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This is a recipe I can enjoy at anytime of the year. It’s just really delicious. My go to base starts off this recipe making the creamy delectable dessert with Combining The Bavarian cream and Vanilla Swirl. When I make a cheesecake I automatically think I want crust, cheesecake graham crust provides that. I add Cap Ny Cheesecake as it adds a bit more lemon and a grain type note to balance out the cheesecake. I love to add a bit of cream cheese icing as it makes it a bit more tart but with a great creamy sweetness. My go to lime for that sweet note candy like lime Inw every time. It’s very sweet and a little goes along way. More than 1% and it will overpower everything. I add Italian Lemon Sicily to add more lemon to calm the lime a bit and give that authentic cheesecake taste. Needs no sweetener as that lime adds plenty. This to me is an all-star recipe, one you can enjoy all year round.

A very nice peaches and cream recipe with a different take to make a nice sweetness. Combine these Two peaches my staple go to for a cream base Vanilla Swirl and Loranns Bavarian Cream. ( can Sub TFA Bavarian Cream)The Maple syrup really makes this a sweet Georgia peach with its really sweet profile. I add the cream fresh to not dry out recipe. The Italian lemon Sicily just adds a bit of sour to make it more of an authentic peach. Add sweetener to your liking I feel it needs none. Mixed at 75/25

Poor ol’ mister meringue. Got caught making whippey with the neighbour again so his wife gave him the boot. He blew all his money on powdered sugar so now he pimps himself out on the street corner for spare lemons.

This is a Mr. Meringue by Charlie’s Chalkdust clone. Took me years to get it just right. Recently bought a bottle of the commercial and was amazed at how close it was. Smelling either bottle I can’t tell the difference.

It’s a commercial clone, needs sweetener.

Original artwork done by my crazy teenager.

If you like a nice tall glass of southern sweet tea on a hot summer day then this is for you! I have spent several months trying different flavors and combinations and none seemed to hit the spot till I tried what to me is the best sweet tea available. One On One sweet tea is perfection IMO!

OOO sweet tea makes the perfect base paired with LLS from Wonder Flavors to give a smooth mouthfeel. A touch of lemon using Cap ILS and FA Pear to bring them together. The mix is sweet without sweetener but the addition of FW Sweetener gives this an extra sweet southern tea feel! I toyed with using Cap SS but it seemed to mute what I was getting from the Lemon Lime Soda so i tried FW and it worked perfectly at .25! The only drawback to this is for it all to come together you need to steep for at least 2 weeks or so. If you like southern sweet tea give this a go.

Picture credit: https://divascancook.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/IMG_63531.jpg

Drink recipe: Almond Liqueur (Amaretto) + sour mix { simple syrup, lemon juice, optional citrus soda }

Almond liqueur: Almond Amaretto + Cherry Extract + Kentucky Bourbon (Adds to 'boozy' profile)

Sour mix: A tart citrus punch profile using cactus, lemon sicily and other citrus flavors [ + optional Sour Solution : replace w. WF Sour Ball Candy?]


Summer is here and so is the season for sherbet. One of the hardest profiles to nail and I think I found the holy trinity for Rainbow Sherbet.
Enjoy the Fruity, Creamy, Smooth, Refreshing Rainbow Sherbet this mix doesn't just give an impression, it gives you an accurate Rainbow Sherbet where you taste every flavor in it. Each fruit is fruity as well as creamy with that cream finish on the exhale.

  • Starting Percentage Super Sweet .5%
  • Keep (INW) Raspberry percentage as increasing it will overpower mix
  • As Orange Cream steeps it becomes more present and thickens out
  • Vanilla Swirl emulsifies all the fruits to become one in the mix as it would taste eating the sherbet itself
  • Add WS-23 or Cooling Agent to your liking!
  • V1 Stay tuned

For many of us an authentic orange juice is something we’ve long been after.
I started this years ago (just now releasing June 2021) and tired out from oranges at one point. I picked up SSA juicy orange and knew I had to try again. I gotta say this is the closest I’ve gotten so far. Still not 100% but I figured I’d share anyways since I think I'm done chasing this whale for now.

I have to thank Dave @ID10T for the suggestions of using FLV pineapple, smoothie base and pear (amongst others but those are what I settled on). It seems like a complex recipe but anything simpler took orange in a direction I didn't want. Using these at low percentages allowed me to fill in bits and pieces without allowing any of them to take me in a direction other than an orange. Go EASY on sweetener, if you use any at all, I'd suggest stevia or FLV sweetness, very low, or you'll just get orange candies. Go ahead and add WS23 if you like but personally I found it made it too fizzy.

