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(CAP) Juicy Orange

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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A refreshing combination of vibrant tropical flavors sure to refresh.

I was messing around with a bunch of flavors and came up with this mess. This mess is something special. Absolutely Delicious vape. I mixed at 70/30. Try this mess you might like it as much as I do.

This is my take on a nice creamy, fluffy , juicy orange dreamsicle. You can shake and vape it. Or let steep about 3 days. This is mouth watering with Flavor. You might just find it as incredible as I do. Mixed at 70/30. Enjoy. Reviews are helpful.


A good old vitamin c drink/vape. Sometimes pineapple is too sweet on it's own so you bring in some orange juice to settle the sweetness and this is just what happened in this recipe. Although the (CAP) Juicy Orange does add extra sweetness, this recipe pulls on the strength of the juciness from the (CAP) Juicy Orange. (FA) mandarin and (CAP) Sweet Tangerine carry a nice depth from an orange/tangerine flavor and are a pair made in heaven, they are meant to go together. The (CAP) Golden Pineapple is true to it's name and it's playing so nicely with it's citrus companions. For added excitement the (TPA) Rainbow Sherbet carries that citrus fizzle you'd expect to taste in the fruit being freshly eaten or squeezed fresh into a glass. On the inhale you have the liveliness of the mandarins and a pull of pineapple fizz, on the exhale is an orange blast. The entire experience from inhale to exhale is totally on par with a fresh glass of a pine/orange juice that you would skull down first thing in the morning to kick start your day. A total energizing mornings embrace that's packed with vitamin c.
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Chill, summery fruit blend. Really well balanced imo. Tastes like mango orange pineapple single flavor. Pure shake and vape.

Mix of juicy fruits around the delicious FLV Lemonade. The main notes are FLV Lemonade and FLV Mango, where CAP Juicy Orange blends perfect in between. INW cactus adds some wet feeling and FW Razzleberry is there just to add an interesting dimension and it works!

Going for a Julius here..It's not all the way there but it's pretty good! May have to find another orange to add in to make it a little more orange punchy...


A bright pink Hawaiian POG for Pride 2018 that packs all the tropical flavor of guava and passion fruit but with the tang of a strong orange and the tart it was missing, brought by grapefruit.

The Hawaiian POG remix from @ENYAWREKLAW has been my ADV for many months now even though I've always missed a little tang from it. I then mixed @Dmilin recipe over on ELR. Both recipes were inspired by @Gwandrei Hawaiian POG Remix and the original by Naked, which I still haven't tried. I started mixing all these together but the recipe was still lacking in body and brightness.

FA Passion Fruit: I really love the flavor but it's sweeter than a real passion fruit, it's missing the zing of it. I like it strong, but you can take it down by 0.5% up to 1% if you need to.

FW Blood Orange: a great orange that compliments CAP Juicy Orange very well because it gives it more body and compensates the watery aspect of CAP JO. The combination of both is a really tasty orange juice.

CAP Grapefruit: brings the tang and tart, red flavor to the passion fruit, the guava and the orange that was missing for me in the all the Hawaiian POG recipes I've tried.

This recipe does well at higher wattages and in PODs alike. Don't be intimidated by the higher-ish level of flavorings in this recipe, most of them have a tendency to need mixed at higher percentages.

Representation matters in all aspects of life and in the vaping community. I hope those of you who will mix this will enjoy vaping this POG and have a thought about social justice, equal rights, love and what it's like to be different in the world we live in, as you vape it.

This is an attempt at making Disneys favorite Ice cream treat...However the first time I ever had it was NOT at disney but a little Peruvian restaurant..I couldn't believe how fantastic it was! Here is my attempt at creating it..I'm sure any cream bases will work I used Sweet cream because I didn't want to use vanilla custard as it was take over the whole recipe so I went with Sweet cream and Vanilla swirl.


A little test in creating something that isn't based on anything else, just working with a mess of bright and full flavoured concentrates. Furthermore, this is one of the best recipes I've created that has a real sense of customization to it. Change percentages, add other things, omit certain things, and you'll be left with something good because of how accepting and versatile FW Beetle Juice can be. I implore you to create your own versions of this and share it, I'd love to see what you can make.

