(CAP) Creamy Yogurt

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Creamy Lemon Vanilla Yogurt Cake or CLVYC is a off the top recipe that I made up in a attempt to create a delicious all day vape on my channel Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews on YouTube. I have found success once again with this Cake it’s absolutely delicious and will only get better with time! Tested on a geek vape Athena rda and it was bliss enjoy!

I decided to make a second rendition of my ADV Dewberry Yo-Gurt das good recipe by swapping TPA Honeydew with FLV Mango and CAP Sweet Mango and the end result was more than surprising in the best way possible. I know for sure this one will be taking the lead for a while! Try the Undeniable goodness that is mango berry yogurt with whipped cream

I have to start with the strawberry confusion as the only options for FA Strawberry were either Juicy or red but my FA Strawberry only says Strawberry and nothing else so if you know which one it is you will be in for a treat! You might not find another honeydew melon recipe that is this simple and this amazing tested it on a wasp nano RDA! Try it you won’t be disappointed!

Smooth and silky with an Attitude.
Kinda like a wet dream about Daisy Duke.


Reminds me of a legally distinct rabbit mascotted yogurt cup i had when i was a kid, its dang good.


This reminded me of a grocery store mixed berry yogurt cup, the razz is bright and all the fruits in here play off of each other quite nicely in my opinion :D

a great lightly boozy drink vape

add ws-23 to taste

Blueberry/blackcurrant lassi. Light, smooth and tangy with a good creaminess from the yogurt.

Please let me know what you think and how it can be improved. I hope you enjoy!

Mango Lassi is an Indian drink made of mangoes, yogurt, a little milk, and some coconut... Basically a mango smoothie. Even tho I've never had one myself, here's my interpretation of it...

Feel free to tweak it anyway you choose, and if you mix it, leave a review.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do...

I would have too say after all the strawberry 🍓 banana 🍌 yogurts I've been searching for this is by far the best I've made too date try it out guys

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