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(CAP) Jelly Candy

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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I tried to get all the strawberry juiciness out in this recipe. I feel that FA Juicy Strawberry is the best for the job and get that candy note out of it. The FA Lemon Sicily is used to bring a bit of a punch to the juice. Lovely flavours!


A quirky, indescribable jelly candy that will keep you guessing...

This is a jelly candy celebrating the unique flavour that is Li Hing Mui. WTF is Li Hing Mui I hear you ask?

Well, wiki tells us "Li Hing Mui is salty dried plum. In most parts of China it is called Huamei. It has a strong, distinctive flavor, and is often said to be an acquired taste, as it has a combination of sweet, sour, and salty taste. It has also been described as tart, and even tangy."

DFS Li Hing Mui can be described as the love child of plum, pomegranate and cranberry with a full, sweet and sour body. The taste is almost impossible to describe - some pick up Red Bull type flavours , some Gatorade type notes and others have absolutely no way to describe this intriguing flavour. The closest profile would be something like FW Jungle Juice, but not quite...

What it is, is delicious though - it is unlike anything you have ever tasted and once you taste it, you will be hooked!!
This juice turns a magnificent pink colour when mixed and makes it stand out from your stash - almost screaming to be noticed!

I added a touch of FLV Watermelon to provide a bit of familiarity and boost the juiciness just a tad. FLV can be subbed with PUR or FA Red touch at the same %.

The 27 Fish and Jelly candy provides the jelly body (duh!) and sweetness needed to restrain the punchy flavors provided by our main protagonist. This combination provides just the right amount of gummyness and works beautifully in unison.

The Vanilla swirl was added thanks to the idea by Wayne and adds that additional chew/fluff and slight vanilla flavour, which combined, takes this to the next level!!

If you are feeling adventurous and tired of strawberry, apple and freaking mango - give this one a go - you will thank me later...

Give this one 3 days to fully settle but it is good after an overnight sleep.


this is a very simple grape skittles recipe just getting ready for spring too come so I can get away from all the heavy creams and bakeries & get working on candies, drinks and others COME ON SPRING hurry the fuck up and get here plz


I also add 1 drop of vanilla swirl per 10ml.

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A bright peach gummy candy. A nice mouth feel, on the wetter side.

It's orange Jello with shredded carrot and pineapple tidbits in it. Kickin it 1950s housewife style with this one.

This one's a bit of a childhood nostalgia trip for me. I've seen culinary recipes for this posted as "pineapple carrot orange gelatin salad" and "sunshine salad," but in my family, it has always been known semi-affectionately as "Granny's Carrot Crap." It's more common to see this made with lemon Jello, but my Granny uses the orange Jello and I'm still fond of the pairing of orange and carrot in food. Try some fresh orange zest on honey-roasted baby carrots, for example.

FLV Carrot tastes great, but it's 100% a raw carrot. Good luck turning that into a cooked carrot. Not saying it can't be done, but it won't be easy. And putting that into some kind of carrot cake profile? No.

Here, I just embrace the rawness. I like it raw.

CAP Golden Pineapple is pineapple tidbits. INW Shisha Orange was cooperative when it came to being turned into orange Jello, unlike a couple of other oranges I tried. It's not a very realistic orange. It's been described as an "Italian soda syrup" orange and that description works for me. A little bit of CAP Jelly Candy gives it that gelatinous flavor and TFA Whipped Cream fills it out, rounds it off, and holds it all together. Don't sub CAP Super Sweet or some other all-sucralose sweetener for the TFA Sweetener. The maltol in it is part of the Jello. If I had to recommend a 1:1 substitution to someone who doesn't have TFA Sweetener, I'd suggest TFA Strawberry Ripe over a different sweetener.

Inspired by this Weeks Noted Episode

Jelly Candy and 27 Bears for a gummy bear flavor, Flavorah Sour Apple to add a nice sour apple fruit note, Vanilla Swirl to add a little chew, and Lemon Sicily to brighten the fruit a bit


People this shit is fuckin dangerous and is killing ppl left & right PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME because tide pods are made for washing clothes not digesting this and its not candy even tho it looks like it


I figured since we are now eating em, we may as well vape em too.

This was quickly thrown together... never to be mixed again.

FA Whiskey - Gives it a bite. Something subtle in the backend to throw off everything. Adds that soapy hand sanitizer.

JF Marshmallow - The pods sit on a bed of chalk. At a higher percentage, the dry marshmallow adds to a whole bite.

FA Orange / Lime Tahity / Liquid Amber / HS Blueberry - Based off the blue and orange pods, easily needed a fruit note. Orange is self explanitory while the Blueberry needed a more 'green' note sting. The Lime Tahity brings on that Pledge lemon, while Liquid Amber gives a gel feel overall.

CAP Jelly Candy - Some plastic note, almost waxy coating.

CAP Super Sweet - Wayne told me to.


just a simple Halloween candy since its right around the corner

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