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(CAP) Gingerbread

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Mixin Vixen entry 9/9. Banana smoothie with whipped cream and gingerbread.

This recipe does NOT contain strawberry! This is a ginger bread blondie with maple, or a ginger blondie, hence the name!

When I was a guest on Mixin Vixens the profile was a maple nut blondie. I mixed one up. It was pretty tasty. But Emily suggested the brilliant idea of doing a ginger blondie since I am coocoo for ginger! So, challenge accepted! V1 was good enough to share and post.

CAP Gingerbread: The perfect starting point for a ginger-based bakery. It's sweet and spicy and fits in the profile perfectly.
FLV Ginger Snap: Continues to build on the ginger and provides some dark molasses notes to complement the maple.
TFA Butter and Brown Sugar Extra: These are the components of a blondie that replace the chocolate and turns a brownie into a blondie.
FA Cookie/JF Yellow Cake/CAP Cake Batter: Together these make up the base of the blondie. Like a brownie, a blondie is a little bit cake and a little bit cookie. When I want to add a hint of gooey-ness to a bakery I like to add a bit of cake batter to the mix. These 3 flavors work nicely together to provide a solid blondie base. Without them it would just be a ginger snap type vape.
FA Maple Syrup: This is our maple flavor. It works perfectly. It's delicious and provides sweetness and depth. Plus the room note is wonderful. Expect compliments on how good your vape smells!
TFA Bavarian Cream: This blends it all together, keeps it from being too dry, and supports the maple a bit.

I get just a touch of cinnamon with this as is. It is quite good and works well in the profile. However, for me personally, as always, I want MORE GINGER! I feel like that bit of cinnamon is trying to compete with my ginger. I plan to make 2 more versions of this; one with 0.5% FLV Ginger and one with 0.5% HS Ginger. I will update later with the one I like best with it added as an optional flavor.

As for steeping: It's good the next day. But FA Maple tends to build with time. It shows up nice and strong around day 5. But it's still a bit on the dry side. By day 10 or 11 the dryness is gone. So if you want this to be at its best, give it a good ten days in a dark place and you won't be disappointed!

This is my take on a cream puff for the Mixin Vixens contest.

The Pastry Shell-The Croissant was used to add flakiness to the pastry shell. The Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Gingerbread help to add a little bit more density to it.

The Filling-I used a combination of Butter Cream, Cream and the Vanilla Sugar Daddy to add a sweet and creamy filling. If I had more time I may have tried to add some sort of whipped ingredient to lighten it up a bit but it has been a hectic week lol.

I also used the Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Gingerbread to add the layer of cinnamon and spice to it.

Toucan Sam finally reached his breaking point! He couldn't take the pressure of show biz anymore. For years he held his beak and wouldn't say what was really on his mind. Those fruity circles had drove him to madness. He cracked over wondering "What kind of fruits are in these fucking circles?". He started drinking heavy and the stress got the best of him. He ended it all with a bullet to the head. All the years of eating those delicious fruit circles had turned his brain into the very thing that drove him to depression and madness. Now you can taste what was on his mind with ...Sad Sam Circles.

Ok, ok, I know, it's corny. But, this has been a serious journey into making a great "Froot Loops" cereal vape. I can't remember how long it's been since I've had Froot Loops but taste memory is so strong, I still remember what it taste like. My quest for a better "Froot Loops" vape started with vaping Looper by ANML. And to be honest I wasn't impressed. I got weird off notes from it and tried to clone it to make it better but I didn't seem to get there. I also purchased Kilo's Cereal Milk. This was a lot better but it still didn't quite do it for me. It had too much of an orange note that I didn't care for. So I decided to create my own to fit my tastes in a "Froot Loops" vape.

Most mixers will start with a fruit circles flavoring as their base. With most of these I get a weird lemon pledge note that I just did not enjoy, so I decided to build my own cereal base.

The Cereal:
I have recently re-discovered CAP Gingerbread. It's a very versatile flavoring for all sorts of bakeries and cereals. It adds a soft chewy ginger cookie when used at higher percentage and at lower percentages a nice sweet soft bakery with hints of ginger. When paired with JF Biscuit, it transforms into a nice cereal base and without the "lemon Pledge" note.

The milk:
I tried several different milk bases including combinations of OOO cream milky undertones, FA meringue, FA cream Fresh, and FA Milk. I settled on FA Milk and FA Meringue. It seems to have the best sugary sweet creamy milk I was going for. I also added CAP Vanilla Custard to give the milk an almost condensed milk note to add some thickness and body to the milk.

The "Froot":

As I mentioned, Cereal Milk by Kilo was a pretty tasty eliquid, however, I didn't like the orange note in the juice. So I decided not to add any orange and base my "Froot" on just the lemon. FE Lemon was the obvious choice. To me, it's the best lemon out there that has the least off notes and will not fade as bad as the others. At .75% it is spot on for what I was shooting for.

