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(CAP) Double Chocolate V2

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, Graham, and Folkart .
This is our version of a Chocolate Mint Macaron. Full Development Notes at https://youtu.be/T0YJNjZGvfM .

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Alright here we go. Cap double chocolate V2 (thanks folkart) turned out to be a pretty damn good chocolate. The only issue is a little bit of a lingering fakeness on the tail end. So the recipe was pretty much just finding a way to fix that. Rf cookies and cream does a good job overpowering the tail end of it with a somewhat thin authentic chocolate finish.
So next I just set out to thicken that chocolate and enhance the overall full body richness with some dairy and vt devon cream is basically T H E B E S T concentrate to do that job. It is THE chocolate enhancer.
After mixing that up as my control I split it into smaller bottles cause it still needed something to really set it off. One of my batches had sa banana flambe in it where I used fw yogurt to make the banana taste more authentic. I loved what it ended up doing to the chocolate so I tried taking the banana out for curiosity's sake. Sure enough that was the money. I don't know why or how but it really brings out that wonderful trashy golden arches shake kind of authenticity. Also I don't have sweetener in the recipe but I absolutely DO RECOMMEND YOU ADD SWEETENER if you want the authentic experience.
Feel free to throw things on top of it like banana, mint, vanilla, strawberry, or peanut butter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Special thanks to mlNikon (emily) and method01 for testing the recipe with me and Alfred pudding for providing some great feedback!


A Strawberry and Chocolate Milk Recipe utilizing the base from Folkart's Mayan Milk, and infusing it with a loving and pleasant Strawberry top note. Subtle notes of florality flutter in the midst of a deep and robust, yet, tantalizing chocolate, finished off with a velvety and smooth dairy note. Taste god doe.

Mayan Milk - Folkart

Made on Live Mixing: Mixer of the Year 2018

The pursuit for all day happiness in a chocolate vape is over !!! (in my opinion)

I was going to do another chocolate dairy recipe but that was kinda so 2018 and when Folkart aka genius dropped Mayan Milk
there was no point. However I was fortunate enough to experience a "Hershey's Chocolate Cream Pie" recently so my focus changed faster than a
gold fish loses its mind. With the experience in hand of working with a lot of similar concentrates over a combination of recipes of late and with the most amazing cookie concentrate in hand that I have ever used in "Molinberry Cookie Bite" I went to work on this profile asap.

The Chocolate Cookie base was a real feature as was the tones of the chocolate combining to bring the mouthfeel of this vape as close to what I experienced as possible.

MB Cookie Bite was the starting point here and has proven to be solid with these flavours and holds up brilliantly. The texture of that home baked perfect cookie was amazing yet in this profile it needed to be tweeked a little using FLV Sweet Coconut to help me get to the authentic nnote and mouthfeel.
For the filling VT Chocolate Mousse was always going to be an obvious choice but needed come of those commercial chocolate notes and this is where
Cap Double Choc. V2 was deliciously necessary. Yet it need cream & that "cream pie" feel. While not an obvious choice I'm glad to have taken an educated chance on INW Yes We Cheesecake to make that "Pie Mouth Feel" happen. It lacked a slight creaminess and this where VT Devon Cream used sparingly offered that solution. A little super sweet IMO always plays well with Chocolate so this is one of the rare situations I felt a necessity to use it. Right off the shake this is delectable. At 45w on a single 0.25ohm SST coil you get most of the textures of the base and flavour immediately. At 55-60w the chocolate creams shine and this becomes insanely real. This is magnificent and the only ADV chocolate I could do ever!! The best chocolate vape I have ever tasted even if I only think it's magnificent I will be beyond happy here. "The best Chocolate recipe I have eve vaped". If you also think so, let me know or if not let me know how I can do better so I can improve even more!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! :)

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From day 1 of my mixing career I have been on a quest to make the perfect chocolate milk. And with many failures, I believe I have gotten about as close as I can to that profile with Mayan Milk.

