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(CAP) Italian Lemon Sicily

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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is silverline PUR? that's what I put - wasn't sure. Okay so I wanted a floral and fruity yogurt with some crunch - I think I probably got that here or close - suggestions are welcome

lemon cream sweetener meringue - used cookie as crust - darn okay ran into a prob TPA lemon doesn't show up and the cream is plain old CREAM by liquid barn and I don't see that.


This is a light cream and fruit mix. Strawberry forward. You can easily adapt this to bring the other fruits out more by substituting say blueberry or raspberry in place of the strawberry
Honeysuckle here is optional. I used it here mainly for the sweetness is provides with the slightest floral at the end of the vape.
Armenia or apricot used to lift the berries and help move them forward
Lemon Sicily. This also helps brighten the berries as well as provide a little tartness at the end of the vape
French vanilla creme. Nice simple cream. To me it doesn’t seem to mute too much over the steep and that’s why I chose it here


This is a delicious "berry-mix" candy, similar to Wild Berry Skittles but with a softer texture and balanced flavor.

FW Gummi Bear / FW Razzleberry / Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy : These three flavors have unique candy properties that perfectly meet in the middle to create something both gummy and hard. A crisp layer of sweetness coats the outside but doesn't take away from the delicious core.

FW Razzleberry / FA Forest Fruit Mix : This flavorful duo brings an exquisite mix of berries, all mingling together without overpowering the flavor of one another. Intense and sweet all in one bite; the ideal candy.

CAP Sweet Strawberry / CAP Italian Lemon Sicily : I added this to counterbalance the effect of stepping on the blueberry cotton candy since it tends to lose some sweetener properties (more like any EM) and also helps to pop some sour edges to add an extra dimention to the berry mix.


ok,i know.not reinventing the wheel here,but i haven't seen any recipes in this profile that contain fw's cakes.my intention was to create a white cream lemon cake and i think it is really good considering that.if anyone wonders how close it is on the famous lemon recipe,i think it is pretty close(as long as i remember,because i have not bought any of it for like 6 months).this recipe is a little more on the bakery side and less on the lemon side.
i hope you mix it and enjoy it!

Was aiming for a lemon sherbert w/ basil but the lemon (to me) isn't super prominent. (probably due to the rainbow sherbert) I've tried altering it to make it more lemon forward but so far I prefer this mix.
This won't be for everyone because it's definitely got a "green" note that some people hate... but I like it. It's different. It's good right away but gets richer/creamier with a steep.


taking a stab at airhead type candy since I don't have a taffy flavor I'm trying it this way let me know what you guys think

Almost all the apple pie recipes i have vaped were a huge dissapointment for me.so i decided to mix my own.i know that he trend these days is to deal with a small number of concentrates using higher percentages.i have these concentrates so i figured "why the hell not?"
If anyone decides to mix it i have to say that this is a full bakery taste pie with a light essence of apple.if someone wants more apple he hould raise the two apples inw up to 1.3% but not any higher than that.enjoy!

cream of butter with milk and sweet lemon
is enough for a great enjoyment

So, I had a head cold, my sinuses were dead, and worst, I'd just mixed a bunch of juices, and nothing was steeped. Desperate, I went to the "What Can I Make With My Flavors" thread on diy_ejuice. ID10-T threw this back at me. It was glorious. Shake and Vapable, and it cut through my dead sinuses. It was even better after a week.

I'd give it five stars if he'd have posted it, but since he gave me the go ahead, as "The truth is, I've never vaped that exact recipe, I just looked over your ingredients and pulled it out of my ass like "yeah, I bet that will be pretty good."

Seeing as this came out a lightly frosted, sweet lemon cookie that was very cool? His ass must be a more magical place than candyland.

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