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(CAP) Jelly Candy

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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A strawberry chewy candy born of an otherworldly realm.

This recipe uses JF Pink Burst as its base. Its the first time I've used the flavor in a mix. Nothing too out of the ordinary in regards to flavors other than that.


JF Pink Burst @ 3.0%: PB is only decent on its own in regards to its strawberry notes. It is definitely useful for the chewy candy texture it brings to the table, though. Adding a small amount of JF Juicy Lemon adds a tiny bit of sweetness/wetness to the candy profile so we don't have to use sweetener. CAP Jelly Candy is a flavor I add to any candy type profile I'm going for, regardless of whether I'm specifically looking for "jelly candy" or not.

JF Sweet Strawberry @ 2.0%: This is a candy recipe, so I didn't want to choose a fresh strawberry flavor. Sweet Strawberry is perfect for this, as its candy-like on its own, and brings its own sweetness into the fold.

TPA Marshmallow @ 1.0%: Using this for more added sweetness and for a bit of body.

The Apple Fuji, and Watermelon Clear are the base fruit flavors. I used the Juicy Lemon and Lemonade Natural to tang it up and the sweet tart and jelly candy really work well together. There the ones that give it that original, never had before, taste!!! Co existing and making it taste like a gummy bear rolled in pixy stix dust. I was absolutely floored when I first tried this. Very Tasty. My childhood treat.


This recipe is a pink lemonade JuJuBe jelly candy
This recipe was made for "(CAP) JELLY CANDY) FlavorBook Entry
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/10/05/cap-jelly-candy/

Needs no introduction really but here's my version of a POG. MB Pink lady adds the passionfruit note but also helps round off the guava in my opinion. Jelly candy along with dragonfruit helps emulsify it all together.

Okay, so I wanted to make a really good solid fruity all day vape without too much candy flavors in there. The requisites of this were 1) Simple 2) SNV and 3) common ingredients. Just the fruits alone I found lacked body and didn't really work for what I wanted to create. The FA Fuji Apple creates a really good flavor when combined with TPA Honeydew, I tinkered with the percentages with both of these and even went as high as 5% Honeydew and found that anything over 4% created a really weird chemical like off note. So at 4% and 3% I found made a perfect happy medium. The Jelly Candy I found created a really nice body without battling to come to the front.

Strawberry Milk and Honey
Someone please give this a mix and just let me know what you think bad or good..I happen to be maken Pinky by @Deweysuds and Vurvacious Milk & Honey by @killacode You got to give credit where credit is due.. and I Accidentally dripped them together...and it didnt taste to bad..Well I just decided to try a mix with both profiles came up with this. Please let me know what you all think..

So after Kopel was on Noted the florals episode I decided to get back to playing with them. I've always enjoyed Lavender and think it goes great with Black Currant so I decided to make a candy, not realizing I was making a different version of his Jazz Hands until just a few minutes ago. Anyways after a few trials this is what I've landed on. It's sweet, has a great gummy candy vibe, and the flavors fell into place perfectly.

Lavender and Black Currant dance around creating the base of this recipe, I wanted the Lavender to be prominent but not overtake the whole thing causing it to go dry so 1.5% works well. The Black Currant adds a nice musty and deep flavor at 2%, and the touch of Raspberry adds a little tartness to keep it crisp and up front.

Jelly Candy is perfect here at 3%, with a touch of Super Sweet at .25% you really get a gummy candy out of it.

Holy Vanilla was put in at 1.5% to meld the two components together and make it one cohesive flavor as well as add a touch of Vanilla to the Lavender.

I wanted to make a gummy where half of it has that creamy white part. (giggity) I wanted to use Acai because it's different. I used Pomegranate because it pairs well with Acai. This isn't super complex but IMO pretty tasty and unique.

*I mix low so you may need to increase my percentages anywhere from 50-100% (double)


Profile: Strawberry, Rice, Jelly Candy
Description: Mochi (Japanese: 餅, もち) is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape. In Japan it is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki.[1] While also eaten year-round, mochi is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year and is commonly sold and eaten during that time.



I can't quite remember which ATF recipe ID10-T said that TPA Dragonfruit kinda tastes like the essence of a white gummy bear, but it got my gears going...I single flavor tested this stuff up to 15% and was like...yeah...this shit is like licking a bag of melted white gummy bears...I knew off the top that I was gonna be settling at 5% Dragonfruit as my main note.

What can I possibly add to this to make it stand out?

Well, I need a base. Grabbed some TPA Gummy Candy and while it was a decent texturizer, it didn't quite give that chewy feeling I was going for. CAP Jelly Candy really gave me that chew that I was looking for, but needed a little help. Along comes, CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream to perfectly round out the chewiness of the exhale. Almost there, but not quite.

This isn't juicy enough...So, I grabbed some INW Cactus. That shit can make anything juicy. Started it at 1% and while that was juicy, I didn't get that mouth-watering sensation that I associate with eating gummy bears. Bumped it to 2, yes 2%, and got exactly what I wanted.

Now, here's the kicker.

Unfortunately, you can't just go into a store (at least not around here) and grab a bag containing only white gummy bears. The rest of those little fuckers are coming along for the ride. But at this point, I'm already 4 flavors into the mix and I don't want to add 4-5 more individual flavors to give the background notes of the rest of the gummy bears in the bag. In comes FW Beetle Juice. I haven't used this stuff since I made 500mL of Shurb v4 months ago. But I remember it tasting like a bunch of different fruits. Almost like it was created just to be a fruit melody background. I get a little bit of rasberry and something reminiscent of a tropical juice. I added it at 2% right away and boy...it kinda fights with TPA Dragonfruit for the star of the show. It's like eating 5 white gummy bears with 1 of each of the other flavors in the bag.

June 2017 Recipe Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6ei80w/june_2017_recipe_thread/djt5lyh/?context=10000

*Recently tested with a lowered percentage of FW Beetle Juice and added INW Pineapple @ 1.5%. The Pineapple is definitely a prominent tropical note, but the Dragonfruit is still the star of the show.

Settling on what you currently see above. The pineapple and dragon fruit is a delicious blend at the top while cherries, raspberries, and blackberries play in the background.

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