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(CAP) Jelly Candy

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1112 recipes at an average of 2.016%.


101 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

blackberry, blackcurrant and other mixed berries with a dash of ice.


This recipe is a return to childhood and those Haribo's Fizzy Cola Candy we had.
Cap jelly candy 4% and TPA Sour 3% together to give that jelly sinthetic gummy flavour.
Fa lemon sicily help sour to be more vivid.
Fa cola pleasure is the exact cola taste of those candies of my childhood, 2% is the right amount.
I know Cap super sweet at 0.75 may be scary, but guys these are candies from the 80's, not healty surrogate of the new millenium, you know what I mean!

Jelly Belly coconut jelly bean. You can add fruits to this to make it more of a tropical blend but it's nice on it's own.


In honor of @ZestyVapes birthday, i decided to butcher a candy vape and destroy it more.

Thinking about movie to 27 bears over jelly candy. Have to see how the chem off note


This is my custom Jam Monster flavor.
Peach + Jam + Toast

Here we have another retro sweet profile, blue and white dolphins.

Blueberry and vanilla jelly candies.

FW blueberry, CAP acai and CAP blueberry jam - these are the blueberry flavour to the dolphin, flavour west's blueberry is the best blueberry in my opinion and works well here because it is the brightest of the bunch, acai just richens that blueberry flavour and blueberry jam adds another gelatine quality.

VTA cream soda and FA ice cream - both artificially tasting vanilla concentrates these work well in the vanilla department and the false cream note aids the "white" flavour to the white dolphins.

CAP jelly candy just prolongs that gelatine taste until the end of the vape and gives the whole mix a fuller body and thicker juicier mouthfeel.

strawberry watermelon syrupy slush with cooling and the slightest touch of mint.

Created by Myself, Nevans.

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Something quick, simple and fruity. Not that complex but still tasty.

Inspired by oriental canned drinks with jelly pieces.

Sweet Lychee and Jelly Candy are the base here and both compliment each other quite well. Although the percentages might seem high, the Jelly helps tone down the floral notes from the lychee.

Blackcurrant and dragonfruit are added to round out the body and mouth feel.

Just a melon candy flavor. Love flavorah wild melon =) Shake and Vape approved.

just a simple gummy watermelon candy. sweet watermelon which is very candy like watermelon to me. TPA watermelon candy provides that tart candy watermelon note. 27 bears and cap jelly to create a gummy candy base. The cap apple simply adds more body and depth to the flavor that is needed in the middle. Vanilla swirl blends this all together with a slight sweet vanilla note

Mixed for mixin in the kitchen show on Gummy candy
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