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(CAP) Grape

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 82 recipes at an average of 3.272%.


7 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This grape candy vape will smack you in the face with sweet grape flavor. I've vaped many grape eliquids and havent found one that matches Purple Moster. I'm not even sure how I came up with this to be honest and I'm not going to lie I just picked up a bunch of stuff I thought would work well together and voila, I came up with this!

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this was one of my favorite sodas as a kid and I wanted too put this in a vape and try it out so I used tfa cola syrup to help with the thickness part of it and tfa champagne to give it that fizziness in the soda and cap grape too help out the bring out that grape soda alil more and also grape juice till fill out the grape soda and give it some depth and with alil koolada in there to make it seem like its sitting in a glass of ice

A match made in heaven is born. The sweetness from the grape really complements the guava and you get it's taste nicely in the back. Added a little e-m to pop the fruits. Super easy to mix. Sweeten to taste but I like my juice sweet. Enjoy.

Really nice sweet fluffy grapemint flavor,love this stuff reminds me of nasty juice asap grape.
Enjoy 💨💨

this is a simple and easy remix of the grape big league chew we all group up loving as a little kid

Mixed this up while watching the latest diyordie inthemix podcast because sometimes Colton gets annoying lol. So whilst patiently waiting for Manson to make another funny I threw this together. I had some old flavorings laying around I had not touched for awhile, some even from my first diy order from Wizard labs a little over a year ago, and a new freebie thanks to chefs which was FW White Grape. When I smelled white grape I thought it could bring a great candy grape profile to the table. After diying now for over a year I've decided to hunker down and come up with recipes for my favorite old b and m mixes from my local area that always loved and were key in keeping me off the cigs. One of those was Purple Worm from a local b and m that was one of the first in my area. It is the delicious grape gummy candy flavor that pops with a birght candy grape with a wet, smooth and sweet background that leans heavily towards being a gummy. So that's what I was shooting for with this profile and though I quite terribly missed that profile it seems I may have nailed a grape jolly rancherish candy. The white grape was obvious since I wanted to try it out being it was new to me. CAP grape was what I settled on between TFA grape candy. These were the only other two grapes I had in my stash and CAP grape smelled and tasted way better than TFA's grape candy (that shit smells and tastes putrid by itself btw). I wanted a gummy candy profile and was about to go for FW Gummi candy but that flavor just misses the mark on gummy, sorry FW. I had some old CAP Blue raspberry cotton candy sitting around and I liked the profile it seemed to put forward. Plus, raspberries are a good pair to grape and blue ones shouldn't matter, right? So I pondered another pairing fruit for grape and strayed off to FW Razzleberry since it also had raspberry and could bring some sweet and tart to the table that could be interesting. So I went with it. It's a good flavor to me, but can come off a little chalky when used too high, but meh, this was a off the cuff mix involving zero prior thought. And that leaves the sweetener because damnit it's a candy recipe so...And I wanted it to wetten things up along with candying the shit out of the recipe. 1.5% was perfect for that.
So yeah, mix it up if your bored and have this crap laying around. It may not be your next adv but it'll definitely make you think Grape Jolly Rancher.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 60 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 2.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 70 / 100

Leans towards the flavor of a white grape juice. Mild flavor, decent wetness. Smells like it has alcohol in it but it the vape doesn't feel like it's high on alcohol.

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