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(CAP) Jelly Candy

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Pretty simple recipe.
Apricot + INW Peach + Peach Juicy + Peach white is... ...peach base!
Jelly Candy and Gummi Bear are giving that gelatine aftertaste.
Raspberry makes it more interesting. Sweet Sour is here to mimick sour sprinkles.
Sweetener is optional, but EM is mandatory.


Sweet and tart blue raspberry candy. I have no idea what ingredients in Juicy Peach are responsible for altering the Raspberry flavor, but it works.

This is a tough round. I mean the last one had fewer ingredients and was vaguely about fruit
but this one encompasses so many possibilities it was hard just to decide where to start.

Ultimately I settled on nostalgia: Like most kids candy was my drug of choice. I remember negotiations with my dealer (the asian lady at the corner market) where I'd pour out handfuls of change and handfuls of candy and hope that I'd have enough to cover it all. She was meticulous and miserly but would usually let a few pieces go unpaid for, as long as I wasn't trying to pay for them with bottles and cans. But the corner store was all standard fare, the real treats were on the road. Every month or so we'd go visit my grandparents out in the middle of nowhere (and hour drive felt like a lifetime) and on the way home we'd stop off at a little country store.
They had a rainbow of colorful sodas in glass bottles and literally barrels of candy. Not only was the candy in barrels, the candy I loved was shaped like a barrel.

"Barrels of Yum"
It was years later that I figured out what they were called. Years after the taste and excitement was a distant memory. But thanks to the internet I was able to experience it all again and I was even able to rediscover my favorite flavor among them--Blue Raspberry.

TPA Blue Raspberry: It's the base but it's basic. It's artificial, tangy, sweet and watered down blue raspberry. It's good but not good enough to be alone...

Cap Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy: This rounds out TPA's offering and brings it to life. Just these two alone are an almost perfect representation of the flavor left on your tongue from the little blue barrels.

Cap Jelly Candy: This was not just the only choice but the perfect choice to encapsulate the flavor of the barrels into their hard candy form. It imparts the mouthfeel and makes everything solid.

Cap Blueberry: Time isn't an option so to tone down the inherent dryness of the other ingredients a dash of this brings a touch of juiciness while keeping it blue.

Sweetener: For sugarlips and accuracy.

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Here we have an imitation of a Kasugai Kiwi Gummy candy from Japan. The source material is a sweet, soft, and juicy gummy that features actual kiwi puree in a gelatin + pectin based candy. Kasugai gummies are softer gummies that are more in line with a gummy lifesaver than a Haribo gummy bear--almost like a thick jello.

The flavor: The kiwi in the candies is a blend of kiwi puree with artificial kiwi flavoring. My task, then was to make my kiwi candy-like with a hint of realism. TFA Kiwi Double hits the candy kiwi in this mix. The actual gummies feature the occasional kiwi seed from the puree and therefore present a more realistic element. E-liquid is a homogeneous mixture though, so I modified the fake, cloying taste that Kiwi Double can impart by brightening and lifting it up with a touch of TFA Quince. The result of the Quince addition adds a missing 'tart' element provided by the seeds that would otherwise be lacking.

The gummy: The source candy is a sweet, soft gummy, with juiciness overriding much of the stickiness. To suggest this, I used a combination of CAP Jelly Candy and TFA Swedish Gummy. CAP Jelly Candy provides volume for the profile without the chemical off-notes that something such as TFA Gummy provides. TFA Swedish Gummy suggests the waxy texture found in Swedish Fish and so was used to provide a bit of structure and softness that Jelly Candy can lack.

Overall Profile/Conclusion: The candy is very sweet and I relied on the flavors themselves to provide much of that. A bit of Ethyl Maltol was added to smooth it all over and keep the candy vibe alive. The Kiwi Double/Quince combo infuses itself into the gummy base to provide an illusion of juiciness that might not otherwise be present with weaker, duller flavors. The overall vape may be a little bit tastier than the actual candy, but that cannot be helped--flavor is paramount here.

