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(CAP) Double Watermelon

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Simple tasty watermelon peach recipe made for this week's on mixin vixens. I heard Phil B likes watermelon peach mixes so I made this.


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Sweet and simple, light and "fresh" candy flavor. Im sure you can make it better.


Revisiting an old favorite, this time making it more watermelon-y and cold. I don't know man.



Kanzi Clone. Refreshing delectable mix of Watermelon, Strawberry and Kiwi. Blanketing your soul

Let me know what you think been working on this for a while. Would love to know what you think good or bad and changes. Adjust Sweetness to your liking. SNV or couple days to get everything happy.

Tried to clone Rip Trippers juice Transmission refreshing blend of Watermelon, Strawberry and Lemonade Let me know what you think and any improvements necessary. Hope you enjoy. I love this mix ADV. please let me know how close to the original this tastes. Obviously things get better after few days.

This is an experimental flavor combo for pod style mods and nic salt flavor dev. I have recently embarked on the nic salt journey and this is my first NicSalt for pod systems release, I chose a really simple and not complex flavor profile with known flavors for easy mixing by anyone... I shouldnt have to leave any flavor notes as these flavors are known well enough and used broadly. After adding my Nicriver salts @6mg i was really pleased with the outcome of this mix it tasted like strawberry watermelon slighty sour and sweet with a nice brightness the pear brought to the party. I hope anyone who tries this has the same experience.... Happy mixing

Hello all thanks for checking out my recipe.
This is the first juice I have made and I love vaping it. I have given this to a few friends to try and they seem to love it also. This recipe is based on a 60ml bottle with pg nic and 100vg. Steep for a min of 3 days.


This is a refreshing boysenberry melon lemonade. Its got a nice berry sweetness from the FLV boysenberry that keep the melons from overpowering this.


Super simple SNV for a hot summer day.. The mix is very refreshing and not overly sweet.. The GL Shisha Strawberry can be changed out with the Inw Shisha Strawberry at the same percentage..

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I had a strawberry watermelon menthol from USA Vape Lab and it was fantastic. I wanted to make something similar but more strawberry and colder and that is what I came up with....This Vape is very COLD..I am a menthol kinda guy so you will see a lot of my mixes float down that alley..I haven't tried to make this without the cold If you do please let me know how it turned out..For me it is the perfect amount of cooling for some it will be way to high so it may need to be adjusted but for me it is perfect!!

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