The sweetness level might be a little high for some. I did try it without sweetener and it seemed to lack vibrancy. If you like less sweet vapes, I would suggest only using .25% CAP Super Sweet. But .5% worked for me.

Steep time is best at 1 week to let the CAP Vanilla Custard bloom but 2-3 days is good as well.

I hope people that love cereal vapes will mix this and see how close I've gotten to a "Froot Loops". Any comments, reviews, good or bad is welcomed. It makes us all better mixers. :)
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This is essentially a spiced-cookie butter custard . . . it's involved . . . there's a lot going on here. This is the closest that I've been able to get to the flavor of cookie butter. I'm not at all ashamed that it uses 900 (some relatively hard to come by) concentrates. For real . . . just order them from the UK.


Oatmeal Cream Pie. This was a recipe based on one of my guilty pleasures. I love Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies! The fluffy sweet cream smashed between two soft, chewy oatmeal cookies takes me back to one of my simple pleasures as a child.

When thinking about this profile, one would think the starting point would be some sort of oat or oatmeal flavoring. But as some of you may know from some of my other recipes, I rarely go the traditional route. As I was doing research,(after a empty box of Little Debbies) I realized that one of the main notes I was getting was ginger. So, that's where I started. This profile is best described as a chewy, ginger spiced, oatmeal cream pie.

The oatmeal cookie:
I wanted to see if I could bend CAP Gingerbread into a soft, chewy oatmeal cookie. Now I'm not sure if it's 100% authentic, but it's pretty damn close! I'm also relying on the power of suggestion in this recipe. And believe you me, the power of suggestion is real!

CAP Gingerbread is one of the most underutilized flavorings in my opinion. It has a very slight cinnamon note that fades to the background pretty quickly. It absolutely has a ginger spice that holds through the entire vape. It has a wonderful soft, chewy texture that reminds me of a soft oatmeal cookie and that's why I used it in this mix. I added FA Cookie at .5 % to add a bit more of a dark cookie note and add some texture and slight brown sugar notes. FA Cookie is good if you want to add darker notes to your cookie unlike CAP Sugar Cookie, while it's a wonderful flavor, it's more of a bright sugar cookie.

The Cream:
Anytime I want to add a fluffy cream to my profiles, TPA Bavarian Cream is my go to. Now it can be a little heavy in a recipe and that's why I added FA Cream Fresh at 1% to lift it up a bit and add some bright, fluffiness to the cream, just as the cream is in a oatmeal cream pie. I also added 1% TPA Vanilla Swirl to help cut through the creams and give it a more vibrant feel.

The CAP Super Sweet at .5% may be a little high for some people, but that's where I find it works the best for me(I do like my sweets). Feel free to use a lower percentage if you prefer a lower sweetness.

This can be a shake and vape, but if you let it set for just a few days the slight cinnamon dies down and the ginger settles in. Recommended steep time is 5 days.

I hope you will mix this up and see if it takes you back to your childhood memories of this delicious snack!

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It's not 100% clone of the original one. The main difference is that is more creamy than the original one.
I love it from the 1st day but is fully steeped after 7 days.

A Fig and Hony Christmas Tart! Made for #The Christmas Mix. Enjoy. Please join us in benefiting St. Judes


It's getting wintry here, bringing memories of winter evenings in cozy pubs.
Peat fire blazing, whiskey and conversation flowing in equal measure.
Warmth and comfort and ease.

I love whiskey, I'll drink the good ones neat and mix the not-so-good ones with ginger ale.

I also love ginger cake with custard.
Let's be real: I love custard, and ginger, and whiskey.

I'm a fan of Coop's Kiwi Bourbon, the toasted marshmallow and bourbon really sing together in that recipe, which got me to wondering about where else they might shine together. (Coop tells me that ID10-T was the one who first mentioned the combo - so hat tip to him too!)

I recently got some INW Custard and it's the perfect custard to me, it's not overly eggy, it's not terribly sweet, it's velvety and just the right amount of heavy. It doesn't even need to be steeped, which is some kind of miracle in and of itself. I'm using it here for both flavor and for mouthfeel.

Because it's holiday season, I wanted to add a little spice, another layer of warmth. I wanted something that'd be well-served by the other aromas, that could add another flavor dimension without being getting lost in the mix or taking it over completely. CAP Gingerbread fit the bill perfectly.

This has a decadent boozy sweetness on the inhale, with an almost candied ginger tang that lingers after the creamy custard on the exhale.

You can dial back the custard a little if you're not as big a fan as I am (0.75% still works fine), but I wouldn't recommend any substitutions.

You can shake and vape if you don't mind a strong bourbon kick, but steeping for 72 hours to let everything come together works better.


A Thanksgiving Cran-Raspberry Cookie! Sit back and enjoy the holidays!

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