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Hot Tamales, the classic chewy, spicy jelly candy, now comes in a tantalizing new variety: Hot Tamales Tropical Heat. Unlike the purely cinnamon originals, these new Tropical Heat Hot Tamales come in three fruity flavors: Limon Fever, Pineapple Picante, and my favorite, Mango Tango.

3% CAP Jelly Candy + 0.5% TFA Cinnamon Red Hot (no PG) + 1% TFA Sweetener. This is your classic Hot Tamale flavor. The candy starts off sweet and then the heat builds as you chew. It creeps up slowly, mostly hitting the back of your throat, followed by just a little burn around the sides of your tongue. The spicy cinnamon continues to build with each piece, so the more you eat, the more you feel the heat, until your tongue sizzles four or five pieces in. This vapes the same way. Weigh the TFA Cinnamon Red Hot carefully; it’s a powerful ingredient and being even one-tenth of a percent off will easily be too much or too little. TFA Sweetener is NOT optional and cannot be substituted with EM or a sucralose solution; Hot Tamales need both the sugar lips effect of a little sucralose and the sweetness-enhancing and flavor-rounding properties of maltol. You get more of a homemade, pectin-based gummy treat, rather than a mass-produced jelly bean-type candy, without the TFA Sweetener.

CAP Sweet Mango has the density and depth to infuse this recipe with mango flavor and the CAP Jelly Candy interacts with it in a way that curbs its tendency to taste like cloyingly overripe, fast approaching rotten, fruit. However, it’s still not quite vibrant and fresh enough to mimic the burst of bright mango flavor you get as soon as the sugary shell of a Mango Tango Hot Tamale crumbles on your first bite. TFA Philippine Mango is too weak to lead any mango profile without using a ton of it and bringing along a gnarly chemical off-note, but the addition of it here gives CAP Sweet Mango’s fleshy flavor a brighter, more nectary taste like the candy's mango flavor.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

I've never been able to eat just one Swedish Fish at a time. This was modeled after "red" Swedish Fish.

TPA Swedish Gummy: This flavor can be an outright pain in the ass. It's very accurate to it's name, but it carries a vicious throat hit if you use it much higher than 1.5-2% At 2% in this mix it started imparting some unwanted harshness, so I dialed it back to 1.5% in the final recipe to help keep things smooth, while still imparting some sweet gummy flavor.

CAP Jelly Candy: A bit of a sleeper flavor, you don't taste this very much in the mix. It's intended purpose is to lend some body to the Swedish Gummy, which I think it does well. Standalone this flavor is very similar to the inside part of a jelly bean.

TPA Watermelon Candy: A bit of a weaker watermelon flavor, this helps keep the strawberry balanced from it's usual syrupy self, while still contributing to the overall sweet "red" flavor of the swedish fish.

TFA Sweetener: What's a little candy with some sugar, eh? Earlier versions included more, or less sweetener. At 1% it started overpowering the flavor a bit, but at .5% it just wasn't quite there so I landed at .75% to try to catch the best balance between sweet candy and gross syrup.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

Mango Boba Tea

FA Lemon Sicily, FA Whipped Cream, FA Pear, FW Hazelnut. Hmm... All wonderfully utilitarian concentrates but all helper flavors, not really suited for leading a recipe to the top of the box office. So what do you do when given a basket full of solid supporting actors? Showcase them as such, and cast yourself a leading lady with some exotic sex appeal! In this case, the lovely and talented FLV Mango! And how do you make it a blockbuster? Give her a love interest, of course! Enter: TFA Green Tea, a Lipton tea bag type green tea with a bit of a grassy note that’s a little unfortunate for fruits alone but easily covered up by something creamy.

