(CAP) Double Apple

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I developed this flavor chasing TNT by timebomb. I did not succeed in cloning that, but i made something better! Strawberry, apple, peach and chilled as cold as Hel. I think this can be better, and have a V2 in the works, but this mix is great shake and vape.


This was mixed at 3% nicotine, 70/30 mixed for 100mil This is my take on an old recipe not sure who the original post came from.
I think this is the best version Ive ever vaped .. just cant get enough

Well rounded Strawberry/Apple on the inhale, with a creamy finish and excellent mouth feel. Shake and Vape Approved. Your next ADV or regular in rotation. Easy to vape without being overwhelming. Recommend adding Capella Super Sweet @ .5-1% for more flavor saturation.

All the delicious sweetness of a ripe watermelon, mixed into a jelly bean. This recipe turned out better than I expected and I can't wait for you to try it.

A nice smooth blend of butterscotch and our favorite apple's.

Cold and Fruity. Mixed for a friend, I didn't care for it but it's one of his ADV's

I had a friend request his favorite juice. Vape Hooligans stopped making this liquid 4 or 5 years ago, so i had no reference whatsoever. Just someone else's memories from like 5 years ago.

I had to be an internet detective to figure out what was actually going on here.
I found a YouTube review of the commercial liquid from 6 years ago where they reviewer described the profile.
Then i found a 5 year old "Clone" recipe on ELR that was close but not exactly right. (Can be Found here to give this guy credit: http://tjek.nu/r/6HTD )
Then we went through 6 months of testing. Changing concentrates, and adjusting percentages.
At first i was using RF Grape, but since that flavor is now discontinued, i had to go with FA White Grape from Hollywood Vape's clone recipe. The result is good, but definitely different.
The result you see here is really the best it's going to get according to my friend. They haven't released the actual recipe and they never will, but this is close enough: that why it's a remix.

A Nice Tarty Grape soda. This is Fuel for those who love a sour Vape of Grape soda with lemon lime.

A recipe for u/Tunguch on Reddit. You said you have some TFA flavors so add the pear if you have it :))

Description & Setup

I'm already missing summer, and a mix with green apples takes me back to the days of nice sunshine and the sun not setting at 5PM. This mix really packs a punch, and I could see it even working in your lower end pod systems if need be.

Tested on a Cthulu 1928 MTL RDA / Pasito Pod RBA 15w 6 wraps 2mm 25mg/mL Nicotine


CAP Double Apple - This is the base of the green apple, I find it to be the perfect balance between sweet green apple candy, and a real, delicious, and somewhat tart green apple. I have become very fond of this flavour overtime and it never dissapoints.

FM Green Apple - FM Green Apple brings out the true apple for this mix. It has a really nice tart flavour, and has a juicy mouthfeel along with it. This really helps support the "skin" of the apple too.

FA Apple Fuji - Wrapping it all up, I decided to leave it at FA Fuji. FA Fuji is another really good realistic but semi-sweet apple taste. It really rounds out the whole recipe and makes it feel complete.

CAP Super Sweet - This is just to bring a bit more sweetness to the mix, as with most of my mixes its completely optional.

As always, make sure to leave a review if you can! It helps me develop more recipes and I love feedback.

Flavor Notes

By: mlNikon Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: N/A Difficulty: 30 / 100

Nice sweet juicy blend of green and red apples. Some peel notes along with the flesh of the apples.

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