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(CAP) Jelly Candy

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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I give credit to Jimmy the Juiceman, Shurb helped inspire this recipe. While this is not meant to be a sherbet or taste like Shurb, it has a reminiscent sugary sweet sizzle that shares many similarities.

Before I get ahead of myself, I do want to mention that yes, there are several high % flavors and I know that will freak some folks out, but I simply could not achieve what I was going for with any less, trust me I tried(48 times to be exact). Taste is certainly subjective, so Jelly Candy and Salt Water Taffy could probably lowered without major detriment. Super Sweet on the other hand assists the blood orange & pineapple in carrying the sugary sweet sizzle across the tongue in a way I couldn't achieve without it.

This recipe is the culmination of tireless attempts to clone a juice and eventually pulling my hair out, trying some more, then giving up and coming up with something relatively new. It reminds me of throwing back a hand full of jellybeans, but a much bigger punch!


I am super proud of this recipe.
Took me a while to get this one to this level, and well, I think its perfect.
This is like taking a bite right out of the middle of a fresh jam filled cinnamon doughnut.

The main profile is the strawberry, and here the high percentages of Ripe and Sweet work really well together at 5 and 6%.
To form the thick jammy filling, the Jelly Candy and Cream Cheese Icing add to the strawberry. The Raspberry adds a "tang" at only 0.5% to give that authentic bakery jam flavour.
Note - its INW Raspberry Konkentrat (Malina) used here, but the database did have it as an option.

The doughnut is achieved solely with the Cinnamon Danish Swirl (with a touch of Joy, but in honesty you could leave it out) which works with the there components to give a warm cinnamon doughnut on the inhale, that lingers with a strong strawberry jam on the exhale.

Two weeks steep time, but you will see it develop even further up to four weeks.


I am an older guy. When I was a kid there were drugstores and candy stores that made some old time candies in house. They were pretty much on the way out by the time I was a teenager, I am not that old :) Anyways, there is an old time southern candy made with gelatin similar to a gummy, it is a lemon gummy cube with vanilla in it. I haven't had them since I was a teenager. There was a juice line around for a short time called Redneck Juice Company. They had a juice called Lightning Bug, supposed to be like the lightning bug jelly candies, but with vanilla. Anyways, what is here is basically a remix of that juice with a lot less Sucralose and a more balanced lighter feel to get it to the older style treat. I had this one in EJMU and had not mixed it in over a year, I had the flavoring written down wrong and tried it again with TFA Gummy instead of TFA Swedish, which was a HUGE mistake. I feel Capella works better here than TFA Swedish or FLV Candy Roll.

CAP Jelly Candy, pretty much self explanatory

LA Lemonade, this is my go to Lemonade flavor, I really like crappy Country Time powdered lemonade mix :) It adds the candy lemon note without being too tart, as well as adding a good bit of sweetness.

INW Shisha Vanilla, this is a really good vanilla to use when you need the three things it does very well. Crisp clean sweet vanilla with a slight cream note.

CAP VC1, this low just adds a decent mouth-feel and thickens up the Shisha and Jelly Candy notes.

CAP Super Sweet, this low is basically a drop per 10mL, it is noticeable and needed, you can sub sweetener of choice, but SS is magical when used just right.


You can shake and vape, I truly feel it needs 5 to 7 days to fully come together.


This is the 3rd version of this recipe and screams Sour Patch. All the flavors work so well together to create a wonderful cady vape. This profile is not really my style but I love it when I need a break from bakerys. I hope you all enjoy it. Please rate and comment. Thanks


A rhubarb and berry flavored jelly candy. This isn't overly sweet, but it is a tasty example of rhubarb and berries complimenting each other while making use of CAP Jelly Candy's texturizing properties.

Sweet chewy peachy RINGS need i say more? this is version 2 better than the first but still needs work the only reason im sharing is so that maybe YOU can crack the code and get it past 90%

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