WF orange juice Is a great orange juice but it's kinda thin, flat and is missing those bright top notes of an orange.
SSA juicy orange Is very bright but bordering on candy so its kept low and the balance of the orange is made up with other concentrates.
FLV pineapple When I had a conversation with Dave, I mentioned I was having trouble finding something to thicken up and add some pulpy texture, this is what he suggested, stating that if it could be hidden under enough orange, it just might do the trick and it sure does! He was also correct in the fact that it has a slight orange note to it.
FLV smoothie base Is there as a thickener and emulsifier. Has complementary citrus notes that do a good job of holding this all together.
CAP Italian lemon Sicily Is there as a brightener. I tried several lemons mostly for the top note and wetting effect and this one just seemed the least intrusive. You could sub this if you like though with pretty much anything but FE lemon since it doesn't fade off very well or JF juicy lemon since I felt it turned it more to soda.
FLV sour apple Adds some tartness and juiciness.
FA bergamot Used for some pithyness, initially I tried INW orange shisha for this but it was just a bit too orange for me, this adds the pith without overloading in orange.
FA bitter wizard I recalled reading that tobacco lovers use this in a mix to eliminate any inherent sweetness and thought to give it a go in this. This seems like to wouldn't really be necessary but given the included sweetener of WF orange juice, it does help to tone down the sweetness that we can't get rid of here, taking it a tad further from an orange soda. If you want less sweet still, you could bump this up a tad.
TPA smooth This is there for the triacetin. it helps to thicken the mix and round the harsh edges. Can be subbed for FA magic mask, FA mts vape wizard or FW flavor toner/enhancer. Though not sure about %ge since I don't have those.
FLV pear Was actually a last minute, I'm curious, addition and I don't know how or why but I felt like it made it less sweet somehow. Also gives some more texture and body to back up the pineapple that I dare not push too high.

One of my many iterations included SSA multivitamin and while it was really good, it took it too far away from being authentic and more to a punch... also brought the pineapple out too much for what I was going for. Still though, 1-2% makes for an interesting deviation.
VT fizzy sherbet at 1% makes this into a really good orange soda.
To make this more of a smoothie, bump the percentage of FLV smoothie base up to 1.5-2% and you're golden.
Lots of fun things you could do here to play around with it and prevent boredom.

Let this breathe for 24 hrs, its pretty harsh off the shake. I found it best after being steeped 2-3 days to let the edges meld a little.

Please rate, review and enjoy :)

Profile: Lemon-Razzberry Iced Cake

This recipe is named for my Zeal I have for mixing. I mix with a lot of passion and want to create recipes that are decadent, thoughtful, and put smiles on the faces of any vaper who is willing to try these recipes I made with my heart and soul. The lemon and raspberry with its tartness balanced with the sweetness leaves a feeling behind that is both refreshing and joyful.

  • ADV Approved
  • Starting percentage for Super Sweet is .5% up to 1%
  • Substitute (CAP) V.B.I.C with (TFA) Vanilla Swirl if you are a pepper taster
  • V1 stay tuned as I may tweak and tune this recipe

Nice raspberry lemon tart with berries flavor and a nice fluffy . creaminess The apple, lemon and custard really make up the tart. I add .33 of Supersweet to mine. Very good smooth ADV perfect for anytime of year.


Profile: Lemon-Butter Pound Cake

An accurate Lemon Butter Pound Cake in terms of balance, mouthfeel and flavor. This mix is sure to leave a positive impression. If lemon-pound cake is what you want look no further. All day vape as it's smooth easy and light. One of my best mixes to date!

* Decreased (CAP) Lemon Meringue Pie from 3 to 2.5% Flavor is most accurate to a Lemon Pound Cake. V3 was to much (CAP) LMP and was causing muting issues on other parts of the flavor.

* Increased (CAP) Lemon Meringue Pie from 2% TO 3%
* Increased (FW) Yellow Cake from 4% to 4.5%
* Increased (CAP) Cake Batter v2 from 1% to 1.25%

  • The Lemon Top Accent and Butter/Pound Cake Bottom Accent while retaining a creamy-ness. which I uncooked by using Cake Batter V2 as more of a raw cake type vibe to the fully cooked yellow cake is an accurate way to present this vape.
  • For a lighter Version of this recipe knock down LMP to 2%-2.5%
  • Cap Super-Sweet starting percentage- .5% up to 1%. Sweeten to taste although atleast .5 is needed for flavor saturation and over 1% makes it too sweet. A pound cake should be slightly sweet but also savory. Too sweet and you end up with a yellow/birthday cake over a pound cake.
  • Flavors become more pronounced with steep
  • V2 delicious as is but stay tuned for updates! *V3 More lemon flavored pound cake *V4 Most accurate Lemon Pound Cake.

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