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(CAP) Gingerbread

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Elevenses....Honey snap biscuits

A short break for light refreshments usually with tea or coffee,taken at about eleven o'clock in the morning.

This is the perfect vape for that mid morning coffee break but feel free to vape this anytime. Delicious warming ginger baked biscuits coated in sticky honey. Everyone deserves a break relax and enjoy.


Cap sugar cookie

Doesn't need much of a write up for this one everyone knows this is the staple for a great cookie/biscuit base it ouses flavour,has versatility and presence.

Inw biscuit

Again another great bakery flavour but with different properties. Pair it with cap sugar cookie and it transforms it giving it more bite,a deeper bakery flavour and some added texture and butter.

Cap gingerbread

By far the best gingerbread out there it does what it says and is all that's required for the ginger. It pairs so well with cap sugar cookie without bullying it.

Cap vanilla custard

A biscuit needs a little vanilla it steps it up a level turning a bland biscuit into one you want to go back to. The custard also binds the mix together we need some egg and this fits the part.

Fw butterscotch ripple

This combines in two ways it gives the biscuit some creamy elements without using a cream. It also adds some much needed brown sugar without using such ingredient. We need some sugar to glaze the honey.

Fa honey

I've tried many a honey and none really work but then I came to love fa honey it's perfect and if used correctly will transform a bakery. This at 0.25% is perfect it's well balanced has great presence without overkill. It's not fighting anything but you notice it's there. It totally glazes the biscuit and combines well with the butterscotch.

Fa cinnamon Ceylon

It had to be added just to give the biscuit more spice and warmth . A little goes a long way here but again it works in harmony with the gingerbread. A truly delightful pairing.

Fa meringue

Nothing completes a biscuit more than meringue it adds a little sweet powdered sugar without using any other sweeteners.

Enjoy xx



After getting involved with the DIY_EJUICE Monthly Clone Challenge, I ordered some Titan from the good people at Blue Dot Vapors. Upon trying it, I feel it taste very similar to Amalfi by Bigglesworth Labs, which I've been working on cloning for quite some time. Titan definitely has a lovely spice on the finish of the exhale, whereas Amalfi is more jam-like and consistent across the vape.

I've had a multitude of Amalfi clones, and recently been taking it in my own direction. Once I tried Titan, I simply removed FW Tres Leches and replaced it with CAP Gingerbread. I also excluded FA Liquid Amber. I'll tell ya what, even fresh, this tastes like it's going in the right direction. Although I obviously haven't had a chance to see how it steeps, based on the previous iteration I expect it to be as delicious if not moreso, as the Gingerbread really adds the extra dimension of flavor.

INW/FA Apricot- I must say I'm a big fan of LA Apricot, but FA seems a bit tangier, juicier, and punches through longer during the exhale. INW lends that soft, almost peach-like quality.

FA Torrone/Almond/Meringue- While I used TPA Almond in my Amalfi attempts initially, FA's offering is less sweet and seems to be a bit more "musty" which works well in bakeries. The Torrone adds almond as well, as well as a citrus zest that helps the Apricots poke through. Also when combined with FA Meringue, it steeps into a beautiful sweetness that seems intrinsic rather than sitting on top of the other flavors.

FA Tanger- While this is a new addition to this recipe, I don't really know how it will play out during a steep. A bit forward at the moment, but definitely well in the ballpark and adds a nice zing to the Apricots. This may end up being reduced to .75%.

AP/TFA Vanilla Cupcake/JF Yellow Cake- This was my base for Amalfi (+FW Tres Leches 1%) and seems to be a fine fit here. Initially, I used FructoseWild's Yellow Cake, but changed to JF because even though I don't mind, others may not wish to consume that concentrate. TFA beats CAP Van Cupcake with a little extra sweetness, and a shorter steep time. I feel the AP helps with seperating the layers of flavors, so fruit over bakery instead of fruit + bakery x blender= bleh.

CAP Gingerbread- Again, a new part of the recipe that, at least fresh, seems like it will be in the right direction.

DISCLAIMER- This is not meant to be an outright clone, just a modification on a similar recipe. That, and my tastebuds are like that Turkish neighbor of yours that wears sunglasses at night, buys large amount of black trash bags, and drives a Chrysler Sebring convertible...AKA on the Not To Be Trusted List. If you people knew what I put my tastebuds through...


