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So I have been having nightmares for the last few months from the release of my Sicily Cheesecake from the Y U No meme dude. He decides to show up right at the last minute screaming Y U No... Y U No... running and staring at me violently with those beady eyes. Once he catchs up to me he stops, pauses and holds those crooked fingers to my face. As I look down on him in fear, I ask what's up my little dude? He is in a frozen state as I jump out of bed from this nightmare screaming Y U No.... Y U no..... Night after night he comes back terrifying me to no end. Then last night it finally came to pass I finally got to hear
the question that has been haunting me for months. Again as I look down on him in fear of what comes next with those beady eyes and crooked fingers he tilts his head up with a deformed smile, begins to say softly Y U No put lime in the Cheese cake as he vanishes back into the darkness.

This tribute recipe was developed from my Sicily Cheesecake that I had released a few months ago. Adapted from Wayne Walkers Cheesecake stones when its right its right dude.... Taking out the lemon and adding the FA Florida key lime puts a twist on this dilcious Cheesecake vape. For that matter you can experiment and add you own fruit or fruit stone to your liking. Enjoy!!!!

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A little late to the show but I thought I'd share what is a pretty great remix of the infamous Lenola cream by kite in clouds.

Tasty strawberries and dark berries,banana,cream and graham crust. This was a pretty simple profile to crack its layers are pretty simple and it doesn't try to be something other than its profile portrays.
If you like the original I feel this should fulfill your requirements without paying a premium, I've kept the flavours simple and they should already be in your arsenal or otherwise easily obtained.

Best between 7-10 days the flavours really then come alive sweet berries and creamy banana with a graham cracker exhale.

Enjoy xx


Rich chocolate and custard bar with coconut graham base layer. Shake and Vape!!!

My Remix/Clone of Liquid State Apple Butter, a juice I've long loved, whose sweetener content left my coils just like my heart-black and rotten. I wanted a similar taste, without all that damned sweetener, and I believe I was able to achieve it. I post very few of my recipes, but I ask you to please try & rate, as it helps us all!

CAP Graham Cracker/TPA Graham Cracker (clear)/FA Apple Pie - This is not so much a crunchy crust, as utilization of the spice notes to construct a contrast to the sweetness of the fruit. It gives the flavor that multidemensional layering that is the key to keeping a vape interesting, for my tastes at least. Don't mind the high % of CAP GC, it just works here.

JF Fuji/TFA Pear/FA Liquid Amber - Nothing to special here besides the JF Fuji. FA fuji never sat well with me, and I would usually mix it 50/50 with CAP Double Apple when pursuing this profile. JF Fuji is much more balanced and moist. Liquid Amber is obvious, just for the cooked/carmelization of the fruits. The Pear brings the sweetness and rounds off the Apple, as well as acting as a bridge with...

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream- An amazing ingredient, one that is a must in any fruit/cream hybrid, used here for it's ability to bring a light vanilla flavor, but not muddy the recipe with too much cream.

DF Clove- I'm putting this in many of my fruit recipes as of late, but it's at home with apple. Again, it provides a counterbalance to the sweetness, helping with the aforementioned multidimensionality. (ok not sure if that's a word but fuck it I'm on my tablet, in the bathtub, after another accidental Ambien @2am)

I sincerely hope you enjoy this!

Peanut Butter sugar cookie. Nice, smooth and creamy..

Peanut Butter sugar cookie. Nice, smooth and creamy..

Saw this recipe pop up on my facebook page as one of those " DIY video and I thought this would make a great mix - I have to give it a go. and I was right -
Juicy lemon/ lemon Sicily - make up the predominate note and combination of the two give you that punch with out taking over the recipe
Graham cracker/ cookie - come out on the back end with a slight sweet graham cracker
Vanilla pudding/ marshmallow - give the main body to the recipe balancing the lemon with sweetness and dense cloudy vapor
that this mix calls for. First time using FLV vanilla pudding in a mix and I can see alot of benefit in using this for mixes that you want to add body in but don't want or like Cap custard.

Whip cream and frosting - used as additives here to for that powder sugar sweetness that ICE box cakes are known for.


this is what I get when I go too the cheesecake factory & its fuckin amazing tasty & creamy with some strawberry syrup on top


This is my clone of Titan by Blue Dot Vapors.

They describe Titan as "a sweet apricot, nectarine torte, finished with the tinyiest touch of candied ginger." That's as good a succinct description as can be given, I think. It's sweet and apricot-forward. The combination of juicy peach and sweet tangerine tastes as much like nectarine as anything else. "Torte" can be used to describe a wide variety of baked desserts, from a huge fluffy cake to a crunchy little tart. And there is just a touch of ginger that indeed tastes candied in combination with the sweet stone fruits and citrus.

Mind the Steep. This is not a recipe for impatient mixers. There's a reason Blue Dot advises you to steep their juice and gives you the option of paying a little extra for a pre-steeped bottle. This stuff needs it. The ginger comes on too strong and there are bitterness and astringency issues that steep out completely, just give it time.

This juice was a joy to recreate because the source material and, after a healthy steep, every version I mixed while trying to copy it, was delicious. If the profile interests you but clone accuracy doesn't really matter, I actually preferred an earlier version that had 3% Apricot, 1.5% Juicy Peach, and 0.75% Sweet Tangerine with the 4% Graham Cracker and 2% Gingerbread. Although the percentages can easily be played around with and make great vapes, I don't think any of the ingredients can be substituted. TFA Graham Cracker Clear might be a better graham cracker for most applications, but it's just too crunchy, not sweet enough, and missing the tiny hint of cinnamon that this needs.

Happy Mixing and Remixing!

well I was in the mood for some pumpkin pie I don't know why but with cap pumpkin pie @1% and tfa pumpkin spice @1% makes a very good pumpkin pie base and the whipped cream is the topping of the pie and cap graham cracker and super cookie makes for a good crust and with tfa Bavarian cream fills in the whipped cream and makes it seems like there is real whipped cream on top which makes for a yummy vape and I could see myself mixing this up for thanksgiving this yr so guys mix this up and enjoy


So I have to eat gluten free which sucks!!! During spring time my local grocery store gets in gluten cheesecake! Yummy, It's always a treat but so damn expensive. So I said WTF why not vape it and enjoy whenever I want. The cheesecake body is credited to Wayne Walker for his knowledge on cheesecake bases. Tweaked a little to my liking. The lemon, the lemon, the lemon ugh!!! I tried them all from Cappella to inw. The best one Imo is FA Lemon Sicily only downside is it doesn't last and fades into the mix but still present after a week. That's why I suggest the 3 day steep to maximize your lemon addiction which is at its peak balance with TPA Vbic. Now you all are probly wondering about the almond. Well the almond.. this particular cheesecake uses crushed almonds in the bottom base crust. FA Almond is used at a very low percentage in the mix to give a subtle almond nuttiness to keep the authentic taste of this particular cheesecake that keeps me coming back for more. In closing the meme is just a inside joke for me because it reminds me of those old dirty ghetto bastards I have to stand behind in line at the grocery store just so I can get my cheesecake fix. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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