(CAP) Fruit Circles

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Delicious Frosted fruit loops layered into a Vanilla Cream

Tested on a profile 1.5 with 0.13ohm Mesh @ approx 100w

CAP SL Fruit circles makes up the main cereal note used at 8% to ensure it doesn't get lost in the creams and as a slightly weaker flavour it really needs to be pushed.

CAP SL Crunchy Frosted Cookie used for 2 reasons here at 1.5%, it enhances the mouthfeel off the fruit circles as well as adding a little depth to the mix it also adds some of the frosting on the cereal.

WF Buttercream frosting is a delicious sweet frosting used at 1.5% here to add the main frosting element to the fruit circles this also adds depth to the Vanilla Cream.

VT Vanilla cream at 2% is the main cream element in this mix a fairly thick cream with a pleasant sweet and slightly dark vanilla bean, this is further thickened up with the use of FA Bavarian cream.

Possible subs: VT Buttercream Frosting for the WF at 1.25%, any other Bavarian cream for the FA this sub may make a slight change to the taste but should be minimal.

new recipe .. lets see how this turns out... first thoughts smells goood of the bat


Pebbles donut for this weeks show.

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This is all in good fun who is going to challenge this recipe no matter how many flavors we put in our recipes we will never get this one right 😁 Then again it just might work.... #Nostrapons


made on fresh03 LIVE sci fi stream - EASY PICKINGS HERE BASED ON MOVIE TITLE LOOPER!!!! will follow up on this mix to see where it goes as i still love cereal vapes!! REALLY GOOD OFF THE SHAKE...SWEET AND CEREALLY!!!

originally berry crunch was 1.5
fruit circles was 6


The endless struggle of the perfect cereal vape still lingers on sleepless nights and cold chills of yes another recipe.....it's tasty it's authentic it's just😎...

A simple and high definition version of Fruit Circles with milk.

It's amazing what rewards will come by single flavour testing (SFT), pairing and patiently layering a recipe. This is exactly what has brought this one together to help create a truly lovely, realistic and balanced fruit loops recipe.
The secret star of the show here is VTA Orange tang. This is what assists to bring that artificial citrus sweetness out that is so distinct in fruit loops.
If you haven't already I encourage you to SFT your flavours, make notes, organise them so you can refer to them because that's the real secret to getting you on your way from creating nice recipes to making magic. (if you want to)

Simply mix and enjoy off the shake but allow 3 days for best results!

I enjoy this at 60W on a Single 0.2ohm SST coil on a Recurve RDA.

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed creating this recipe, but let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Seriously if you like a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

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Loopy cake is a medium bodied, fluffy vanilla cheesecake with speckled flecks of cereal notes. I hope you enjoy it in an endless loop.

Loopy cake is a medium bodied, fluffy vanilla cheesecake with speckled flecks of cereal notes. I hope you enjoy it in an endless loop.

MB Cheesecake was selected to avoid unwanted coconut notes (Gamma-octalactone) as well as making use of the lemon notes to assist the weak but non-pledgy CAP Silverline Fruit Circles. WF Lemon Orange Rice Candy has some nice cereal notes. The WF Flapper pie plays a dual role by adding a little more biscuit base and meringue to enhance the fruity cereal notes. The OOO Vanilla Custard Cheesecake and VT Creams sweeten and fill out the body. The FW yogurt provides some diacetyl and aiding the cheesecake note. Optionally you can add a small amount of WF Strawberry Cheesecake if you want.

I use an RDA single coil about 0.16-0.20 ohms and 50 Watts.

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This is a simple cereal mix that has all the fruit notes with a splash of milk.


Experience a delicious spoonful of Fruit Loops Cereal w/ a touch of Milk in every pull.
Nice crunchy texture up front, and finished with sweet fruity Cereal Milk. :)
Quick note: If anyone has seen this recipe posted elsewhere by The Vape Gourmet, that is because he is me. I also go by Soulchkn, but that will change here soon! Lol

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