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A black and blue recipe ive been enjoying.
The main body comes from LB blue razz, at this % theres all we need from this and buddied up with some hibiscus just helps lift it up and brightens the flavour i feel.
Multiple darker berries help to turn the blue into black as such whilst keeping a little of that artificial fruitiness with blackcurrent and boysenberry.
Cactus and citrus soda are just enough to keep it juicy and keep it bright and beverage like.
Could benefit from ws23 if thats your thing.


**This Is A Duplicate Of The Original Is on The Accidental Duplicate Account under "DIYDownunder" rather than "DIYDownunderPippa"

A juicy yet syrupy pear that brings calm & good karma to a busy day.

Think good thoughts. Say nice things. Do good for others.
Everything will come back.

I think it's amazing off the shake, what do you think?

See it being made here: https://youtu.be/Y6c57o1ohzA?t=5392

A juicy yet syrupy pear that brings calm & good karma to a busy day.

Think good thoughts. Say nice things. Do good for others.
Everything will come back.

I think it's amazing off the shake, what do you think?

See it being made here: https://youtu.be/Y6c57o1ohzA?t=5392

I figure if I bring 1 recipe over here. It should be this. One of my favorite creations using one of my favorite flavors. Cap hibiscus and SSA raspberry syrup

After trying a hibiscus drink with cbd, I knew I wanted to create this. It was a syrupy hibiscus and didnt taste like tea at all.

So I grabbed cap hibiscus. Studies say around 2% is perfect for a main show. I wanted to compliment it though. Raspberry syrup brings thickness to this. The honeysuckle helps brighten up the hibiscus getting rid of any odd off notes and gives a slight floral taste. Cactus to make a tropical vibe and add juiciness to the recipe. Strawberry ripe is also there to brighten and bring this hibiscus drink to where I want.

Perfect for beginners who are afraid of florals because this is more tropical than floral and absolutely a joy to vape.

Super sweet to your preference. I prefer .5 to 1% and rewick every 5 hits. 😇

My attempt at a citrus cherry soda. Doesn’t really need a steep, also the ws-23 is optional but is my preferred way of vaping it.

I submitted a recipe, a couple of months ago, for a fun challenge in Pippa's Facebook group. She took my recipe, which is my most mixed for my friends, and she tweak it a little bit...the challenge was " let's see if I can't make one of your best recipe better". I didn't tell my friend but they seems to enjoy it even more. Thanks to Pippa for making my recipe better and give her a follow, she's a fantastic mixer! Hope you like it!

CAP Lemon Lime is an ideal base for a limeade. It's pretty well balanced but you get a lot of the lime up front and the lemon sticks around through the exhale. It's sweet, not sour or bitter and has a good amount of body.

I've added FA Marshmallow to round out the edges and give the profile a nice creamy head.

CAP Hibiscus is sticky and sweet. It's not a main note here but it does help everything around adding to the authenticity.

VTA Persian Lime is the star of this show. It is a zesty natural lime that sticks around through the steep. Very Good.

Some sweetener is essential for this recipe. I use CAP Super Sweet at 0.5% and I think this is a minimum.

Watch the Video Here:

Fuck a PMTA or Flavor Ban

This is a Mixed Berry Lemonade w/ Hibiscus, Inspiration drawn from the Starbucks drink

Revisiting some of my older recipes because I feel like I now have some flavors that would just work better and because I learned a great deal more from when I first started mixing which was around the time I made this recipe. Also Mainly because TPA Blackberry is a bitch to work with and get out of your tank & LA Lemonade with it fading.

Hope you Enjoy this summer drink Be safe & Vape on

VT-Bilberry Ripe-(1%)-The minute I smelled this one I knew this was it!! I used this to boost the "blueness" in the recipe.

FLV-Boysenberry-(1.5%)-This is doing the job as being my main blueberry (this was TPA Blackberry [0.15%] which is really potent and sticks to whatever you use it in)

TPA-Hibiscus-(1.5%)-Big Shout out to Edible Malfunction for pointing me toward this hibiscus and away from FLV, compared to how the FLV was making this mix taste like i was eating the stem with everything this work a lot better but can be perfumery at high %(Not Saying the FLV Hibiscus is bad but for this mix for me it just didn't work)

FLV Lemonade-(2%)- As a replacement for the LA Lemonade [2.25%] I kept having fading issues with it ,this acts as my base

FA-Lemon Zest-(0.5%)- helps accentuate the FLV Lemonade

CAP-Hibiscus-(1%)-Serves dual functions as an accent to the TPA Hibiscus and an emulsifier to help everything blend.

TPA-Strawberry Ripe-(1%)-helps make everything pop and bring some sweetness to the party.

VT Yellow Passion Fruit-(0.35%)- to give it more of a tropical body [I did experiment with FA Passion Fruit , VT Passion Fruit and FLV Passion fruit] Felt like this one fit the best and works with the florality of the mix.

There is a original version of this recipe as well if you have tried it please do LMK what you think is better

I used 1 drop cap super sweet per 30 ml you can add WS-23 to your liking hope you enjoy as much as I did working on it then finally getting it the way i wanted

Starbucks Drink Inspiration- https://www.starbucks.com/menu/drinks/refreshers/very-berry-hibiscus-lemonade-starbucks-refreshers-beverage

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some weird amalgamation of florals, tea, and fruit. notes can be found on reddit.

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