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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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day 2 this is a very pleasant vape - mild and flavorful - 5 days - same mild and flavorful - okay this recipe is a good one now... I can only imagine it getting better with a longer steep but at 5 days it's really nice. I had wanted more cinnamon but not overpowering as it is you cannot really make out the cinnamon but the flavors here do come together to produce a great vape. It's just like the title - vanilla tobacco - and it seems just super simple even though the recipe has all this stuff in it - the vape seems very basic - vanilla tobacco LOL

A warm gooey apple and cranberry turnover filled with some of my favorite Fall flavors.

The Crust:
Zeppola & Cinnamon Danish-These work together to make my pastry type crust and bring a little bit of buttery cinnamon to the mix.

The Filling:
I saw apples, pecans and cranberries in the filling, which also happen to be ingredients I like to throw into my oatmeal, so I already knew they went together nicely. Trader Joe used to carry dried orange cranberries that were amazing and I would cook with them every chance that I got. The PUR-Cranberry Orange just kind of warms up the mix and adds a nice depth. I liked the pecan flavor in the PUR-Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream so I used it to add some creaminess to my filling as well as the nuttiness. FLV-Maple just works really well with these flavors as does the FA-Liquid Amber to help round out the recipe. You could sub the CAP-Double Apple for Pur-Country Apple if needed. The Cap-Super Sweet is optional but it does add a nice hint of sweetness to the mix.

I let it settle for a few hours before taste testing it and it has not changed drastically with steeping. I did cut down the original amount of FA-Zeppola because it got a little greasier than I wanted. I may still tweak it a bit when I have time but overall I am happy with how it turned out.


This is a perfect recreation of a Cinnamon roll, I was a little reluctant to share this due to the high sweetener,but you can take it as low as 1%


I was in the mood for some apple pie and I went too mcds and this is what I got when I ate one and it was so yummy, warm and gooey


I made this recipe at the request of a friend and after a few iterations, I'm finally happy with it. I used Banana Nut Bread by TFA as a jumping off point. It's a great flavor that has a delicious banana note (albeit light), with a nice nut and bready bakery texture. This is the foundation for our recipe.

AP is here to boost those bready and nutty notes, and after a nice steep it works very nicely. I know it seems a touch high, but trust me on this one. It's one of the first times I've used it this high, but after folkart used it in his Boss Reserve Clone to great effect, I had faith it would work here. It did.

TFA Banana Cream is here to help out that light banana note, we only need a little( it also lends creaminess to our pudding).
When I think of Banana Nut Bread I need some cinnamon in there, so CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl does wonders adding that note, and solidifying that bread that our recipe calls for.

Brown sugar is needed in the mix as well, but I decided to skip the TFA Brown Sugar - we use INW Creme Brulee to thicken up that pudding base and to add that brown sugar caramelization. FLV Vanilla Pudding is a great creamy base that is very accurate to it's name, and really puts this recipe right where it needs to be. It brings some thickness and vanilla, and in combination with the Banana Cream and Creme Brulee it makes a nice pudding to drop our banana bread into. All these flavors play together well and it makes for a very tasty vape!

Original by Botboy141, copied from - https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/3yzu1e/vicious_vanilla_happy_new_year_everyone/

For more flavor, boost percentages of each by 10% (for a maximum of ~12.5% total flavoring)


I recall when I first read about INW Rhubarb and its authenticity. I had to try it, only to sample it and throw it in the bottom of the box. I was recently discussing baking things like apple crisp and rhubarb crisp at work, when someone asked if I could make a rhubarb custard vape. It got my creative gears turning, trying to figure out ways to impart INW Rhubarb into that type of recipe without it being overly tart and also without just dumping sweetener in to mask what might otherwise be an undesirable flavor in a vape. I've always thought that proper pairings and the right additives should eliminate any need to pour diluted sucralose into a mix unless you're trying to clone a commercial juice.

What I came up with is shake and vapable and carries plenty of sweetness without the gunk. It isn't exactly a "custard" in my opinion, but it isn't exactly a "crisp" either. It is however, delightful and very tasty.

INW Rhubarb

Those of you that have a bottle of INW Rhubarb already understand the potency and subjective "vile tartness" of the flavor. It can be too sour, tart, vegetal, whatever sensitivities it hits your palate with. That being said, it is very true to it's name and Inawera did a great job as far as authenticity with this one. Readers who have had the pleasure of gnawing on freshly picked rhubarb from the garden will know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't like it and you have a bottle, it is workable, the key is pairing it with a supporting cast of fruits that can accent it without taking over.

