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(CAP) Graham Cracker V2

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Warm baked apple pie straight out of the oven from yo mama on thanksgiving and Christmas

Another cookies N cream. This is pretty good right off the rip, but benefits from a week steep like most recipes with cream. Tried at first with CAP GCV1 but it wasnt that great, you think V1 would be better but , with this recipe its alot better with V2. If you dont have V2, V1 will work but, doesnt carry what it needs from V1. Hope yall enjoy!

This recipe is alittle different from the original worked with a different crust on this one.
My Thought Process on this recipe was trying to capture the sweet custardy layer along with the crucnchy sugar layer, and that graham cracker/and cake layer at the bottom , this is a derived version from my original and i dropped both versions at the same time to get the peoples opinion on the differences I like this version as it is closer to what I was looking for... But taste is subjective right.... 😉
Diy mixers crew Youtube

I felt it was time to give my BBCC Remake some new life so I reevaluated my flavor profile with some different flavors.

I chose :
TPA BB XTRA and CAP BB/POM w/stevia as my fruitstone I liked how the blueberries and pomegranate played nicely together the POM gave the blueberries that extra brightness I was looking for.

Discord: DIY Mixers Crew

Also on that note I placed CAP Cheesecake, DF Custard and TPA Vanilla Swirl in the same layer as my cheesecake base, and it worked wonderfully even has that lemony smooth velvety cheesecake mouthful we all love so much.

And finally finished the whole recipe off with CAP Graham Cracker V2....

Once mixed and shaken and vaped the recipe was very good right off the bat... A week or two should really let those fruit berries and creamy cheesecake filling come out.....

Just imagine yourself in the kitchen with your grandma cutting apple's, than mixing the brown sugar & cinnamon in a bowl until there nice and coated in much love than poor all that in pan, drip over some caramel and cinnamon crackers than throw it in the oven and let it cook too juicy goodness and enjoy that's what this taste like mix it up and enjoy best at 70/30 and I would like too give a big thanks & shout out to germygermygerm for the idea of this recipe and he gave me some tips and pointers on where to start

This is a remixx of Adore's "Banana Bondage." Allow this this to steep for over a week to get a full flavor.


A banana pudding dessert with toffee syrup... This is still a work in progress


I have yet too try my hand at a cinnamon crunch yet guys but I'm gonna give it a shot and I would love feedback if you guys like this and give it a star or thumbs up

A creamy and smooth vape to calm even the saltiest of attitudes. This salted caramel cheesecake is a joint effort of patience and dealing with criticism by people who dont understand flavorings.

My favorite cream and fruit candies from when I was a kid. This recipe was a complete accident. I was trying to create a strawberry cheesecake, but after mixing and letting it steep, it became this blast from the past!

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