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Horchata brings the starchy cream, FLV chai spice boosts the spice notes (adds em, really), then LB Vienna Cream with a Touch of FA Milk round it all into a full drink thing. VSO Pear + WF Ripe Pear IMO are an awesome ripe pear combo, and here they fold into the drink quite nicely.

add sweetener to your style and taste!

This is my take on a Coconut Horchata. I paired CAP Horchata with TFA Horchata Smooth. Together they build a nice body, creaminess and foundation. Considering Horchata already has a hint of cinnamon, I'm only adding 2.5% of FW Cinnamon Roll. I also didn't want cinnamon to stand out too much in the recipe. For the Coconut I'm using TFA Coconut Candy. By far this is my favorite of all the other coconut flavors. It really stands out. My go to milk base is always VT Milk Base. IMO it's the most authentic milk flavor. I've tried the recipe as a shake n vape and it's quite good but I would give it 3 days so all the creaminess can settle in. Try it and give me your feedback..... Enjoy!!

A creamy dark chocolate with a light cinnamon and orange note made for fresh 03 Saturday show. The mix is based of this recipe

NOTE if you like a sweeter hot chocolate feel free to add .5 of CAP super sweet

That Game of Scones show was so much fun everyone ! Mine turned out soft and sweet and I love it !

FA Cookies/Cap Sugar Cookie = they make a nice scone, buttery yet still a little dry. Let it steep a week for it to really come out.

FLV Milk & Honey/FA Honey = a really nice and sweet honey for drizzled on my scone.

CAP Horchata = for that little roughness you get on the back of your teeth when you eat a scone and that lovely milky cinnamony goodness in my scone.

Enjoy, be Queer and vape on !

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I grew up on Chinatown (or Vietnamtown) in Paris and one of my favorite things I would eat as often as I could is called "Perle de Coco" which is actually "Lo Mai Chi" or one of the most popular patisseries in Hong Kong. It is a coconut glutinous rice dumpling, traditionally filled with coconut and mung bean paste, wrapped into rice flour and coconut milk, and rolled into shredded coconut.

FE Sweet Rice/Cap Horchata/VT Rice Base/FA Jammy/Candy Wizzard combine to form the glutinous rice made of rice flour and coconut milk. I updated the CAP Jelly Candy to FA Jammy/Candy Wizzard because the CAP flavoring has a fruity gummy taste that I don't want in my rice base.

WF Coconut Custard/VT Red Bean I'm using to make the filling, I'm hoping that the texture will be authentic even if Azuki red beans taste different to mung beans. The mung bean filling is the same that you would find in moon cakes and it is made with split mung beans, coconut milk, brown sugar, and some starch. Fingers crossed.

FLV Sweet Coconut/FA Coco come together for a really smooth and rounded real coconut.

VT Desiccated Coconut is pretty handy for rolling my dumpling into shredded coconut as it would be at the pastry shop in Hong Kong

Cap Super Sweet is not an obligation, but I added it here to cut short the steeping time for WF Coconut Custard and CAP Horchata.

A few notes:
1) FE Sweet Rice will fade pretty quickly, but adding 1% of FA Coco to it will slow that down significantly. Whatever rice flavor profile you're after, that is a neat trick to use! (thank you @Shyndo)
2) CAP Horchata has a lovely rice roughness texture, but it also has some cinnamon in it which is not part of the profile in this recipe. I decided that the texture was more important.
3) This treat is supposed to be eaten warm so don't hesitate to use higher wattages.

I love coconut and exotic fruits in general, and this mix turned out really nice right off the shake even if it got fairyfied!

Enjoy, be queer & vape on!

[Photo Credits: www.jujube-en-cuisine.fr ]

This is a sweet potato rice pudding inspired by the Haitian and Cuban influences on New Orleans. Is it a stretch thematically? Absolutely. I wanted to do a NOLA inspired recipe but I wanted to stray from what would generally be expected and this is what I came up with. I'm not going to bore you with the details of the trip around the world my mind takes when I brainstorm so here's my flavor notes.