FW Beetle Juice - I've used this one a lot before, but usually as an accent to give other fruits a boost. Here, I'm using it as one of the main profiles, because it's a rather complex standalone that ALMOST doesn't need help to be tasty for a new mixer. However, Beetle Juice is crazy with the top note, where you get a whole lot of punch to the tastebuds, but not a lot of lingering body. This is sweet as hell, with the main flavours noticed being some sweet pineapple, maybe a little bit of generalized citrus, and maybe a touch of grape. However, I've seen countless reviews that suggest cherry, orange, and lime. Hence this being the cheat code needed for CaptainCannibal's SHURB clone, an epic saga of a man losing grip with reality over the span of over a year (I believe). Anyway, this is the type of concentrate that no one can really explain correctly, as it has so much going on, that you as the user just need to try it and formulate your own opinion. However, it's damn good, and worth having if you like fruit vapes. For me, as I said, it works wonderfully as our base for this fruit disaster I've created.

TPA Dragonfruit - given that I pick up a lot of sweet pineapple in FW Beetle Juice, using TPA Dragonfruit at 3% just made sense. For dragonfruit shares a lot of the same flavour volatile components to other pineapple concentrates on the market, this allows that pineapple note to become almost more of a super sweet, candied pineapple. TPA Dragonfruit is also used here to act as an emulsifier for the other fruits seen. We already know how well this works to brighten up the strawberries in a mix, and here, it's brightening up everything, and helping Beetle Juice have more body to it.

CAP Juicy Orange / FA Lime Tahity Cold Press - with all of the sweetness going on, we need some counterpoint of citrus that will prevent this from becoming too cloying, however, using the correct citrus is key, as we don't want to make this a tart recipe, but just give some relief from all the sugary goodness. CAP Juicy Orange is perfect for this, as it's got a lot of brightness and the slightest underlying tartness that you get from a typical navel orange. I've used this concentrate whenever I want to create a true orange juice base, and it works perfect here to give that added bit of sweetness, but more importantly, a much needed punch of orange/citrus tang. Paired with just a touch of FA Lime Tahiti CP, we're getting just the slightest hint of lime on the back end, and it helps round out all of the sweetness you get hit with on the top. LTCP is quite versatile, as well. In low doses, you can achieve a nice lime zest/splash of lime juice note, while when you bring it to higher percentages, you get a bit more of a candied lime type of flavour. Play around with this one, see what you like.

CAP Sweet Strawberry - giving us some more juicy/candied accents here, CAP Sweet Strawberry fully rounds out this recipe that's better called a fucked up science experiment of fruits. We aren't getting too much strawberry flavour that is noticeable, instead we're getting just more body that allows this recipe to stand on it's own, even though it isn't trying to be anything in particular. Sweet Strawberry can be used at high percentages to get a true strawberry flavour, but when it's used lower, it adds candied fruit elements and an added touch of sugar. Paired with the pineapple notes, citrus notes, and general mess of candy going on here, CAP Sweet Strawberry just blends it all together, and adds just a kiss of mascerated strawberry flavour.

CAP Super Sweet - OPTIONAL AS FUCK MY DUDE. You already know how I feel about sweeteners, but if you don't, let me educate you. Sweeteners do not fix a recipe. They do not make a shit recipe suddenly taste good. If you don't already have a good recipe, then don't even touch sweetener. Any sweetener is only going to make a good recipe taste slightly better, and here, we get just that. I don't really know if I'm using exactly 0.25%, but I'm mainly adding 2 drops per 30 ml, and just that little bit gives the most pleasant "sugar-lips" accent at the tail end of the vape. You don't need it, however, I think it really does amplify the flavours of this mix.

So that's it. This recipe is great on a shake, and changes over time. I had one bottle sit for over a week, and to be honest, it doesn't taste as good after a week. So mix it in small batches, enjoy it immediately, and move on. After about a week, I was getting a lot of medicinal grape/cherry notes from the FW Beetle Juice that kind of negated a lot of the bright sweetness you get from the shake.

Like I said, mix up your own versions of this. It's very user-friendly, and I truly believe that unless you tried to make this some sort of tobacco or floral profile, you really can't fuck it up. But y'all motherfuckers love to make shit difficult, so maybe you can.

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