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Before I got really heavy into DIY Ripe Vape's Coconut Thai was my crack. Shit is expensive so it was a once a month kinda bottle purchase. I had tried to clone it previously but was not successful. Then came FLV Lemon Grass. It was the missing link. Can be a little harsh at first but things start to meld and the bite dies down. Coconut Thai was always harsh to me the first couple puffs then became super smooth, this has the same thing going on.

Here's how I mixed it - CAP Coconut at 2%
1 drop/30ml FA Zen Garden and FLV Lemon Grass
3 drops/30ml FA Lemon Sicily

A sweet cavendish blended with all your favorites. Very dessert-like flavor.

Nobody does NETs like Ty Edwards of Stixx Mixx. And SM Black Cavendish is one of my favorites!

Cavendish(in the cigar world) refers more to the process of curing rather than a 'type' of tobacco. The result of fermenting tobacco via pressure and heat/steam(into 'cakes') is a very sweet & mild tobacco.

It was Sir Thomas Cavendish, in the 16th Century, who discovered that dipping tobacco leaves in sugar provided a sweeter and milder experience. It is due to this sweetness that I chose SM Black Cavendish as my centerpiece.


It didn't take too long to decide on what I wanted to add to my Black Cavendish. Basically, all my favorite things.

TFA Peanut Butter is so creamy and authentic, so this choice was simple. I also wanted more sweetness and an airy quality to this particular mix. Thus, the addition of the very authentic TFA Marshmallow.

TFA Cinnamon Sugar Cookie is so underrated imho. Much better utilized in this recipe than CAP Sugar Cookie ever could be.

TFA Brown Sugar/Brown Sugar Extra, CAP Coconut & TFA Kentucky Bourbon are a great threesome that add an almost mouth-watering finish bringing it all together for your vaping pleasure.

65/35% ratio recommended. Great as a SNV, as all Stixx Mixx NETs are. Let it set 1-3 days and the dessert flavors come out more.

It's my opinion there should be more tobaccos out there. Somehow they died down and fruits took over. Which is okay. I'm not a fruitophobe. But I believe it's time for great NETs(like Stixx Mixx) to GO VIRAL!!

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Respect mixers, they are not your ticket to success...They are your friends.


A popular cocktail, the June Bug is fruity and sweet with a slight citrus kick

This recipe was inspired by a commercial juice I like (Golden State Vapor's Crème Brûlée), but it's not an attempt at a clone. I just wanted a vape that hit similar notes. I went through 12 different iterations of this recipe before I thought it was finished, and I think the end result is great. The caramel and coconut notes really mix excellently. I can't decide if I like the Brown Sugar or not, so consider it optional. You could also probably bump up the caramel a bit, but the Lotus caramel is pretty strong. Acetyl Pyrazine and TPA Marshmallow are there for mouthfeel. Meringue is just a sweetener.

Yes, this recipe does absolutely require Lotus (aka Medicine Flower) Caramel, and it can't really be subbed for anything else. It's the only caramel I've used that tastes anything near the real thing. You can get it at ecigsexpress.

Be patient and let this steep for at least a week. Two is probably better.

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