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(CAP) Funnel Cake

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

Used in 633 recipes at an average of 2.088%.


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I've adjusted this a little bit because I think the Waffle flavor amount I used in this first batch is a little bit much. I dropped it by 0.10% in this recipe. Originally I used 0.25%. If you want to try it the original way, there is your percentage. It is possible, since it's only been steeping for 4 days that the waffle flavor will mellow out more after another 2 weeks of steeping.

I don't think this recipe is in any way finished. I'm going to let this original batch steep for another week or two and revisit it on the show to see how it turned out and what adjustments should be made.

I think if you like bakeries to be a little sweeter, you may want to add in 0.25% of a sucralose based sweetener, up to 1% if you're using TFAs.

Just trying to recreate that picture.. for my mouth. Starting off easy and simple. But i just tryed this after a week. And damn. .its pretty good

Who doesn't like a deep fried twinkie??? Well I sure do!!!! Here is how I made it into a vape juice.

THE DEEP FRIED SPONGE CAKE: I used a combination of deep fried sponge cake super concentrate by real flavors and metaphor by flavor art these two together make the perfect sponge cake consistency for a deep fried twinkie all its missing is that greasy deep fried feeling and for this I used none other except for funnel cake by Capella. I find funnel cake by Capella to be the perfect ingredient to add the greasy just fried taste and feel I use it with anything I make that is deep fried and I think it works perfect. But if for some reason you hate funnel cake and think it tastes like a greasy mess than don't use funnel cake it will still taste great with or without it.

For the creamy vanilla filling I used a combination of whipped cream and frosting both by flavorah then I needed to boost the vanilla and help bridge the gap and for this I used vanilla swirl by tfa and shisha vanilla by inawera. Shisha vanilla helps mesh the bakery notes and the creamy filling it also helps bring out the vanilla notes in the sponge cake.

I used sweetness by flavorah which is my personal favorite sweetener. The closest thing to it would be Capella super sweet. I do think that the sweetener is necessary. It is rather dry without any sweeteners.
IF YOU MIX IT REVIEW IT!!!! Good or bad its better than nothing.

Attempt at a creamy fried funnel cake. Work in progress

This tastes very close to a Fudge Round by Little Debbie. Thank you SubstanceD for the reference food :)

CAP Chocolate Fudge Brownie makes up the majority of the chocolate outside cookies of the fudge round. It is a very potent flavor so .5% is a good amount to use and still have it be the main profile.

Flv Frosting/Fa Meringue/Bavarian Cream/FW Double Dutch Chocolate - these flavors make up the chocolate icing in the middle of the two chocolate cookies.

Flv Cookie Dough/CAP Funnel Cake are used to add a bit of processed flavor. Without them in this mix it seemed too gourmet tasting, it was good but not what I was going for.

FA Meringue/Cap Super Sweet are used to sweeten up the entire mix since these snack cakes are full of sugar.

Strength: 3 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 20/80
Flavor total: 5.18 ml (17.25%)

Optional sweetener of up to 2% see http://www.tinyurl.com/JFMDEVELOPMENT

The cinnamon is pretty light, probably needs a drop of Rich Cinnamon in there to really bring it to life. This is still a huge WIP. It's supposed to be a cream cheese filled Churro. The TPA Butter was to add a bit of grease to the Churro, brown sugar to smooth out rough edges and add some sweetness along with the meringue. The French vanilla to add some creaminess to the cream cheese icing, and of course funnel cake and CDS are the churro. I would rather not bump up CDS, but I like where it's at for now, but will still adjust it to taste. It's pretty tasty but nowhere near completed. I still need a deep friedness to it and it's been hard to find it.

Straight up funnel cake
I might alter the strawberry alittle there a bit weak.
Give it 1 or 2 days to settle.
And enjoy

A stack of crunchy blueberry cake donuts with a sugar glaze. My goal was to get a nice fried crunch on the outside of the donut, topped with a sweet glaze, and a fluffy wild blueberry cake inside.

This is my jelly doughnut recipe. I used strawberry biscuit from nicotine rivers house concentrates for my jelly flavor. Strawberry biscuit is a great flavor it tastes almost like fresh strawberry jam with a slight buttery taste it's a wonder full offering from nicotine river. If you don't have strawberry jam from nicotine river I am sure you could use a strawberry flavor of your choice in place of the strawberry biscuit. But I will say that strawberry biscuit is a great flavor and you can't go wrong buying it. Wow from flavor art also has a slight jelly type flavor as well but mainly has a doughnut taste. I mix the wow with glazed doughnut by capella to complete the doughnut flavor. I then add in funnel cake by capella I used this flavor to give it a deep fried taste and feel. I like funnel cake by Capella in small percentages I think it gives a perfect deep fried taste at lower percentages. I feel that doughnut flavors normally take a longer steep time but I tried this recipe after a 7 day steep and it tastes really good. Give it a try!!

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