(CAP) Greek Yogurt

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This was a recipe in development and I finally got it where I wanted it. As soon as you inhale the first thing you will get is the granola graham crackers and on the exhale you will find the apples in cinnamon with a creamy greek yogurt and I find it very delicious give this a mix and tell me whatcha think guys

Griechischer Joghurt mit Blaubeeren & einem Schuss Honig

Greek Yoghurt with blueberrys and a touch of Honey

First try at cheesecake....OKAY TESTED nOw - PreTty gOod _ Anyway biscuit is to back up graham crust, yogurt is to back up cheesecake as is cream cheese icing... okay increased the blueberry see if it's better now

So while in Discord talking with friends about different custards I came up with my very own... This is a nice vape off the shake but it will need a minimum 2 weeks of a steep..
The recipe will be dark after the shake but it will get darker and the flavor will enhance with time as all custards will do..
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I've been on a yogurt kick lately and my mission has been to make a mango yogurt. While developing this recipe, I decided to try to add cooling agents after many variations to see if it would benefit the recipe and it definitely did.

The goal was to create a thick creamy yogurt that was slightly tangy and had delicious mango. I settled on using Cap Creamy Yogurt for the body, Cap Greek Yogurt for the extra tang, and VT Yoghurt Base to help make it pop (VT Yoghurt has a slight citrus note).

For the mango, I could have just settled on using the great FLV Mango but decided to add VT Shisha Mango. This combo gave it alot more depth and added more juiciness. I love these paired together.

Now onto the cooling. I decided to add VT Sorbet for the effect. It has a slight citrus note, lemon and lime, that work well with the Mango at helping it pop. The citrus is not noticeable in the mix. I wanted to add a little more cooling without going overboard with it so I settled on FA Polar Blast. It comes out to 1 drop per 10ml. This is chilled and it's definitely not overpowering.

Use sweetener to your liking. I like it with Cap Super Sweet at 0.50%


After many variations, I'm happy to release this.

This is a shake and vape, but the flavors pop after 2-3 days. I primarily use the Recurve, Wasp, Hadaly, Troll RTA, Serpent Mini, and mix it at 70VG. I don't like a real hot vape and usually use a resistance between 0.25 - 0.50

I have not tested this on sub ohm tanks since I don't like them, so I really don't know how this would taste in one.


Once you have a mix that you play with and tweak it ever so slightly and you have a hit you want to share that with the masses and this is one of those recipes.
Wonder Flavors - Island Mango is one of the most juicy flavors I have tried to date and it plays all to well with other flavors..
CAP - Greek Yogurt was entry into the yogurt scene and I have not looked back with it's deep creamy texture within a vape.
Hangsen - Italian Cream was one of the sought after creams in the vape diy world and once it was in our hands we have not looked back.
CAP - Peaches and Creams This was a fluke flavor I found with the help of others..


A cannoli recipe I made for "Mixing in the Kitchen" on Daytime Frank's show. Come watch us every Sunday at 2pm EST on Daytime Franks YouTube channel.


Simple shake and vape Apple yogurt. Not too creamy not too tart. Green apple puts a little sour note in the mix while Dragon Fruit adds a juice or wet mouth feel. Meringue blends the fruits and balances out the Greek Yogurt. I use this recipe for a quick mix when i don't feel like spending too much time mixing or waiting for juice to steep. Add sweetener if you prefer. This is not entirely original as the concepts are borrowed from the mixing community.

A creamy caramel cheesecake with a light coffee note.
This one was hard to balance and I ended up having to beef up the cheesy notes to get the cheesecake flavor to come out. I kept the coffee light, but coffee is such a distinctive flavor it still comes out in the front along with the caramel. I went lighter on the bakery side and brought in some creams to tone down the coffee. Great vape with your morning coffee.

mostly cream and yogurt this has got cherry and black current more as back notes and with pie crust for crunch

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