(CAP) Juicy Lemon

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A classic lemon cream consisting of a light vanilla cream with natural citrus notes.
Both the cream and the lemon are in tune with each other so that the end result harmonizes.

The basic components of the cream are (FA) Custard Premium combined with (FA) Cream Fresh and (OoO) Cream Milky Undertone. The (TPA) Ethyl Vanillin with (CAP) French Vanilla form the light vanilla flavor and round it off. (FE) Lemon and (CAP) Jucy Lemon play together as the lemon component and are supported by (FA) Meringue.

Mix and try it, you will not regret :-)

This recipe was created for the VAPEDIA Mixers Club, Edition 03/12

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
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Lately I’m on a Kick with TFA Citrus punch. It has this unique way of making certain fruit recipes burst with a sweet and Sour candy like flavor which I love. I was messing around with it and Created what I feel is a very flavorful Sour Strawberry watermelon flavor. This might need a day or 2 to breathe and come together as it can be quite harsh off the shake. However after a few days the flavors come together like a work of art a Masterpiece. Perfect for the summer and those that love those sour candy vapes . Let me know what you think. Thanks


EDIT on 5-26-2021 - IMPORTANT NOTE: I now realize I gained the base for this recipe on ELR without even remembering I did it. I need to mention this is the work of Kurt Brooks on ELR. All props to the original creator. I apologize for my mistaken plagiarism. I did add on the Lemon (INW) but the rest was already created.

So this recipe started out with three flavors and was incredibly delicious. However, the lemon was a little lacking, so I added Lemon (INW) at 0.50% and PRESTO! Super deliciousness was achieved!

WITHOUT the addition of the Lemon (INW) it can be a shake and vape. However it still gets better after a week steep. Some may like it this way. If you just want a hint of lemon, this recipe is still really good without the additional Lemon. I just felt it needed a little more lemon in it for my tastes and everyone who tried the original agreed.

WITH the addition of the Lemon (INW) it really needs a minimum of 4 days to steep. Otherwise, has an off taste. I recommend 7 days, but after 4 it is good enough to vape without the off notes.

I do not have Lemon Sicily (FA) yet but I would imagine you can substitute the Lemon (INW) with the Lemon Sicily (FA) and this would still turn out yummy.

Simple recipe that is incredibly delicious. Already have 4 people asking me to make it for them. Tastes exactly like the name. I do not add sweetener to this one as the meringue (FA) adds enough for my taste. However, it's always an option. If someone does add it, please let me know how it turned out.

All flavorings bought at BULL CITY FLAVORS. Love that place!



This was an accidental mistake, I've never had a juice that tasted truly 'sour' i guess the sour taste doesn't translate well in a vape.

Whilst waiting for my tobaccos to steep, i needed something that would be good to vape off the shake.

Actually i never really vape fruit juices, nothing against them i just sorta get bored of them pretty quick.

Also i never really share recipes due to not being a great mixer :)

However i think this one warrants a share, due to the sour component of it. This is a sour, grapefruit and orange vape, the inhale is a solid grapefruit, then on the exhale you get the sour tangy orange. The orange is there, but its chilling in the background with the sour tangy note at the front.

Truth be told, as mentioned above little development went into this and calling it a fluke would be fair. However the flavours chosen were all obviously chosen for a reason, even if the sour outcome was unanticipated.

FA Sicilian is the foundation here, it’s a forgiving flavour that’s hard to fuck up when used. As far as fruits go its complex enough on its own, therefore I aimed to highlight some of the tangy notes by using the other flavours whilst keeping FA Sicilian at the dead center of it all.

CAP sweet tangerine is a zesty, wet sweet orange to the point of coming across as slightly artificial, this was used for two reasons, firstly it’s wet and at a low percentage we just take the tangy / zangy taste to add some zest to FA Sicilian whilst avoiding plastic sorta orange flavour from it.

FW blood orange isn’t zangy or tangy..far less artificial than CAP sweet tangerine, this is where we will take our orange from. It’s used pretty low here for one simple reason - I’m not a good enough mixer to avoid muddling, so it’s used sparingly here just to take the orange and avoid pushing it too far so that it steps on FA Sicilian’s toes.

CAP juicy lemon...to me at least CAP sweet tangerine a lemon flavored cousin, artificial, zesty, tangy...and it’s used in the same way, I don’t want any lemon from it but I want the tangy zest it has, just a drop gives us that and avoids introducing the lemon.

INW cactus...it’s cactus init, I anticipated without it, the juice would come across as a hard boiled candy, a drop of this avoids that issue, and keeps it wet.

This is a fantastic lemon meringue. It's not Dinner Lady. I prefer this mix. Sitting here vaping them side by side and enjoying this more. That says a lot as DL was one of my favorite liquids when I vaped commercial liquid.

This doesn't give the pledge effect.

A Delicious Cherry Vape That Will Leave You Wanting More

Really Tasty and A Ton Of Flavor For Only 5.55% That Works In Rta or Rda and Wont Gunk Your Coil


A lemon Custard filled doughnut, i'm bad with descriptions, just mix it! :)

Profile: A three layered Custard Cake with a light sweet lemon finish.

The body: TPA Vanilla Custard II and CAP Vanilla Custard v2 are the dominant flavors here with CAP Vanilla Cupcake V2 to soften the richness of the Custards. CAP New York Cheese Cake V2 was added to simulate the moist dense texture of Pound Cake.

Supporting flavors: The combination of CAP Juicy Lemon, CAP Bavarian Cream and CAP Golden Butter add a smooth but tangy citrus note that is present but not overpowering. It is noticeable on the inhale but much more present on the exhale.

Steep time: This recipe really comes to life after 2-3 weeks. The depth of flavor and mouth feel are spot on with a full months steep

Sweet mixed berry with a slightly tart/sour finish

Starting with forest fruit and adding blackberry to darken things up a bit. Adding juicy lemon enhances the underlying touch of tartness in forest fruit. Coconut added a nice background note and also blends well with berries. Off the shake you will indeed get a lemony sour note, after 12 hr or so the distinct lemon flavor fades and winds up as a slight tart/sour note in the finish of this tasty mix.

Sweeten and/or cool to taste.

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