VT Rice Base - Honestly I ordered this FOR this recipe and it just worked. It imparts a sweet sticky rice taste and texture to the whole mix. You get that grainy taste and mouthfeel from rice and a sweet undertone.

CAP Horchata - Sticking with the rice theme and adding a bit of cinnamon and flair to the recipe as a whole. I tried it higher and it gets to be a bit overpowering for me so I settled at 1.5 on this one to just add that touch of cinnamon evocative of fall.

FLV Vanilla Pudding - Brings a creamy mouthfeel to the recipe after a few days steep and knocks off some of the graininess from the Rice Base. Honestly I probably need to bring this down some, but this is more or less my first iteration of this recipe.

FA Coco/TPA Coconut Candy - I wanted to add some coconut to this and this is the combo and percentage I settled on. You may or may not taste it, I get it faintly and it helps add some sweetness to the rice base and brighten the recipe a touch.

HS Pumpkin Pie - yup. this is the "sweet potato" base. It's what I've got so I can't say much about it. Planning on experimenting with other things here in the future.

FA Carmel/FW Butterscotch Ripple - This is my go to combo for a buttery caramel note and it works well here. It adds some darkness and heaviness to the body and gives a buttery undertone. Really helps bring out the pumpkin pie in correlation with the CAP Horchata's cinnamon note.

This is very much a work in progress and a bit of a learning experience as well. Any and all criticism or advice is much appreciated.


this is like the milk left at the bottom of a bowl of cinnamon crunch cereal. it is a creamy sweet milk with a slight touch of cinnamon and caramel. This was made for a #DIYDOWNUNDER Milk challenge in which you had to use 5 flavors using only flavors available from Flvaorworld AU

CAP horchata is a very underrated flavor. it is sweet creamy and has just a touch of cinnamon and it perfect for this type of application, and is noted on the back end. it is close to a cinnamon type pudding and could easily be used as such with a light custard to make a nice cinnamon pudding. if you want more of a cinnamon note you can add a dash of something like bakers touch or CAP cinnamon danish, RW cinnamon roll.

WF caramel butteris a light creamy caramel, that blends right in - which is what I need. I did not want a dark thick caramel that stands out, the sweetness is noted on the front and carries through. You can also add some FLV milk and honey at a1% to support some of these notes

FA Vanilla bourbon holds the middle of this mix together, it does not have any boozy notes it is straight up vanilla goodness

TPA rice crunchie adds some of that cereal texture and sweet cereal notes to the mix without adding too much dryness that you can get from some of the cereal flavors

NOTES: recommend to Use sweetener, lets be honest here - cereal milk is SWEET, that is why we like it!! Purlium super sweet is used here as it is a Sweetner that adds sweetness without adding an overly chemical sweetner note that I despise in Cap ( would prefer FLV sweetness here but alas could not use in the contest) This is made for an RDA flavors may be a more subtle in a RTA - this is a bit of a steeper so you need to give it 12 - 14 days

. "Learn more about mixing here:


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Funnel Cake (CAP) 1.30%
Honey (FA) 0.25%
Horchata (CAP) 1.00%
Joy (FA) 0.40%
Lemon Meringue Pie V1 (CAP) 0.65%
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.70%
Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP) 1.50%
Zeppola (FA) 3.00%

SNV for me 😁

Not your average lemonade, this Brazilian Limeade is creamy, tangy and refreshing, the perfect way to refresh and cool down this summer.

For the milky part i used a combination of TPA Malted Milk, FA Condensed Milk (use sparingly, it is very strong and quickly overpowering!) and CAP Horchata with a touch of FLV Sweet Coconut.

No limeade without CAP Lemon Lime and supported by FA Florida Key Lime for a light candy touch.
Add 1 drop per 15ml's FLV Rich Cinnamon to spice up the mix.
Finally but not mandatory, a little sweetener.

Brazilian Limeade is the creamiest and sweetest limeade you will ever try. It is like summer in a cup!

Steep: very short, perfect after 5 day's.

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