Smooth. Heavenly. Rich. Creamy. Spreadable Speculoos bliss. It's so good once it hits the lips. This is my take on those jars of ridiculous cookie butter. It's not spot on, but it is damn delicious.


I've been looking for a really good gingerbread or a yorkshire parkin for a long time and anything i created or mixed came up short so i was at a car boot sale (yard sale for americans ? ) and a tramp (hobo) offered me a time machine for a hit on my xcube 2 ( i know too many brackets right ? apparently an xcube 2 looks like a crack pipe to an addict with a time machine ) Anyway ive been f'd over many times when it comes to time machines but i had a day's holiday the next day so i thought whatever .

I set the time machine to 1000 years in the future but it looked pretty grim (lots of brackets ) so 2000 years i wen......t to the land of the crab people , now i know what your gonna say " I fucking knew it !! crab people were gonna take over one day !! and yes they do rule the world 2000 years in the future and humans are extinct but you've got to admit we are massive knobheads (dickheads) so its no great surprise .. anyway lucky for me the crab people are big vape fiends and lovers of gingerbread(and brackets )
and with my four fingers and thumb i soon proved myself to be a valuable member of their society with their war against the lobster people and all ...

so they were good enough to give me theses notes

Capella Gingerbread - The best of all ginger flavours surely ? not perfect but undeniably gingerbread

FA - Metaphor - I really think this is stupidly underrated ! at low percentages it makes an amazing lemon icing and higher percentages airy cakes .

DFS - Holy Vanilla - Really is worth the hype , so creamy and tasty at any percentage .

Cap - Yellow Cake - Wasn't expecting much from this at all but it really is a cake changer for me , delicious doughy cake without black coils ....

Cap - Horchata - I ordered this randomly not knowing what it actually was but i knew i was gonna like it and even at this low percent and been totally out of place i really think it adds something to this recipe .

Crab people rule !!!!


Ok Christmas time love it or hate it you still can't help getting into the spirit it's when the coffee house's especially start competing with each other. They love bringing us limited edition seasonal beverages so why should us vapers miss out?? Then fear not let me introduce to you gingerbread latte. Forget the hustle and bustle and relax,slip on them slippers light that fire and take a moment out.
This flavour really does relax you it's something a little different it's warming and relaxing and it did take some development to create that perfect coffee flavour that alot of us struggle to create especially with the coffee aromas we have to work with.



JF cappuccino

This flavour is perfect here it just works it's definitely not an in your face coffee it's alot more mellow and doesn't leave that lingering burnt aroma and taste often found with other flavourings. It's creamy malty present is something that fits the bill when wanting a latte. It's not a strong flavour and 4% works well for the Base without overpowering or allowing other flavours to mute it.

Capella gingerbread

Capella did a good job with this flavour it does get weird if you go to high but here it blends well and gives the coffee that ginger syrup we are looking for. It is basically a bakery but it disguises itself very well and mimmicks what it intended to. It's not over spicy and it takes on that seasonal aroma....perfect!!!

Fa creme fresh/ capella French vanilla

These 2 is the milk the latte in harmony they work together very well they make an excellent milky Base. You have the freshness of the cream and the French vanilla adds some additional creamer.

Tfa marshmallow

Who doesn't like marshmallow imagine this is the froth the creamy part on top of the latte it finishes of the cream flavours perfectly and acts like a glue between the coffee and cream.

Tfa brown sugar

It's there for sophistication if you have a posh coffee you don't dump white sugar in it.

Merry Christmas and enjoy xx

Well folks the Holidays are upon us and I have been working on this profile for over a month. This is my best representation of Gingerbread Cookies. The combination of Cap Sugar Cookie, FW Graham Cracker, and TFA Butter create that cookie base with a hint of cinnamon. The Cap Gingerbread is a great flavoring that plays with the hint of cinnamon very well and is in here for obvious reasons. Cap Toasted Almond I feel brings authenticity to the flavor profile and TFA Sucralose sweetens the recipe as a whole. This vape would pair very well with many holiday beverages such as egg nog, boiled custard & spiced rum, or a cider. I really hope you all enjoy this recipe, if so comment and rate it. Thanks!!!!


UPDATE - If you mixed this before 8PM GMT 25/11/2016 you may need to adjust the lemon as I had put 0.01% instead of 0.1% in error when transfering it from Draft.