As all mixers know, chocolates are one of the hardest profiles to tackle. The reason being that most, if not all, chocolate flavorings have off notes. But this shouldn't be surprising in that chocolate flavorings in the cooking world are bitter, chalky, and just down right nasty. Chocolates are derived from the cocoa bean or cacao(/kəˈkaʊ/) bean. The beans are dried and fermented, then made into a powder. Chocolate is made from this powder with the addition of sugars and fatty ingredients. So in essence, chocolate flavorings are like a spice and they need to have supporting flavors to make a good chocolate.
So, in my quest for the "perfect" chocolate milk vape, I approached chocolate flavorings as a spice. Now, I don't believe there has ever been a "perfect" recipe, but for a chocolate milk, I think this is as close as I can get,.... for now ;) .

I began testing chocolate flavorings very early in my mixing career and the testing continues today. I have found a few that seem to work better than others and have the least "off notes", and those are the ones I used in my batching of this recipe.

For this recipe, I settled on CAP Double Chocolate V2. This is a highly under-rated flavoring in my opinion being that I don't see it much in other's recipes. It's a thick, deep chocolate, almost a dark chocolate, that only needs that sweet and fatty infusion to make it into a nice chocolate.

Most of my chocolate supporting flavorings have an inherent sweetness, FLV Cream, FA Meringue, LB Vanilla Ice Cream. These help add sweetness while adding creaminess and body to the mix.

I have noticed that most chocolate flavorings need either a coconut note, or a caramel note to simulate either cocoa butter(which is in most chocolates), or the caramel to simulate a richness like a caramel chocolate. In this mix I decided to go the caramel route. It seemed to be the better choice for a "Chocolate Milk" rather than using a coconut flavoring which seems to be better when going after a "Milk Chocolate" if that makes sense. FA Butterscotch was my choice at just 1%.

The secret weapon here to make this into a chocolate milk that would stand out among the others is HS Chocolate Cream. I absolutely love this flavoring. It gives the mix a certain "sourness", kind of like a yogurt but with more emphasis on the creaminess. It really makes the mix stand out.

In cooking, to make any real chocolate recipe, you have to sweeten it up. I added .75% CAP Super Sweet to accomplish this. If you find it too high, feel free to lower it. But trust me on this, CHOCOLATES NEED TO BE SWEET!

If there's one con to this recipe, I would say that when vaping this, I have to change my cotton about every 2 days. It's a pain, but so worth it.

This needs to steep for 4-7 days, but if you can, a 2 week steep is so worth the wait.

Just to let everyone know in the UK and EU,.... VanillaVapes now has Hangsen Chocolate Cream in stock! So, for those in the UK and EU, that were wanting to mix up Mayan Milk, now you can!


I hope you will mix, comment, and or rate, it make us all better mixers. :)
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I'm italian and this is the vape translation of a traditional italian dessert: Pesche con cioccolato e amaretto.
After many and many trials this is the most close flavour to the real dessert.

Chocolate: in this dessert the chocolate is very strong and sweet at the same time, so i went with CAP double choco for the dark chocolate aroma and FA chocolate to give it a bit of kindness.

The peach: FA white peach is a must everytime we need a peach flavour, but in real eatable life this dessert is made in order to avoid trashing peaches too much old, in fact all our grandma use a combination of peaches. Here it comes the TPA Juicy peach to mitigate the FA white peach and give the sensation of a peach mix.

Almond amaretto: this is the accent of this receipt. This flavour is very strong and you will need just a .5.

Again in real life Almond amaretto is a special type of cookie. So i tried to combine this with FA cookie or INW cookie, but at the end I erased those cookies from my recipe because the TPA almond amaretto is a very complete flavour and it has already inside it all the cookie you need.

Very simple recipe, but it works very well !

Delicious cookies with chocolate chips served with ice cream :) Daap free !

no need for sugar.

Banana nut bread on top melted chocolate and whipped cream

Flavor Notes