So the romance between our star, sweet, juicy FLV Mango, and TFA Green Tea takes center stage, but who are these other characters and what are their roles? For all her beauty, FLV Mango has an annoying habit of sitting right on top of the recipe. The hefty weight of CAP Sweet Mango pulls her down, into the tea and beyond, so that the taste of mango permeates the experience. FA Pear also adds a nice pomaceous sweetness that builds a bridge between the mango and tea, but his main task here is to provide a wetter mouthfeel for this beverage-inspired vape. Meanwhile, FA Lemon Sicily enhances the citrusy top notes that are part of what being a mango is all about, speaking up for those high notes partially muted by milky ingredients while the deeper mango tones hold their own. FA Whipped Cream easily makes this a milk tea, with the assistance of a touch of FW Hazelnut to give it the savoriness of milk. Hazelnut also teams up surprisingly well with one final ingredient, CAP Jelly Candy, to give you a textural surprise like those delightfully gummy tapioca pearls. Because it’s just not boba tea without the balls to suck through those fat straws.

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I give credit to Jimmy the Juiceman, Shurb helped inspire this recipe. While this is not meant to be a sherbet or taste like Shurb, it has a reminiscent sugary sweet sizzle that shares many similarities.

Before I get ahead of myself, I do want to mention that yes, there are several high % flavors and I know that will freak some folks out, but I simply could not achieve what I was going for with any less, trust me I tried(48 times to be exact). Taste is certainly subjective, so Jelly Candy and Salt Water Taffy could probably lowered without major detriment. Super Sweet on the other hand assists the blood orange & pineapple in carrying the sugary sweet sizzle across the tongue in a way I couldn't achieve without it.

This recipe is the culmination of tireless attempts to clone a juice and eventually pulling my hair out, trying some more, then giving up and coming up with something relatively new. It reminds me of throwing back a hand full of jellybeans, but a much bigger punch!


I am super proud of this recipe.
Took me a while to get this one to this level, and well, I think its perfect.
This is like taking a bite right out of the middle of a fresh jam filled cinnamon doughnut.

The main profile is the strawberry, and here the high percentages of Ripe and Sweet work really well together at 5 and 6%.
To form the thick jammy filling, the Jelly Candy and Cream Cheese Icing add to the strawberry. The Raspberry adds a "tang" at only 0.5% to give that authentic bakery jam flavour.
Note - its INW Raspberry Konkentrat (Malina) used here, but the database did have it as an option.

The doughnut is achieved solely with the Cinnamon Danish Swirl (with a touch of Joy, but in honesty you could leave it out) which works with the there components to give a warm cinnamon doughnut on the inhale, that lingers with a strong strawberry jam on the exhale.

Two weeks steep time, but you will see it develop even further up to four weeks.


I am an older guy. When I was a kid there were drugstores and candy stores that made some old time candies in house. They were pretty much on the way out by the time I was a teenager, I am not that old :) Anyways, there is an old time southern candy made with gelatin similar to a gummy, it is a lemon gummy cube with vanilla in it. I haven't had them since I was a teenager. There was a juice line around for a short time called Redneck Juice Company. They had a juice called Lightning Bug, supposed to be like the lightning bug jelly candies, but with vanilla. Anyways, what is here is basically a remix of that juice with a lot less Sucralose and a more balanced lighter feel to get it to the older style treat. I had this one in EJMU and had not mixed it in over a year, I had the flavoring written down wrong and tried it again with TFA Gummy instead of TFA Swedish, which was a HUGE mistake. I feel Capella works better here than TFA Swedish or FLV Candy Roll.

CAP Jelly Candy, pretty much self explanatory

LA Lemonade, this is my go to Lemonade flavor, I really like crappy Country Time powdered lemonade mix :) It adds the candy lemon note without being too tart, as well as adding a good bit of sweetness.

INW Shisha Vanilla, this is a really good vanilla to use when you need the three things it does very well. Crisp clean sweet vanilla with a slight cream note.

CAP VC1, this low just adds a decent mouth-feel and thickens up the Shisha and Jelly Candy notes.

CAP Super Sweet, this low is basically a drop per 10mL, it is noticeable and needed, you can sub sweetener of choice, but SS is magical when used just right.


You can shake and vape, I truly feel it needs 5 to 7 days to fully come together.

Flavor Notes