(CAP) Fuji Apple

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Used in 612 recipes at an average of 2.955%.


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Sweet apple shisha inspired vape. Add a little koolada, for a cooler vape


Just an explosion of sweet and sour fruit. So good shake and vape it. This is a summer mix you don't want to miss out on. Trust me its kick ass.

Profile: Apple-Raspberry Cake Donut

  • Recipe was a shot in the dark that turned out pretty good
  • V1 Recipe tweaking incoming so stayed tuned for v2
  • Starting percentage for super sweet is .5% up to 1%
  • Overnight steep recommended but decent off the shake

It's refreshing, I like it... that's all. Enjoy or don't 😜. Give it a couple hours to come together. Even better after 3 or 4 days.

Profile: Apple-Raspberry whipped cookie

Fluffy, sweet/tart vape with a cookie accent.

  • Super Sweet starting percentage .5% up to 1%
  • VG ratio 65-70%

Profile: Cinnamon-Apple Churro Dulche de Leche

  • A deep fried cinnamon apple churro with a creamy/milky cooked finish. Smooth and decadent.
  • Do not substitute (CAP) Apple Pie v2 with anything else, as I used this one for a cooked cinnamon apple and other apple pies do not have the same spice or are like FA Apple Pie which focuses heavily on the crust aspect.
  • Substitute (TFA) Vanilla Swirl for (CAP) VBIC for you pepper tasters.
  • Super Sweet starting percentage .5 up to 1%

Searching for that perfect red🍎 ?? Well then look no further! Here’s my red apple trinity I use in all my profiles that require it. You can add it to creams, pastries,hell you can mix it as is and just vape a straight red apple if that’s what you desire!
It’s perfectly balanced and delicious off the bat!
You can add your sweetener of choice to this recipe or just leave it out if you wish. I use 0.5% cap super sweet and it rocks!!! 👌🏻 If you mix this up and or any of my other recipes please be so kind to leave a short review and rating for other mixers to see. Stay safe guys 💙

Profile: Pineapple upside cake with maraschino cherry.

Inhale: Pineapple/Maraschino then starts to blend with cake flavoring. Exhale: Pineapple/Cake

  • Flavor bending using Strawberry, fuji apple and VBIC to bridge the flavors together. to simulate maraschino cherry as i don't own a maraschino cherry flavoring. *Substitute VBIC with TFA Vanilla Swirl if VBIC tastes like pepper to you.
  • For this moment I am considering it done, saturation, mouthfeel, accuracy is there can't really improve on it much. I might eventually come back to it, but for now I am considering it done unless someone has some input.

Fresh apple pie with ice cream topping what more can you want. Marshmallow is to help the flavors. Meld a bit more increase mouth feel. Might switch out a cream or add bavarian cream blend gets better with steep.

This is a very delicious cocktail when your gonna be sitting around the tree opening 🎁

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