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(CAP) Greek Yogurt

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 300 recipes at an average of 3.043%.


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mostly cream and yogurt this has got cherry and black current more as back notes and with pie crust for crunch

Using some different fruits i put together what sounds like a more health conscious dessert type juice - we'll see how it goes....


The Yogurt base: Cap Greek Yogurt with FW Yogurt is a perfect combo IMO (Inspired from Mopheads channel)
The Peach base using FA White peach, TPA Juicy Peach, FA Apricot and a touch of FA Raspberry creates a sweet peach flavor
Cap super sweet is optional, but I feel it contributes to the authenticity of a yogurt with a sweet peach topping


Ive been trying too make a stb/watermelon smoothie for the longest time and I think this might be it guys I'm gonna try it at 70/30 maybe help me out guys

This is a juice I have been dreaming about. SNV. ADV. It's better than "Your Mom".

A sweet ripe tangy nectarine laying in a bed of juicy yogurt cream.

This MILF is for you, she's $!!

Leave out the SS if you defer,..it just makes it pop!

Something a little different from a normal Peaches&Cream. At first I was simply trying to do a peaches and cream with a little basil, but it wasn't working out how I wanted. Adding a little CAP Cucumber really brought the basil to where I wanted it. Then the peaches weren't coming out right, so a little lemon and strawberry kicked the recipe into gear. To lay a nice foundation I went with a simple Greek Yogurt and Vanilla, which I like because it doesn't distract too much from the main players in the recipe.


This is a sweet strawberry grape cream flavor based around Snozz Creme (Probably would add 2% FW Sweetener or 1% CAP Super Sweet for True Commercial Experience, Also Cream base seems to differ a touch)
Made on "Live Mixing: The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries"

A creamy and thick yogurt filled with light strawberry accents and kiwi zing. Great after 5 days of steeping


A yammy, creamy greek yogurt with Apricot and a touch of orange
Both layers of the juice are very well balanced making this a creamy and fruity vape.
However, I regret that I couldn't get the tipical yogurt sourness
For me, the sweetness is on spot, but you can add CAP Super Sweet to suit your taste

To make this a frozen yogurt, add FA Polar Blast or TPA Liquid Mentol.

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gurt" the act of oral sex

This recipe was inspired by the classic "Gogurt". Rich creamy yogurt with mixed berries and lemons. This mix will make you love something creamy and fruity in your mouth


[Flavor Notes]

(CAP) Bavarian Cream:
I used Bavarian Cream from Capella instead of TFA is I get a subtle brown sugar note that didnt match this profile. However Capella's Bavarian Cream is very creamy like it's counter part just no brown sugar note.

(JF) Forest Mix:
Ive been loving this flavor its a very vibrant mixed berry profile and works well other flavor profiles. You can use this in bakeries, creams and maybe even drinks such as lemonades. I would not go no higher than 3% in a mix imo.

(CAP) Greek Yogurt:
Oh man, what a nice yogurt with a wonderful texture. Capella has done a wonderful job on this one. It's an amazing creamy flavor that will help in a ice cream, custards and of course yogurts. This this is the main profile in this mix I used this at a higher percentage. However, if your your using this just to give a recipe more texture or complex I would keep this in the 1 - 2.5% range.

(CAP) Juicy Lemon:
Ok, this is a new flavor for me. I get what the name states a juicy lemon zest. (LMAO) This will help give a fruit mix more vibrancy or in this case give your lemon profile more depth to the other lemon.

(CAP) Lemon Meringue Pie v2:
I like the V1 and the V2 for diffrent reasons. In the version 2 I get more of the cream base of pie compared to V1. This is still a lovely concentate nonetheless. Capella's Lemon Meringue with the Juicy Lemon makes a lovely pair in a mix.

(LB) Strawberry:
A very nice strawberry, this does not taste
just like a candy strawberry nor a natural strawberry. This concentrate taste like RIPE STRAWBERRY AND SWEET STRAWBERRY HAD A BABY xD
(CAP) Super Sweet:
LMAO! Exhales SUGAR!
...Moving on!

(INW) Shisha Vanilla:
This Shisha line has been impressing me! This is a very rich vanilla, and is very strong I only used this at 1%

Flavor Notes