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(CAP) Hazelnut

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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5 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This recipe is an attempt to recreate the powder sugar coated shortbread cookie with inclusions of candied lemon zest that I enjoyed as a child

Excerpt of review of the rebirth of the cookie under a new manufacturer:
"The crumbly cookies, coated with powdered sugar, and sprinkled throughout with enchantingly tart and yellow bits of lemony stuff, were so amazing that sometimes we’d polish off a whole box before we even got to the check-out counter (hey, we paid for the empty box!). But in the 1990s, Lemon Coolers disappeared from grocery store shelves after the cookie’s maker, Sunshine Biscuits, merged with Keebler in 1996."

This recipe is 100% DIY or Die community created. I started with a simple Biscuit and Lemon sicily and asked the group (via Facebook) how they suggested I tweak it to give it that powdered sugar feel and taste and a good lemon bite that was blended into the cookie, not overpowering it.

I will take 100% of the criticism as I published the final recipe under my name, but the guys in the DIYOD facebook group deserve the credit for getting this all-day-vape off the ground.

Vanilla Cupcake Hazelnut. I made this on a whim not using percentages, more like 1ml of this, 1/2ml of that... and it tasted so good like an amazing candy rainbow that I need to nail down. So I'm working on it.... It's something like this.

RY55: it's a little RY4 and a little 555 and a little bit more. It's tobacco, cocoa/chocolate, nuts, and vanilla.

The cocoa note here is coming from the FE MLB. It basically tastes like FE Real Cig with some dry, unsweetened cocoa. Kind of an ashy Tobacco as far as the FE tobaccos go. Not really DNB type of dirty, but it's decent. But this recipe is far from what I would consider "ashy." Cocoa note is most prevalent.

The nutty comes from the Hazelnut and Tobacco Symphony. CAP Hazelnut has been the only one I've used since I started mixing. I used it in my first diy adv, and never really bothered shopping around for a different one. It's rich and has a nice, full mouth feel, so I still use it. If it's not the best, feel free to sub. Tobacco Symphony is a wonderful nutty tobacco. It's a rich peanut type of nut with a nice mellow tobacco.

Vanilla for Pipe is decent enough as far as vanilla goes. I'm not a huge fan of vanillas these days in general, and CAP Vanilla Custard in particular. But again, feel free to sub for your favorite vanilla at what you feel is an appropriate strength.

I think the possibilities for an RY55 are just as endless as the possibilities for RY4, and it's always been a profile that I've been more interested in.

Inspired by ID10-T's Longing. Capellas vanilla bean ice cream and honeysuckle are magical together. I started with that and added hazelnut and milk chocolate resulting in an incredibly smooth and rich gelato tasting vape. Steeping helps the creams to blend but it's excellent from the get go.

Almost every good chef knows a recipe for Tarte Tatin. It is actually a invention from the sisters Tatin from France. History tells us that this tarte was invented by a little accident that happened to the appletarte, which felt down and they were thinking what else they could do with the already baked apples, so they decided to caramelize the apples and cover them with a sheet of puff pastry and they put it in the oven upside down. Afterwoods they did turn the tarte around and this was the result....The Tarte Tatin was borne.
It is a appletarte with loads of butter and sugar inside for the caramel, nice warm and great for the cold winterdays.
This vape actually tastes like the real Tarte tatin, which i already made hundreds of times in the kitchen. Enjoy the recipe and like always please let me know about it if you mix it up.

Greetings and regards from Belgium Chefproject

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