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(CAP) Italian Lemon Sicily

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Pretty good off the shake. Don’t think the 50 ml will make a steep. May adjust later

Show was discussing how to use flavors for more than their taste. Ie marshmallow for sweetness and mouthfeel
Apricot for brightness and juiciness for the strawberry
As well as lemon to push the strawberry more forward.

Hope you enjoy.

After many variations, I've finally come up with a Peach Lemonade that is easily an ADV for me. Peach and lemonade make such a great combination. Give this refreshing juice a try and I think you'll agree.

LA Lemonade - this is my go-to lemonade, for me there's just none better.

CAP Italian Lemon Sicily - I went back and forth with this flavor but I really love the way it works here to make that authentic lemon flavor really shine.

LA Peach - I tried many peaches, solo and in combination but just didn't really get that flavor I was looking for. Finally, I decided since I'm using LA Lemonade, why not try it with the LA Peach .... and it really works here. You get a nice subtle peach flavor that you can definitely taste but isn't so overpowering that it mutes the lemonade.

CAP Super Sweet - use whatever sweetener you like, or no sweetener if that's the way you like it. I'm sure it's still great without it.

I think I might try 1% Koolada in my next batch but just like with the sweetener, that's all personal preference. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I do.

EDIT: I actually really enjoy this after a month long steep. You lose a little bit of the lemonade flavor but the peach is just so nice. This LA Peach is definitely becoming one of my favorites.

This was the winner for Mixin Vixens month 2. It's my version of Starbux's Passion Tea which is a hibiscus tea. It's one of my proudest creations.

Hey guys!
This is my first original recipe.
I was going for heavy peach and light cream/bakery under.
I don't really have any other bakeries, however I will receive some cheesecake graham crust in a few days, so I will try adding that to the recipe.
Please go ahead and leave some feedback if you are experienced.

Well Here is my weekly drink mix... This is my Midori Sour I am heavy on the wild melon , and using the jack fruit & papaya to round out the melon flavor .. Lemon Sicily to add the sour note oba oba to clean it up , and sweetener to help with the over all sweetness(this is a sweet type liquor).. and Gin to add the presumption of alcohol to it.. i hope everyone enjoys it ....

Optional : is the WS23 cooling agent

donut de limon con pecanas 10 dias de maceracion...

Here is my take on this weeks profile pic. A strawberry and watermelon lemonade, its good, mix it up.

Here's a nice flavorful blackberry lemonade. This lemonade base can be used with other fruits, just respect the balance and have fun playing with it. I used it here with blackberry because I like the depth a dark berry gives to something bright like a lemonade.
The FW blackberry at 1.5% is more than enough to add that sweet, mashed up blackberry flavor. This is one of my favorite blackberries. It can be a bit candied if used higher, but I used a touch of Forest Fruit here to add a bit of complexity and keep that candy note in check.
This 3 lemon combo is so good. CAP Lemon Sicily helps drive the lemon. It's not tart and whispy like FA (although I do like FA too) and it has more staying power. You could use something like FE lemon here to do the same thing.
The FLV & VT lemonade as a team make the perfect duo for a lemonade. I could have went simple and used FW lemonade at 6% or LA, or even PUR which has a solid lemonade...but none of these by themselves gives me what I wanted. This combo has a nice brightness, and the flavor is undeniably lemonade. It's not lemon juice, or lemon peel...it's lemonade with no off notes and no harshness. Also, this won't cloud up your juice.

*Add 0.25-0.5% WS-23 for a nice chill.

Give this a shot, and don't be afraid to try different fruits to throw in there. Have fun with it! It's good off a shake but even better the next day.


Here is my take on this weeks profile pic. A strawberry and watermelon lemonade, its good, mix it up.

A traditional lemonade with a fruity twist and a refreshing cool exhale.

Add sweetener to taste.

Please leave some feedback 😊

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