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(CAP) Golden Pineapple

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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It's the end of winter. I hope this is the last cold day in NYC. Here's to the summer.

I also said I'd be delving into fruits so here's another one.

My clone of Naked's Hawaiian POG. This is not 100% there but it is close.

I originally used FW blood orange but found it too top heavy and hard to balance, it either gets lost or gets weird. FA orange was on my shelf so I gave that a go in this version and it sits perfectly here. The recipe is built around CAP sweet guava and wow what a nice flavor it is. The FA orange is sweet, not really tart and doesn't get in the way of the passion fruit being all tart/sour and what not. I am having a hard time putting this one down. That lil bit of TFA marshmallow goes a long way taming the passion fruit and getting rid of some of the sharp edges.

Golden Pineapple just adds to the tropical vibe and without it there had seemed to be something missing, even though you don't really taste pineapple here.

This is version 2 for me after about 5-6 variations, can't say that i want to change anything about this because it's really damn good.

Another shake and vape for sure.

I am officially delving into fruits. I literally vape creams/desserts 99.5% of the time, meanwhile fruits are the largest and most neglected part of my flavor collection.

Wanted to make something with my INW peach and she's the star here. I browsed through my flavor bible and saw that bourbon/whiskey is a good pairing for peach. Needed a couple other fruits for body/contrast so I thought a small amount of papaya would add depth and play well with the whiskey. Lastly, the pineapple is here for its sweetness/tartness and it pushes all the fruits down into the body of the recipe. This allows the whiskey to shine in the top notes/exhale.

Feel free to bring whiskey up to 2% if you want it boozier.

Certified shake and vape but I give it a day or two to homogenize a bit.


This is a pretty authentic mountain dew type soda. It may not be name brand but it is very close. Great refreshing pop. I have had this recipe on elr for quite some time but ID10-T suggested I move it here so his lazy ass can link it better ha ha.

A mix to clone and alter Naked POG, mixed with a little Paradise. Tasting after 1 day, velocity with. 15 alien single coil at 90 watts. Pineapple comes through good with out being overpowering, goes well with the guava. Compared to the Naked POG it's somewhat less sweet. Should try with a little orange.

this is completely so yummy that I cant stop vaping it and I have too keep making bottles & bottles of it its so good ppl mix this up and enjoy!


So this is my attempt at a clone of Betty by Pinup Vapors. It is a sweet fruity vape and changes with temp, build, and wattage. It is an extremely complex recipe and trying to recreate it was a hard task as taste is subjective and the flavor keeps changing as you vape it. Give this a shot and let me know what you think if you have had the original.

Fa - Oba Oba - This is where the magic happens of the flavors changing. By its self it is just a weird flavor but with all of these fruits it for some reason picks and chooses what you taste.

Fa Blackcurrant/Forrest Fruit - This is a great combo and could be a mix on its own. The sweetness of both of these help boost the entire profle and are the main notes or what you may taste most in this mix.

Cap Golden pineapple / Pina colada - This is what gives that nice pina colada flavor in this mix you may taste just the pinapple but then you may taste that pina. This is the middle note or what you will taste some times when the time is right and the mix says you need a change of pace.

Cap Sweet Mango /Sweet Strawberry - This is the least prominent flavor in this profile or at least what I tasted the least of. You sometimes get a mango vape sometimes a strawberry sometimes both of them together. Some people including myself have a strong taste for mango AKA can taste it in the juice no matter what. If you feel like this is you crank that down to 1% or lower if your tasting a strong mango and your not a fan of the Mangos.

TFA Marshmallow- Strictly to add the mouthfeel and make this feel more like a full vape.

Cap Super sweet- This can range from .5% to 1% depending on how sweet you like your stuff and if you want to change your coils every day.. I recommend the half a percent but i dont like cleaning coils every day and it is plenty sweet for me but as always you may find you want more sweetness.

Pineapple, Banana flavored juice. Good as a shake and vape, but gets better with a few days steep.


ID10-T's strap on, loaded with cream. A penis-colada, if you will.
The triacetin lubes it up nicely & helps it go down easy.

I was asked to make a vape by a friend that resembled an age old UK candy called Fruit Salad - Not ever being a fan of the candy made it a fairly difficult proposition, even though I could remember what they tasted like from like 35 years ago which was probably the last time I tried one. Apparently I nailed it on the first attempt and this is now my most requested juice by friends and colleagues. I never liked the candies... because I don't like candy, never have, but I like this juice :-)

The base is provided by the Vanilla Swirl, Butter Cream and Sweet Cream. It's kind of a creamy/fruity candy.

The main profile is and always has been a pineapple and raspberry blend. I borrowed the core of this profile from another recipe on reddit, but apologies, it was so long ago I don't remember who it was to be able to give credit to. Something to do with bubblegum maybe?

To round everything off and give it that juicy vibe, Cactus is doing what it does.

Sweetened up and making things pop is CAP Jelly Candy with a little EM.

I hope you enjoy this refreshing fruity vape as much as my friends do.

My goal on this was to get the tart notes of the golden pineapple to come out a little more, with the tartness and sweetness of the kiwi I think I nailed it. The pineapple is one of those fruits that tend to pop after a 12-24 hour steep, and I dont think I have that long for this to set so I made some adjustments to where it was good on the shake. Upon vaping of it I am getting the tart and sweet combined from the fruit combination. I am sure in time it will turn out to be pretty good in some other blends, but for now this will have to work. Exhaling slowly will undoubtedly give you the sensation of the pineapple. Vaping this on my SMPL tube mod, parallel dual sitting at .10 ohms in an alliance rda.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 1

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