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(CAP) Lemon Lime

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: alcohol bitter bright citrus dry easy fruity juicy

Used in 971 recipes at an average of 2.373%.


51 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I worked on this a bit trying to balance the elements. It's a bit boozy to me but up the rum a smidge if so inclined. Coolant as you wish as well. The mint is there too so go easy. This recipe will also hold up pretty well to a steep. At 6 weeks there's not a ton of fade.

Here's my take on a Green Slushie, it is my ADV of the year, just can't get enough of it. Must have vaped more than a liter by now...
Enjoy and comment.

Well you know what it is but it's weirdly good and definitely different than the normal.

Not your average lemonade, this Brazilian Limeade is creamy, tangy and refreshing, the perfect way to refresh and cool down this summer.

For the milky part i used a combination of TPA Malted Milk, FA Condensed Milk (use sparingly, it is very strong and quickly overpowering!) and CAP Horchata with a touch of FLV Sweet Coconut.

No limeade without CAP Lemon Lime and supported by FA Florida Key Lime for a light candy touch.
Add 1 drop per 15ml's FLV Rich Cinnamon to spice up the mix.
Finally but not mandatory, a little sweetener.

Brazilian Limeade is the creamiest and sweetest limeade you will ever try. It is like summer in a cup!

Steep: very short, perfect after 5 day's.

Perfect 'end of summer' or really any day vape.

Lemon lime mixed with blood orange, the rose only adds a subtle floral flavor, nothing overpowering.
Baja soda, a lemonish bubble aroma and one of the better sodas from RF.
The little touch of brandy blends beautiful with the blood orange and rounds of this mix.

Enjoy this cute and refreshing bubbles vape!

Refreshing and vivid summer vape , With a nice fizzy feel.

This is a wonderful summer vape. A friend of mine wants me to clone "Naked, Sweet Sour". After looking at the bottle & listening to her description, I came up with this recipe. She tasted it & said it has a little more Lime flavor in it from the original but is very good. Tastes like a lemon drop candy to me. Although not a identical clone, Very delicious! Pairs well with any citric drink. Enjoy <3


Strawberry-Apple Iced Tea. Light & refreshing. Best at 65% VG. Good fresh, but tea becomes stronger after 1-3 days(I prefer it at 3 days).

Flavor selections are kinda self-explanatory! Enjoy!!!

You may not sell this recipe for profit. This recipe isn't intended to be copied over to other websites(such as ELR, etc.). It is solely provided by me to share to individuals at All the flavors.com. Please respect mixers wishes, as they give of their time/recipes freely.

Sweet and tart Black Currant with a Hint of Lime.

Great Summervape :)

Lime - 0.25
Black Currant + 0.5


Its great off shake and vape. The lavender had to be put up a little higher to compete with the lemon and the raspberry, which are slightly stronger flavors that want to compete. After a few days, the lavender will shine out a little more.

Flavor Notes

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