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(CAP) Juicy Orange

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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The sun was out.
I only had heavy vapes on my shelf.
Had a craving for something light and fresh.
Orange i said... Mmmh
Lemon lime i said... Mmmh
Some berries i said... Mmmh.

5 minutets later i said... Mmmh.

I added 0.75 20% solution of ws23. Add to likening.

This is a simple, yet vibrant and delicious, orange peach recipe

Made for "CAP Juicy Orange" Flavorbook Entry

Wait a minute... wait a minute... hold the phone... I cracked the code. I found the answer that all diyers are looking for. I created the perfect recipe. We can all stop diying now because this is the recipe we were all looking for, even if you didn't know it. Mix it now while you can because as soon as Big Vapor finds out about this, they are going to shut it down. They are gonna take me out. But you know what? Even with knowing that, I am still willing to share this with you because it is just that good. I am really serious about this next statement, this recipe is simply delicious!

This is my first original mix, though I use the term "original" loosely. It is heavily inspired by The Best Damn Loveless Orange Milk by matthewkocanda. His recipe has been one of my ADVs since I started mixing a few months ago. This week, though, I have a head cold complete with sinus congestion and a sore throat. That means it's time for me to be vaping menthol. It didn't take me long to run out of what I had on hand, but I remembered I had picked up some 10% menthol with my first batch of flavors. This would work just as well, and very possibly better, with koolada, but menthol was what I had.

I decided to try my hand at one of my favorite things from childhood that I can no longer enjoy because I got the diabeetus: Orange Julius. I altered the ratios of matthewkocanda's Orange Milk, added in some Vanilla Whipped Cream and menthol, and completely forgot to use the Vienna Cream that was in the original recipe.

An Orange Julius is much more of a frozen orange juice rather than a proper orange cream flavor, so I have the total orange flavoring at a higher ratio than the total cream flavoring. The honeysuckle and hazelnut are holdovers from the original recipe. I tried to have the orange at the front with the other flavors holding it up rather than blending into a secondary note in and of themselves. The menthol adds a touch of coolness. I could probably go higher with that, but I don't really want a minty note, so I think when/if I get around to mixing v.2.0 I try to have some koolada for that instead.

At the time I'm writing this, it's only been one day since I mixed this up, so I haven't tried it after a steep yet. So far it's good as a shake 'n' vape. Good, but I wouldn't say great. I mixed it at max VG. I would love feedback on this.


Juicy hawaiian cocktail that just hits the spot. Looking for that refreshing exotic fruit juice ? Mix it up and try it. Good after a heavy shake but better after 3 days.

Inspired by LiveMixing ricipe P.O.M. by Wayne. Liked the mix alot, but i found, the slight waxy taste to much. DRAGONFRUIT made it soooo much more juicy and fresh. Plus i found the mango more in ballance here. Really a nice punch.
So BIG thanks to Wayne for another buildingblock recipe.

This is inspired by the popular POG (which has been remixed here: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/51670#hawaiian_pog_remix_remixmotnh_by_enyawreklaw )
This iteration uses Passionfruit Orange and Mango, with the mango sitting more on the end.

Made on Live Mixing: Top 10 Flavorah Flavorings
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suiE1lUl8N8

Sweet Tropical Sorbet with notes of citrus, kiwi and cantaloupe, I like the WS-23, but it is not needed if you don't like the cooling effect. Raise or lower the sweetner to your taste.


well this is my touch on an orange sherbet just trying too get myself ready for early spring flavors and get myself out of my normal all day vapes


A blood orange, mango, cantaloupe, sorbet
Made on "Live Mixing: Sorbet Vapes"
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuTuQDoK2sE

An Alabama Slammer is a cocktail made with amaretto, Southern Comfort, sloe gin, and orange juice.

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