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Fw blueberry & tres leches work great together almost like they was created to be paired up and wf white cakes makes the combo even better. Switched out a few flavours to the origional i made last year to deliver a better and more buttery vanilla cream filling and decadent cake combo.

So this is my version (god knows what) of an authentic Custard Cream Biscuit. I actually started working on this recipe many months ago but was never fully happy with it to release it. The recipe is now at a stage where I feel I’ve managed to capture all the right nuances to sell this as a fully fledged Custard cream. I’ve tried practically every combination of biscuits/cookies/vanilla’s and creams to achieve this recipe so as far as subs go, what you see Here is what I recommend you use if you want the experience I intended and I really can’t offer up any subs on this occasion...sorry. I would really love some honest feedback on this recipe due to how much hard work I’ve put into it. The humble Custard Cream Biscuit was my dad’s favourite and he used to go through a pack of these fella’s in one sitting,with ease may I add!! Lol I tried getting this recipe completed for him whilst he was still alive as he also Vaped but unfortunately he passed away.

Dad...this ones for you mate.

A deliciously bright,rich French vanilla custard with undertones of brown sugar,caramel and tobacco. Definitely an ADV and if you enjoy your vape on the sweeter side feel free to add 0.25% - 0.5% cap super sweet. I’m usually a sucker for a sweet vape but truth be told I've been vaping this as is and have been enjoying it immensely. If your Into your tobacco/RY4/custards you might wanna mix this one up as it’s extremely delicious and 100% a wintery vape. 😍 if you mix this up please leave feedback for other mixers to check out. Stay safe guys and gals. 💙

This is my version of cheesecake, there are many like it but this is mine. Seriously it's just a plain cheesecake and I'm pretty dang happy with how it turned out.
In my house, cheesecake is ALWAYS made with crust, it's okay if you're house does it wrong (grins). I don't judge how you make cheesecake (at least to your face) so you leave my beautiful graham crust filled version alone and no one gets hurts (lol). I really enjoyed the creaminess of this and hope you will too!

For this oldschool Vanilla Custard Cream i made a lot of variations over the years, with different ratios and percentages of the 3 main flavors.
Finally, i know, that the ratio from Ole works best.
I have increased the amount of the 3 main flavours but stay by the Ratio, and i have add OOO Yellow Cake (a fantastic Cake)
to protect and backup the cake from CAPs NYC.
Its a small change, but it makes the vape so much more vivid in my opinion.
The vape is fuller, but not to heavy and amplify the cakey part of the cheesecake.
So there is space to add a Flavour of your Choice, if you are tired from vaping the same stuff all the time.
Vanilla Custard Cream on his findest!
Its tasty as Shake and Vape, but as Custard lover you know, to get the full mouthfeel and taste, it needs time to steep. 3 weeks+!

If you have no Yellow Cake from OOO or you want a darker Cake, you can use the Yellow Cakes from FW or JF at 2%. or
FLV Pound Cake at 1.2%!

Credit here to Ole Frederikson, the one and only Grandfather of this flavor ratio, with this great 3 flavor.
Check his original Recipe on ELR and See that hundreds of positiv reviews: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/11224/Grants%20Vanilla%20Custard%20my%20way

Oldschool rocks!

For 2 other fantastic Vanilla Custards, check out my ...

Yellow Extasy

or the great stuff from Wadeyloops

Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye

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This is our Christmas gift to you! We think this is one of the best Eggnog recipes we've attempted. It's super thick, eggy, sweet, with a touch of rum. The perfect recipe for the Holidays! If you prefer a less sweet mix, feel free to lower the sweetener, but for this type of profile, we suggest trying FLV Sweetness at 1.5% first. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/uLQSNK7RTcc .

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Here is a release of the Christmas special in the Divine FanTastic Range from way back when.
It’s based on the popular English snowball cocktail that a lot enjoy over the Christmas period well in the UK anyway.

this is my original vanilla Kustard killzzz with all the DAPP filled yummy ness you want Like I said in a previous one you can use vanilla custard V2 and then use french vanilla V1 or the other way around it’s really up to you guys 😉. Please enjoy and again these recipes are inspired by killer Kustard by Vapetasia which is my favorite brand of the liquid for custard so far and these are pretty spot on although I do not want to call them clones because they are my own Development.

inspired by VapeTasia’s Killer Kustard strawberry i would say it taste pretty damn similar . But that’s kinda what i was going for but i’m not going to name this as a clone . But if you do you like their strawberry kustard I would highly recommend mixing this up I would give it about a month steep for its best potential but surprisingly it is a good shaking VAPE. If you do not have flavor west cotton candy you can use any other cotton candy by any other vendor because most of them are just EM which sweetens custard so you do not need sweetener . Now I prefer flavor West Cotton Candy/EM because I do believe it has a slight edge of flavor in it compared to other EM’s But if you don’t have it just sub it And I’m sure you can sub the strawberry for any strawberry you would like depending on what strawberry use I would use anywhere from 4% to 6% but with this particular strawberry I am using I would stick with 4% and I’m sure you can sub the strawberry for any strawberry you would like depending on what strawberry use I would use anywhere from 4% to 6% but with this particular strawberry I am using I would stick with 4%. I was trying to go to the a cappella route which I did successfully other than the EM/cotton candy by flavor west. for all you who love my recipes sorry I haven’t been posting lately I’ve been really busy but I’m back on the mixing spot and if we need to know anything or would like any advice just hit my inbox on here or if you know my Facebook You can reach me there

Just another strawberry custard.
The VT strwbry cstrd i feel vapes great even solo at 8% but wanted to push out the rich deep vanillas, creams and strawberry here. Sturdy recipe and a smooth strawberry ADV

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