My personal take on one of my favorite festive treats. Lebkuchen is traditionally a sweet soft fluffy "cookie" resembling gingerbread which is typically available around the Christmas festive season. It originates from Germany and it's something I've found available in the UK supermarkets over the last few years and is one thing that I am unable to resist every year as soon as they pop up.

They typically contain ground almonds, ginger, cinnamon, a light layer of chocolate on one side, either lemon or orange juice & zest (I found lemon to be the better option in my recipe) and a light icing sugar glaze.

A few notes:

CAP Chocolate Glazed Doughnut / FA Cookie - adds a bit of volume and a cake quality, it's not harsh in the slightest and it also compliments the Milk Chocolate to some degree.

FA Lemon Sicily - it's at a ridiculously low percentage so if you're making a small batch, this may be tricky especially if mixing by weight. To figure out roughly how many drops would give me my 0.1% I think I needed it 0.02g and my scales aren't quite sensitive enough until a bit more weight is on them. I put a small cutting of tissue on my scales, tared them, then dripped drops until it would read a weight, I then divided the weight/drops to figure out roughly how many I would need to get the 0.01%. This is key though, too much extra lemon and it throws this recipe off, its supposed be a really low subtlety in this mix.

TPA Toasted Marshmallow - this mixes with the milk chocolate and doughnut to give it quite a creamy sweetness.

CAP Super Sweet - If you have just regular Sucralose / Sweetener - double this to 1.6 % (or to taste)

I don't think the other ingredients really need much explanation for their inclusion as they are what they are, 7 day steep, 5 at the bare minimum, some of these flavors are pretty bold right off the bat so they need time to settle down or you're going to have a bad time. I hope you enjoy it and it can help you get into the spirit of Christmas.


So I wanted to create a perfect rhubarb and custard it really is one of my favourite desserts that sweet tart rhubarb and rich creamy custard really is the perfect combination. I did however put a slight twist on this simple dessert, I really like the outcome and I hope you do to.
From the first vape you get the rhubarb with that creamy custard but the banknotes of what I added give it fresh flavour. It really does leave you wanting more and more.


Cap Vanilla Custard v1

This is the king of custards you really don't need to be told here it's the perfect flavour the Base that forms the rest of the recipe. 4.5% was perfect in this recipe I didn't want it to custard heavy I wanted the rest of the flavours to shine through while the custard still played it's part without taking over.

INW Rhubarb

I've only just got this flavour and boy was it worth the wait inawera really nailed this profile. It's crisp fresh bright maybe a little earthy maybe slightly sour but rhubarb is somewhat. Now this flavour is strong go to high and it completely takes over not in a good way it gets to bitter.0.5% is perfect it sits there nicely and does its told. You might think at such a low percentage it won't work but on the inhale it's the first flavour you notice and it lingers throughout which is where I wanted it.

FA Bergamot / FA mandarin

This is part of the twist alongside the ginger which we'll talk about later. The mandarin and bergamot work with the rhubarb they kind of infuse the rhubarb and take it to another level. The bergamot is the rhine of the Orange kind of a zest while the mandarin plays the juice it's a very bright sweet juices orange that creates that effect, a very natural orange. The rhubarb and orange combination works really well together you notice the notes deep into the recipe and I'm really glad I found this combination.

Capella gingerbread

This again is a twist it goes well again with cooked rhubarb and it also works well and melds into the custard. It sits in the background and you'll notice the gingerbread in the exhale. It gets interesting without turning anything weird it really makes you want more. I really wanted an authentic ginger for this part but gingerbread was all I had it was a shot in the dark but it works and ties in the rhubarb and the custard.

FA Fresh Cream / FA Marshmallow / Tfa French Vanilla Creme

These 3 are the players for the custard mix you could probably get away with just using vanilla custard v1 and be done with but that's boring we want a custard with more depth. Let's add some fresh cream it's a great diary flavour that will cream up the custard without weighing it down but will add texture. We want an extra boost of vanilla in the custard like adding vanilla pods so let's add some French vanilla deluxe. It does what it says it's a pure vanilla yes it's got cream but who cares this will do the custard wonders. We have added vanilla but without adding any additional eggyness perfect! . The marshmallow is the glue it ties the custard together it adds some additional sweetness.


I feel it needs just 1% you don't cook rhubarb without adding sugar it's the magic that takes away the sharpness from the rhubarb. It just wouldn't work without it.

So there's the notes mix this up you won't regret it. There are various subs you can use to create a similar profile or you can really strip this recipe back and make a completely simple version.

Flavor Notes