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(CAP) Juicy Orange

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1151 recipes at an average of 2.975%.


75 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Orange Black Licorice ice cream.

A ribbon of black licorice swirled into an orange-flavored ice cream base gives this tiger its stripes.

Theres no need to re-invent the wheel so i used the trinity of Vanilla Ice Cream TPA Vanilla Swirl+ LB Vanilla Ice Cream + HS French Vanilla ice cream and added VTA Orange marmalade to give a bit of tangy zesty orange notes in combination with CAP Juicy Orange, as being a ver flat orange flavour works really well in this ice cream.

The interesting notes are given by the mixture of Licorice, FW ( Candy type) and CAP( More towards a clean Licorice Flavour).
Dont be afraid of getting too much licorice as it is pretty blended in the cream.

Mango & Pineapple with sweet citrus finish. Made on Live Mixing

This mix is a colorful twist on a classic profile. The idea here was simple: turn an Orange Dreamsicle into a soft chewy cookie.

I must admit; this mix is one of the more challenging recipes that I've created. The cookie note was the easiest part. It's a simple combination of CAP Sugar Cookie, INW Biscuit and FW Cookie Butter. It comes across as a warm, soft and chewy sugar cookie. The orange note was by far the hardest part to pin down. I knew I wanted TFA Orange Mandarin as the main component in this note. It seemed no matter what I tried I would lose the beautiful floral bright orange after a few days steep. I tried bumping it, but it got bitter and covered up the butter from the cookie. I ended up using FA Blood Orange to stretch the orange note throughout the entire profile and added CAP Juicy Orange to blend them together and maintain the brightness. I thought I was done after that but after a few days steep the mix became dry, it still had the notes I was looking for I just needed something to really round it out and make it pop. I landed on OOO Marshmallow (Vanilla), it adds the perfect Vanilla note for a Dreamsicle and keeps that cookie moist.

I sweeten with .5% CAP Super Sweet.

This is a orange / Blue razz gummy worm e liquid you can use the LB sour gummy and WF sour gummy candy as a sour gummy Base it’s perfect and has the perfect chew texture . So experiment with the base and share to the world . Have fun .

I took some inspiration from Wayne's pog, like the juicy orange and dragonfruit, and used a few newer flavors. For some reason I cannot vape cap sweet guava for more than a few hits without getting sick of it, but the new WF guava is incredible. I also wanted to utilize the tartness from FA passionfruit but have most of the passionfruit flavor come from VT yellow passion, at this percentage it stands out but doesn't take over. This recipe also has a fizzy feel to it somehow that is quite addictive.


This recipe is based on oasis citrus punch.

According to the label it contains orange, tangerine & lemon.

Still a work in progress.

Cap juicy orange is the base for this flavour.
Cap sweet tangerine adds our tangerine note, it also helps round out the orange.
Fe lemon brings in that sharp lemon note present in the drink.

May add flv lemonade to boost the overall citrus vibe.

Super sweet is definitely needed in this.

Smooth, full bodied and tropical, just the way I like it.

Inspired by Mango Yo Lo Tengo by @enyawreklaw.

I wanted to creat an all CAP recipe that was not only tasty off the shake, but left plenty of room for mixers to build upon. Add some pineapple, make a smoothie or both. As is, it reminds me of a drink you might have on the beach while on vacation, but with out the expenses or leaving the recliner. Hence the name Staycation. I hope you enjoy, as is or with your own touch.

Notes to come, this is my dessert island recipe using only Cappella flavors.

Trying to make a fruity custard with an ice cream note

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