FA Liquid Amber

This flavor reminds me of a strong white wine. It carries a fermented note and does wonders with wetness in a recipe without adding the aloe funk INW Cactus would. I used it (ages ago) in my Grape Ice Cream Cone to add a little jazz and beef up the main fruit note. I still make it fairly regularly to this day, Koolada and all, although some prefer it without the chill factor. I've tried many other fruit combos on this base, but I've found the ones I like best kept the Liquid Amber. Without it, the fruit note gets lost in the mix and fades into the backgrund. But back those creams off, and we lose that thick ice cream volume and mouthfeel. It took a lot of trial and error to conclude that I needed FA Liquid Amber in this recipe, and I carried that experience to the recipe below.

FA Pear

Not an earthy green pear like TFA Pear. This one is more of a candied pear with its bright juiciness. It almost comes off as "crisp", and carries a lingering sweetness on the tongue. It does have a relatively authentic pear taste, but there is definitely some extra sweetness to go along with it. I tend use it at lower percentages to brighten up fruit recipes rather than cheating in a sweetener. It blends well with the green note of the rhubarb and helps ease the tartness into something much more palatable.

INW Shisha Strawberry

As a standalone strawberry, it holds its own, but it does benefit from being put with other strawberry flavors if you're after a full on strawberry taste. It has jammy properties, comes off a bit candied, and lends some soft creaminess, almost a puree if you will. It works well with every strawberry I've tried it with. Here, it serves as a great addition to the fruit portion of the recipe, mellowing out the rhubarb a bit further while giving the mix a bright hint of strawberry without coming to the front.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl

CAP definitely hit the cinnamon with this one, but some say the bakery "danish" portion got left out along with the "swirl". It doesn't have the thick breadiness you would expect, and that's fine for this recipe. I started out trying for a rhubarb crisp, but tabled the idea and decided to make the mix a bit more gooey, bringing the next two flavors to the party. This could probably be backed down to the 1.5-2% range for the cinnamon sensitive. As far as using v2 here, just don't, you will be disappointed. I've subbed CDS v2 in other recipes, and it doesn't do the wonderful things v1 does.

INW Custard

This is one ingredient I find to be a bit under-rated and under-utilized. All opinions aside, I find this a much more valuable ingredient than CAP Vanilla Custard. It doesn't take much to get the job done, and it's much thicker and egg-ier as a custard should be. Some say it has a vanilla note, others claim there to be none. I personally don't pick up vanilla from this one, maybe more of a heavy milk/cream sort of thing that would definitely play into a cereal recipe a lot better than actual dairy/milk offerings out there. At 1.5%, it serves as part of a thick and solid base for the fruits to sit on without turning the recipe into an eggy fruit + cream sort of thing.

INW Shisha Vanilla

This is not a strong or dark vanilla flavoring. At 1%, it provides a quite bit of body without bullying out other ingredients. I find it incredibly versatile, much like TFA Vanilla Swirl, yet I find this to be a little thicker and more concentrated. It's a great booster for the Custard, and adds another layer of depth to the gooey base. If you don't have this, TFA Vanilla Swirl at 2% should be an OK sub, but order yourself some of this because you're missing out on a fantastic ingredient.


This recipe is a twist on the amazing mixing of Jennifer Jarvis.
I copied her recipe with the flavourings I had at the time and have stuck with this since.
The percentages are very low but still produces an extremely complex and pleasant vape at every wattage I have thrown at it.
Every atty I try it on brings different notes to the surface, all of which have been delicious.
Thanks for the inspiration Jennifer.

Yes you can sub out TPA dx juicy peach with TPA regular juicy peach but I would lower percentage to 3.5 to 4


This is my entry for the DIY Downunder May Challenge. I wanted to do something I haven't really worked with much, so I went for raspberry. This recipe went through 5 revisions and trying to fit that into a single month was a challenge in itself.

For the raspberry I found FA raspberry was the main type of raspberry I wanted to go for, it's just a delicious raspberry, not too candied, not too bitter, just right in the sweet spot for a bakery. I did want a little bit of a syrup feel along with the natural raspberry so I bulked it up with TFA sweet raspberry and added a little bit of lemon to keep the tartness.

The icing/glaze I built with cream cheese icing and TFA sweet cream to keep it more of a cream cheese type glaze, then a little Bavarian cream for sweetness and mouthfeel.

Trying to keep each layer prominent was tricky. With the first few revisions I either really liked the icing or I really liked the bakery aspect. How I got the bakery to play nice with the icing was this combination of Cereal 27, Graham Cracker Clear, and Cinnamon Danish Swirl. The CDS also added a nice touch of cinnamon spice that compliments the raspberry and gives the whole recipe a more bakery feel.

The last touch was a tiny bit of Super Sweet, not a sweetener I use often, but here it has its place. It just adds the sugar for the whole recipe and brings it to more of a dessert level.

Flavor Notes