(CAP) Grenadine

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Heinsenberg is one of my favorite recipes and I have vaped a lot of it. After a while, all I could taste was that "chemical" taste from it.

I have been trying to come up with something along those lines but with a richer flavor. I think this is it. Give it a try if you enjoy Heinsenberg.

Vape a coctail instead of drink it.Very tasty and easy to make this recipy

Inspired by Sangria. Not sure how close it is as I haven't had Sangria in years but it's very fruity with a slight hint of wine.

A soda-type, cold mandarin drink with some more citrus notes.
Perfect for hot days. Enjoy.

Steep: SnV (1 or 2 days)

PS. WS-23 can be used in our own taste, I prefer use it @ 0.5% in this mix.


My Version of Elements Pink Lemonade, not as sweet but more tart.

Credit to Micah from ELR, his Recipe was the Base for this :)

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