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Modified version of 1-2-3 Cranberry Sprite, this is my preferred ADV for a cold fruit vape that reminds me of autumn! Add super sweet as needed for your preference if you like a sweeter vape.

There wont be very many notes with this. After experimenting with adding some CAP Licorice to some IRL carbonated water and simple syrup, I knew I had to put this idea into a juice. Dead simple here, Its Staybert's Soda Base + KittyBit's euro licorice combo. Weird combination for sure, but if you like REAL licorice flavor, you'll no doubt enjoy this.

This is for all the bakery lovers indulge in a delicious tennis biscuit with a hint of lemon

I have always felt weird about vaping anything energy drink. Mainly due to bad experiences, but with faitth in Flavorah and actually liking their energy drink, I figured it was time to make my own.

Am I an avid energy drink drinker? Not really, but I have had one with mango that I really liked, so it was obvious that was what I would base my recipe on.

In current state I have been through a few versions of this. All in all, it's a relatively simple profile, so most of the changes I have made has been adjusting the FLV Energy drink and fiddling with different sort of mangos.
One of the first mangos I tried this recipe with was FLV Sweet Mango alone around 2%. It gave the taste of mango, but there was a floral note that I didn't think was fitting. So I added in FLV Ripe Mango later around 2% which got rid of the floral note more or less. Version after this was adjusting these, so not much fun.

I have now replaced FLV Sweet Mango with VT SHisha Mango, due to its aswesome syrup ability. I mean, it is a sort of sweet disgusting beverage I'm making, right? So syrup is a must.
I still like the notes of FLV Ripe Mango, as it sticks around a little with some more natural notes.

The actual beverage itself is pretty simple. FLV Energy Drink is rocking the show. I pulled in FLV Citrus Soda in an earlier version and kept it for the fizz and the citrus. I didn't want to take it too high as I really just needed the fizz while the citrus goes pretty well with mango and doesn't overpower anything.
CAP Lemon Lime is soley there for the sake of the mango.
If you've never had mango with a splash of lemon or lime juice, you haven't really lived. CAP Lemon Lime really accompany the mano in this recipe and helps out the FLV Citrus Soda and FLV Energy Drink too.

CAP Super Sweet is just there for my personal preference, although I'd argue that it should be kept in as it is a disgustring sweet beverage I'm making. You do you though and if you're scared of sweetener, then leave it out. I assume other sweeteners can be used too, but I can't guarantee anything.

I'd suggest 1 day steep at least, to take the edges off of FLV Citrus Soda, as it is pretty heavy right off the bat. But if you wan't to SnV it, then you can do so with no issues.


Just a moment. Five measures of Vanilla Custard, one and half measures of French Vanilla II, three measures of Lemon Lime. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?

Shaken not stirred is a refreshing custard with lime. That’s not the in the middle of your face custard but one with the right finesse as well as a good presence.

For the custard I wanted a bright not eggy but dense custard base. CAP Vanilla Custard and TPA French Vanilla II form this base which is hold together nicely with the Ethyl Maltol. The hint of the Ethyl Vanillin gives it just the extra edge to provide some additional subtlety.

The CAP Lemon Lime brings the Lime and extra sweetness to the mix. At 3% it could not fully stand the custard, so it needed a little help from CAP Super Sweet instead of bringing the percentage up. Additional Key Lime did not help holding the French Vanilla II under control which did initially not work to well together with the Lemon Lime. After many variations I tried TPA Key Lime Pie and it helped to close the gap from to the Lemon Lime and it hold the French Vanilla in place where it should stay. Also here a little goes a long way.

I am a long steeper when it comes to my mixes and personally do double the steeping time I recommend, so sometimes you have to give the mix some extra time since this is not an exact science.


a great lightly boozy drink vape

add ws-23 to taste

Lemon lime slush with a sharp grapefruit, sweet and icy and straightforward.

This is the only recipe my girlfriend asks me to make for her again and again.

FLV Lime has that slushy type lime flavour but has a nasty chemical flavour also so i had to cover it with other flavours like pink guava, tahity lime and 2% ws-23.

FW Kiwi adds a little something extra to all the citrusy flavours, it tames them down maintaining the tropical vibe.

Ws-23 and super sweet balance each other so its not a blast of ice covering everything.

Definitely a red gummy chew.
TFA Raspberry has an appropriate amount of sourness to give this an authentic red gummy taste. Enhanced by 27 fish and black currant it’s got a lot of that chewy classic red gummy flavor and then a pinch of lemon lime to seal the deal. I added caramel in as a darkening agent that adds to authenticity of a gummy texture and might even be the note that added that heavy corn syrup note that all candies are known for. I didn’t use any sweetener in my blend because I find it sweet enough but anywhere between 0.25% and 0.50% FW or Capella sweetener might just boom 🚀 this over the top and make it a comercial ready type blend.
I hope you Enjoy this as much as I do.
It’s a good shake and Vape but gets a lot more depth within a day or two and after two weeks it’s not fading so it’s got longevity power.

Inspired From The Drink. Great in Rta or Rda. Not a Coil Gunker


Sanctum won't stop bothering me about posting this, so here it is. The addition of FW Sweetener is thanks to him and it really helps this one out.

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February 2021 - Duets

This is a duet using ID10-T's 1 2 3 Ocean Water and Commodore Mango.



I've had a special sort of love for 1 2 3 Ocean Water since I first mixed it. Not having a Sonic anywhere near me after moving away from Arizona last year, this one really hits the spot.

What could be better than that delicious and ridiculously blue drink? What if we threw a little mango in the mix? I'm a sucker for some mango, lime, and coconut. Cue Commodore Mango. With everything else going on I only really wanted to borrow the mangoes here.

After an initial attempt I decided to thumb in some WF Island, because while the mangoes were good, I love the trinity. After adding WF the mango was definitely overpowering everything else in the recipe so I decided to drop them all by 25%. This felt much better and I got more of the ocean water from the mix.

I was happy with it, but I felt it was still lacking a little something. I tossed a little FA Florida Key Lime at it and I really liked the result. I feel like it made the citrus pop and toned down the mango a bit more.

I would imagine you could add any sort of cooling you'd like if that's your bag. I hope you enjoy it.

Tested at 63 watts on a C4 using a SS316L 28ga SFQ coil, 4mm I.D., 5 wraps coming in at .21 ohms.

Mixed at 70/30 using River VG/PG.

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