icing and some of that soft doughy texture ( note this does have sugar in it )
CAP sugar cookie supports the berry cereal for that soft cookie pastry of an un-toasted of a pop tart.
CAP sweet strawberry bolsters that sweet jammy type of berry filling that is almost like a syrup.

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A simple but dairy, tasty Lemon-Vanilla Icecream with hints of pie.
The Lemon(most by inhale) fades a little, but is enough to by a good counterpart to bring the Vanilla in Front by exhale.
The pie give a little texture.
Its the game between the Sourness and the Vanilla what brings the taste in front.

Quickly threw this recipe together one day when i wanted a mouth to lung juice, didnt really expect it to be anything special. It turned out pretty tasty imo, so i figured i would share it on here in case anyone wanted to give it a shot. After some steep time it turned into a nice creamy vanilla with a tasty citrus lemon lime note. Made for and tested on a Bezerker MTL RDA @ 16mg Freebase nic.

Having a bit of lemon in the lime for a vape adds to a nice refreshing taste of this smooth creamy vape. Using Lemon Meringue from CAP as the daapy base to this treat, I didn't go super heavy as a base flavor, (if you are a less sensitive taster or use less flavorful equipment - don't be afraid to turn it up to 5%) but wanted it to be there enough to give the base layer of this flavor.

Layering on top of the pie flavor, comes the limes. I wanted this to have an actual no back lime jello kind of taste, so it was completely intention use of FLV Lime, as to me it is straight up lime jello. But I wanted it to have a bit of realistic lime in there too, like you added some lime juice from one of those little plastic limes...so FA Florida key lime for that.

I didn't want to use whipped cream flavors, so I opted for a toasted marshmallow, sweet coconut, kinako soy blend, to make it a little more interesting. The Kinako soy also adds a soft smoothness to the pie innerds giving it more of that no-bake pie feel. I didn't want straight up toasted coconut, so sweet coconut is a lighter version of a coconut, if you want more pronounced coconut, add in 0.5% of FA Coconut to beef up the coconut flavors to more of a shredded coconut topping. This is more like a whipped coconut soy cream topping.

I felt the crust was a little soggy so I added in some extra FA Graham Crust mostly to just test it out in a recipe...so far it's standing up as a good graham crust in this recipe off the shake. I tossed in a little extra meringue more of the crust flavor to support it but also it just ties in the pie and the crust together as a bridging note. If you don't have FA Graham Crust on hand and want to try this recipe, sub TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust at 1% instead. It won't be the exact same and may tone down the lime a bit more, to which you can always add more lime as needed.

The ws-23 is there less to be a "wow this is a cold vape" kind of feeling and more like, this is a chilled pie kind of refreshing effect. At 14 days steep this amount of cooling agent is mellow and barely noticeable so if you want a colder vape, add a little extra to the recipe.

Optional-- add your own sweetener. I didn't feel like it needed it and neither did my testers, but if you like sweeter juice, just the average amount for a bakery will work here fine.

I do believe at full steep - 14 to 30 days - the lime may die off some as it steeps. But it is less of a total loss and more of a serious mellowing. So if you wanted punch you in the face lime, try doubling the amount used and adjust the other flavors to bring balance back to the recipe (but leave them at less than double increase to enhance the lime.) It can be vaped off the shake fresh, but some people may experience the lime as some what harsh and overpowering for the first few days until the lime starts to tone down and the creams start to come out.

Everyone is so much into the Gods Milk... So I created Amara's Custard.. According to lore this is the sister of the oh great one.. I figured a custard over a Milk because we all know sibling are all different..
Vanilla Custard V1 is a must..
Lemon Meringue Pie within the mix for that slight lemon notes with a creamy taste.
Marshmallow.. What can I say.. it's Marshmallow you can't go wrong.
New York Cheesecake.. yet another flavor you can't go wrong.
Sweet Coconut.. DUH!!
Vanilla Whipped Cream.. This is like the Frank's Red Hot.. I put That Sh*t on everything.
Golden Butter.. What's a little Butter in a mix.. This will help with the creams.

Overall a very tasty mix and well balanced in flavor as well as creaminess throughout..

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Flavor Notes

By: Rageisalotofwork Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 5.5% Steep: 7 days Difficulty: 25 / 100

Extremely close to a actual Lemon Meringue Pie, but closer to whipped cream than meringue. Lemon is prominent but not overpowering, Pillowy light cream with a hint of crust on exhale.

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