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(CAP) Golden Butter

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: butter simple smooth

Used in 1695 recipes at an average of 0.777%.


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This is the first batch I have mixed up. I will see how it goes and add notes after steep.

Good old apple tart heavy crust apple filling and a nice buttery smooth finish


Sweet jammy strawberries and whipped cream on top of a lightly buttered yellow cake.

JF Yellow Cake is the base for the cake and Cap Golden Butter is used to give just a touch of butter and moistness you get from those delicious little cakes.

Though traditionally you use fresh strawberries I wanted to get a a bit of a sweet and syrupy flavor out of the strawberries alone with fresh INW Shisha Strawberry does a wonderful job of the syrup/sweeter strawberry and CAP Sweet Strawberry brings up just a touch of fresh strawberry into the mix.

TFA Vanilla Swirl and FA Whipped Cream brings a nice fluffy vanilla creamy flavor to top everything off.

This is a solid sweet cookie biscuit. that has a nice buttery cookie taste with some dark sugary notes

Ok. First of all. All these flavourings are listed at Sydneyvapours. So this is a entry for the #DIYDOWNUNDERSeptemberCHALLENGE

And now to my thoughts.

I wanted to make something with peppermint in it, since it’s getting colder outside. At least here in Denmark 🇩🇰

  • Cap sugar cookie is my go to cookie base at the moment. And at 6% it’s sits nicely where I want it. Gives me a good cookie flavor.

  • Fa Jamaica Rum fits perfectly in any bakery’s. It’s not that heavy on the booze, but gives The Whole cookie some spice, that I really enjoy and with the...

  • Cap Golden butter it creates this nice buttery rum cookie.

  • Cap Cinnamon Danish swirl is there to boost the spice notes of the rum, and to give the whole mix a touch of cinnamon. Jamaican rum, butter and cinnamon goes hand in hand. And that’s a fact 😉

  • Cap peppermint. This is where the winter comes in. It’s not overpowering. It’s just there. A Slight cooling on the inhale , and a Sweet peppermint tastes on the exhale. And with the butter rum cookie it creates a sweet yet spicy bakery to enjoy on a cold winter day.


  • Joe Roots

A rich and delectable mix of ripe bananas and creamy cheesecake with a bunch of various notes thrown in.

this is a home made sweet gooyee caramel popcorn ball
The popcorn by VT needed some support as the texture was pretty weak on it so the cereal 27 has a sweet corn flake texture which help support that corn note with some texture the WF Honey peanut is perfect in this application adding some additional sweetness and texture to the mix

The WF caramel butter and FLV butterscotch work to create the buttery sweet caramelized note that you would get form an actual homemade caramel popcorn ball

The OOO vanilla marshmallow is the glue that hold this mix together and blends the flavors together adding some additional sweetness and vanilla top notes

Add Sweetner to taste while this does have some inherit sweetness I added FLV Sweetness 0.5% as that mimics what the real popcorn balls are like

Learn more about mixing here:
Have you tried this recipe?! let me know what you think

The inspiration of this flavour is an all time favourite of mine from the bakery, A scrumptious morning tea treat that is the Bee Sting.

So far i think I've gotten the creamy filling worked out and the sweetness of the topping but i'm lacking the roasted nut top.
I've found that RF Baked bread has given this mix that baked note and parted a slight breadiness to it.
The TFA Brown Sugar gives a nice caramelised sugar sweetness that i'm enjoying.
I've used Cap Sweet Cream and Golden Butter to try and create that thick creaminess of the filling and the addition of TFA Honey imparts a nice floral note.

i will be continuing to develop this further as i'm able to, in the hope i can create something magical.

this mix will need 2 maybe even 3 weeks steep for the flavours to come through just right

A mouth watering blueberry butter cookie.

Since first getting FW Blueberry I knew that I wanted to find a way to use it to its full potential. In my single flavour test I found it to be a very bright and fresh flavour that was very Morrish.

I knew from previous trials that JF Boysenberry was a very juicy flavour and I'm not disappointed in how it's rounded off the Blueberry and given it a wetness.

Although the CAP Sugar Cookie would of been fine by itself I wanted to up the ante a bit and try for a butter cookie profile.

I was aiming to get as close as possible to my wife's old family recipe and once again I'm not disappointed with the result.

I find that the CAP Golden Butter adds a certain fullness to the mix and brings the other flavours together.

This vape goes well with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

My only regret with this mix is not making a bigger batch as I'm going through it like nothing else.

Edit: After retesting a steeping batch increased steep time to 14 days.

After two weeks the Blueberry has developed nicely but to me the cookie has dropped back so i've increased it to 3%

This is an apricot cheesecake recipe,probably with a stupid name.i mixed it and forgot it for a couple of weeks,so i can't really say if this works as a snv.i guess it doesn't,it really needs at least a week of steeping,but in 2 weeks that it was tested it tastes fine

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