(CAP) Lemon Lime

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I was going to work on this one some more but it's good like it is. Lol. 10 day steep it's worth the wait.

Please let me know if this recipe is some where else so I can change from original to give proper credit.


More of a clone attempt than a true Remix.

Definitely my first attempt but this is really close to the profile of the commercial liquid, but honestly, way more saturated.

The commercial liquid is somewhat soft in flavor, the sweetener is at probably 1.5ish because it's definitely sweeter than this 1% but not overly. Maybe 1.25ish idk.

The peach to me screamed of fa peach. Now the original may just use peach and no white peach but i find the 2 to be an almost exact yet better replication of the original.

The Citrus aspect in the commercial liquid is definitely not just Lemon, it's Lemon/ Lime. Cap Lemon lime is just my first thought with a simple, good, commercial liquid. It's super close if not just a bit stronger.

I want to play more with this. But I'm very happy with this first attempt.


The description is pretty much in the name. This is my version with what I have for flavorings, and it came out really nice.

PLEASE NOTE: Cherryl (FA) is Black Cherry (FA)

I've really been enjoying mixing Capella's sweet cream with other creams lately. It adds a sugary frosting experience to your mix. I think FA cookie adds some good depth and slight texture. For the top note I was trying to cover up the lime and FA lemon Sicily Did that quite well. Lemon/ice cream/cone

Decided to try my hand out at a black currant lemonade.

This assignment is the best one so far, IMO. It's been really cool to see everyone's interpretations. Going back to basics doesn't get enough credit...
Anyway, this is just a simple cherry limeade. I tried a few different limes here, but I found Cap Lemon Lime to work the best. (FA Lime Tahity Cold Pressed may be a tad more authentic, but Cap is still better)

A refreshing pink lemonade for the summer time!
I have mixed a few different versions of this and I feel this one has just enough "pink" while maintaining the strong crispness from the lemon.

I'm using CAP lemon lime to add more of a carbonated lemonade flavour as FW lemonade in its own is quite watery tasting.
VTA sweet raspberry is at a strange percentage because if I pushed it to 3 percent it forced out the lemonade feel of the recipe and made it a bit more syrupy, but at 2.5 I felt it wasn't present enough in the mix.
The strawberry ripe is adding some more body and inherent sweetness aswell as pinking it up more!
TPA Dragon fruit is of course to juice it up and FLV pink Guava is the magic zap that the recipe needed to really add more authenticity and turn the recipe from "pink" to "PINKKK!!!"

I made this recipe because I love FW lemonade and it suits the hot weather we are getting at the moment.
I'm usually playing more with bakeries but this recipe I find very refreshing and full flavoured.

I'm testing this on a Citadel RDA with a Flat Ni80 Clapton, 0.3 ohms at 60 to 75 watts.

It's great as a shake and vape but certainly benefits from a day or two to let the lemon die down a tad for the pink to push through!

Let me know what you think!

Modified version of 1-2-3 Cranberry Sprite, this is my preferred ADV for a cold fruit vape that reminds me of autumn! Add super sweet as needed for your preference if you like a sweeter vape.

There wont be very many notes with this. After experimenting with adding some CAP Licorice to some IRL carbonated water and simple syrup, I knew I had to put this idea into a juice. Dead simple here, Its Staybert's Soda Base + KittyBit's euro licorice combo. Weird combination for sure, but if you like REAL licorice flavor, you'll no doubt enjoy this.

This is for all the bakery lovers indulge in a delicious tennis biscuit with a hint of lemon

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