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(CAP) Graham Cracker

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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This is a Graham Cracker Cereal and Milk.
For the cereal/graham layer i went with a combination of FW graham cracker at 2% for a nice amount of body from the cracker and backed it up with CAP graham cracker for a little bit of the cinnamon cracker note and just to round out the "graham". With CAP Cereal 27 to bend it towards a cereal and some FLV toffee to add some nuance at .5% really helps the graham cracker out.

I used a layer for the milk as suggested to me by Jennifer Winstead and since i trust her x1000 i used her suggestions for a good "cereal milk" and added my graham cereal layer to it.

This is a remix of a famous
flavourshot from ChefsFlavours uk.

Mexican Styled Fried Vanilla Ice Cream

A sweet vanilla ice-cream inhale and a cereal exhale with hints of cinnamon & almond, bringing all the flavours together with the added taste of coconut.

This is my take on a deep fried Cinnamon sugar dusted churro with vanilla ice cream finished with a caramel drizzle, it’s a recipe I’ve been toying with for a couple of weeks and finally feel it’s exactly where I want it. It delivers on all aspects of the profile and is extremely satisfying and even more so moorish! If your a fan of doughnut/ice cream/desert profiles then don’t sleep on this one as the feed back I’ve had from my customers have been excellent so far. Give it a mix and if you enjoy my work please be so kind to leave a short review and rating for all to see. Happy mixing guys and gals and stay safe. 💙


it needs a few days to turn into a awesome somewhat tart blueberry lemony cheesecake I hope you all enjoy my first recipe here any feed back is welcomed

In the year 1984..I was born!!! A few months later I stopped eating and started to develop jaundice🤕. My Mother tried everything in her power to get me to eat so I could survive...but I refused😣.

I was on death's door, ready to return back into the cold black abyss that we all come from.

But then........something happened y'all! A man was sent back in time from the future (the machines became self-aware AHHHHHGEAYEAHUH). His only mission was to save my life.

This man was dressed in all black! Black jeans, black button-up shirt, black cowboy hat........and emminating luxurious clouds of pure vapor from his pores........Ceaselessly! He drops a blue Velvet handbag on the ground next to my Mom's feet and this is what he said......

'Get your son to hit this if you want him to live....DO IT NOW!!!!!'

Without hesitating my Mom dumps everything in the bag onto the ground. A 120ml of Mother's Milk (0mg btw, no minors 21+) and a full solid silver MRN 21700 series stacked running a Twisted Messes TM30 .4 SS aliens: fresh wick/primed/ready to go..rolled towards her. She stared into the diamond eyes on the Skull engraved in that Shimmery piece of Silver for a moment, and then carefully puts the drip tip up to my little baby mouth pressing the Fire button in absolute Despair!!! As the first cloud exits my infant lungs, my Mom screams: 'DAMN, MY BOY CAN VAPE!!!!?!'

👶🤗I went on to chain about 10mls of Mother's Milk, with every pull my yellow skin slowly turned back to normal🤗👶.

we still don't know who that man was to this day, and will probably never know........but I have the feeling that I'll see him again one day real soon........

Artwork by my Mom(tattoo)


Graham Crackers, drenched in Sweet Milk!

Using (CAP) Graham Cracker at 3% & (TPA) Graham Cracker Clear at 4% creates a crunchy texture with slight hints of Cinnamon.
The (CAP) Sugar Cookie at 5% fills out the Graham Cracker, while also providing some softness to the center of the Graham Cracker.
(TPA) Dulce De Leche at 2% is just little enough to pull out the Milk, and paired with (FA) Custard Premium at 4% helps boost the Vanilla & Caramel notes both from the (CAP) Graham Cracker & Dulce De Leche, and at the same time helps add sweetness and a nice silky mouthfeel to the Milk.
Feel free to adjust your desired ratio of (CAP) Super Sweet.

RESULT: Crunchy Graham Crackers, with a sweet Milky finish.

I can't seem to put this one down. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Mein Versuch am Crumble Berry Aroma von Red Dragon

My try to go for the Crumble Berry Aroma by Red Dragon

Die beliebte Einhorn Milch jetzt mit Blaubeeren neu interpretiert!

Famous Unicorn Milk remixed with blueberry instead!

Mein Rezept zum beliebten Unicorn Milk Liquid

My take on the famous Unicorn Milk

Super delicious Strawberry Cheesecake! At least 1 week steep time needed. The Strawberry can also be subbed for other fruits of your liking like Blueberry to make other delicious Cheesecakes. I had an amazing Blubry version using 9% TFA Blueberry Candy and 3% FW Blueberry but TFA completely changed their Blueberry Candy concentrate and it now splits and has a chalky taste in any recipes it's used in making it useless which sucks, not sure why they ruined it. I have Sugar Daddy listed as the sweetener which is fine used alone but I actually use my own sweetener mixture which is made up of 12oz's Regular Sugar Daddy, 2oz's CAP Super Sweet, & 2oz's TFA Sweetener shaken together in a 16oz bottle... I use that as the sweetener in all of my mixtures... Thanks, CloudyMotherChucker

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