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(CAP) Cool Mint

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv ecigexpress wizard

Flavor Profile: Not set yet

Used in 308 recipes at an average of 1.279%.


13 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This was an attempt at a simple vanilla mint using some flavours I rarely touch from my stash in an attempt to break away from heaven deserts and sweet fruit/candy types

I have used Capella cool mint because at this time of year I like to remind myself where my journey with vaping began which was Capella cool mint and Capella sweet strawberry and I feel it just fits with what I am going for here.

The one on one vanilla ice cream can easily be subbed for your preferred ice cream. I just used it because that’s the only thing similar to a vanilla bean ice cream I have at hand. I wanted a little vanilla note to go with the cool mint and menthol effects “note ATF did not have the standard vanilla ice cream by OOO listed so I had to list the bean variant instead”

The menthol and WS-23 should be pretty self explanatory but I will explain why I’ve used it at the percentages I have. I wanted a light vanilla mint with not a lot of menthol and a slight cold feeling ok the back end which this combination should accomplish for me. You may need or desire to adjust until you are happy with it.

Sweet Paan e-liquid based on Paan shisha flavor
I came up with this recipe when I noticed that there aren't any noteworthy interpretations out there which brings the Asian sub-continent's traditional chewing tobacco to an e-liquid. Original Paan is made up of mixture of herbs, spices, tobacco and sometimes dried up fruits and nuts which are wrapped over with betel leaves and consumed as whole. My interpretation is based on the shisha/hookah variant which is much more palatable.

Mixing notes:

1 drop of MTS Wizard per 15ml is optional
You CAN technically achieve similar taste without Rose, Oak Wood and RY4 (and shake and vape!) but they won't round off well to give the floral tobacco-ish notes after steeping
Clove is a personal preference and not that necessary, it gives a pungent spiciness to complement the sweetness of Anise.
After mixing let it breathe for a few hours

Expanding on Waynes Live,"Mix .....i have a SnowMan recipe out already for several months now.. this adds to it on the white chocolate side ...makes for a festive vape during the holidays.Just so ppl do not get the wrong idea... i have been toying with these recipes before wayne realesed his pillow talk, cuprian and the recipe from 12/16.. for almost a year... it just so happened that he came out with some very similar recipes... so his recipes inspired me to go some other routes with mine .....

Discord: DIY Mixers Crew

This is what Blue taste like to me!!!! When I think of blue I think of the Sky on a nice cool Clear day. It has that nice beautiful blue sky but add that coolness of the Breeze. When I think of blue I think of being on vacation sipping on a nice cool drink. Enjoying my relaxation which makes me happy.
A very nice Sweet and Sour Blue and raspberry flavor.
RF Blue Razz is a great blue razzberry flavor perfect amount of sweet and sour.
FW blueberry adds more of that authentic blueberry flavor.
TFA Raspberry sweet helps to add some citrus to balance recipe out.
LA Lemonade is a very good Lemonade and at 1.5% is perfect as to not take over the whole profile.
Vanillin makes this taste more like a nice candy vape.
Add .25 Super sweet optional for a nice sweet vape off the Shake. Add 1% Cap cool mint for that nice cool vape as well.

A nice refreshing Stawberry, watermelon, lemonade. Just perfect for the hot summer. Enjoy this with your favorite beverage. Great as a Shake n vape.

Quick and easy summer vape. Perfect as a SnV when you need something quick.
Cool Mint and Sweetener are optional but particularly the cool mint really adds a unique sweetness to the mix.

/// Shaken Red Tea ///

This recipe is inspired in the iced hibiscus tea from Starbucks and the with a very stright forward profile it also has a lot of undertones. It is the perfect "red" drink when you want to take a break from the everyday strawberry milkshakes.

Notes: I had some experience with the black tea from my T-Gold recipe but in this case I wanted the tea to be more sutil and the 5% mixed with the 4% hibiscus made a nice red tea with light floral notes. The Strawberry Ripe lights up the hibiscus with a more full flavor without distracting from the main profile. The Italian Lemon Sicily complements the complexity of the tea and added to the Cool Mint recreate the fresh feeling of the drink.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to play with it and give your most honest opinion and suggestions!!

(English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part)


Qebui - The Egyptian God of the Northern Wind

Responsible for northern winds that bring about winter.

Whether you enjoy an ice cold vape that will chill you to the bone, or you're sick and want to be able to breathe again, this is the vape for you.

The combination of INW Natural Mint and CAP Cool Mint form a sweet mint flavor that is absolutely delicious. Top it off with a sizeable amount of menthol, and this super simple recipe will have you wondering why you haven't tried something like this sooner.

well this one I give the credit too ecigexpress for the recipe because they were gonna start the new year with this so I gave it a shot and its better than any bubblegum than I had on the shelf in wisconsin

Great for a refreshing summer flavor, and a great shake n vape.

Flavor Notes

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