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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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This turned out fabulous! if you love dessert vapes then this is a must mix!! its smooth, creamy and has that carmalized note of a creme brulee. vta is an absolite must in anyone dessert stash! The flovors all blend so well together, and is in my top 3 favorite best recipes ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ
it can be vaped right after mixing and gets truely amazing when steeped!!

I added one drop on 0.9 normal saline per 10cc. just to see what it would do here. i wanted to make the recipe pop! it worked great!! it took this recipe from great to fabulous!!

This is a true to life and genuine coffee cake. If you know coffee cakes itโ€™s a nice and buttery cake with a cinnamon streusel and brown sugar swirl. Sometimes with a crumb topping on it and a drizzle of creamy icing. It goes great with a cup of coffee. Hence the name! Look no further if you are looking for a nice and rich bakery flavor. This is one I have worked on for a while and very to happy to share as my second recipe on ATF. ENJOY!!

This is a delicious peach pie vape. It is a SNV but I would allow it to breath for a few, Peach seem to have a good amount of alcohol in it. Best vaped after 7 day steep.


THIS ISN'T THE GREATEST AND BEST APPLE CINNAMON RECIPE IN THE WORLD...... This is just a Tribute, an apple bread pudding a-la mode
\\Mixed at: 70vg\30pg
\\Steep Time: 10-14 days
Update: A slight decrease in FW Hazelnut and bump to dragonfruit helps it blend in much better with the other notes in this recipe. Give it a new mix!

This is my chef-d'oeuvre, my opus, the main reason I started mixing over 2 years ago, and would be my ADV if I had to be stuck with just one profile. This recipe is my tribute to one of my favorite juices of all time that was made by a friend who worked in a vape shop.

Duh Apple Cinnamon:

For me my favorite go to for an apple cinnamon combo has been a combination of FA Fuji, TFA Dragonfruit, and CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl (Thanks ID10T for your Cinnamon Roll Apple Danish). For a long time I actually didn't use TFA Dragonfruit in this recipe because I really didn't feel that it was needed. The issue I always ran into with this recipe is after about 3 weeks steep you would still be able to taste the apple cinnamon, but FLV Vanilla Pudding became too forward in the profile. TFA Dragonfruit serves two purposes: 1.) To help boost the apple cinnamon in the recipe to keep it strong and 2.) To help FLV Vanilla Pudding stay in check.

Dat Bread Pudding:

The main flavors in our bread pudding base are a combination of TFA AP and FLV Vanilla Pudding. AP helps give our bready notes with FLV Vanilla Pudding making up a portion of the pudding. I spent a long time trying to find the sweet spot for FLV Vanilla Pudding because of the issue of long steep times mentioned above. For the longest time it was at 2.5%. Going down to 2% the AP would be too forward, 2.5, it took over the Apple Cinnamon, so I eventually arrived at 2.25%. CAP Sweet Cream serves a two purposes in this recipe as well: 1.) To support our bread pudding base and 2.) to help support our ice cream that's on top.

Dis Ice Cream:

From CAP, to LB, to HS, to all of the other Vanilla Bean Ice Creams out there, TFA's VBIC is still my favorite. At 3% it works great in this profile and gets just a little kick from CAP Sweet Cream. For Pepper tasters I would suggest swapping TFA for CAP VBIC 1:1, but honestly it's just not the same.

Dafuck is FW Hazelnut doing in here?:

Long after my friend stopped working at his shop he gave me some clues as to what he used in his recipe, and one of them is that he used a Hazelnut flavor in it. FW Hazelnut really does an amazing job anyway in flavor, and it really blends well with our bread pudding base and the ice cream.

Man, I just love this recipe, after so many iterations and and tinkering I think this is as good as it will ever be. It's sweet, it's bready, it's creamy, it's nutty, it's got apple cinnamon in it, what more could a guy who loves this profile ask for? With fall coming up I think this could easily slide right into your rotation. I hope you are willing to give it a try and leave me a review. I'd love to hear feedback on what you think.

New and greatly improved. This is super simple and authentically delicious. Tastes good as a shake and vape, and is great after an overnighter. 5 to 7 days for perfection. I haven't tried it but a smidge of ws-23 may drive home an authentic cold and milky bowl of Apple Jack's. So mix it up and enjoy, thanks KRUCIAL...

This is my take on a cream puff for the Mixin Vixens contest.

The Pastry Shell-The Croissant was used to add flakiness to the pastry shell. The Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Gingerbread help to add a little bit more density to it.

The Filling-I used a combination of Butter Cream, Cream and the Vanilla Sugar Daddy to add a sweet and creamy filling. If I had more time I may have tried to add some sort of whipped ingredient to lighten it up a bit but it has been a hectic week lol.

I also used the Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Gingerbread to add the layer of cinnamon and spice to it.

This is a 3 ingredient cinnamon raisin biscuit made for August Challenge by DIYDOWNUNDER

day 2 this is a very pleasant vape - mild and flavorful - 5 days - same mild and flavorful - okay this recipe is a good one now... I can only imagine it getting better with a longer steep but at 5 days it's really nice. I had wanted more cinnamon but not overpowering as it is you cannot really make out the cinnamon but the flavors here do come together to produce a great vape. It's just like the title - vanilla tobacco - and it seems just super simple even though the recipe has all this stuff in it - the vape seems very basic - vanilla tobacco LOL

A warm gooey apple and cranberry turnover filled with some of my favorite Fall flavors.

The Crust:
Zeppola & Cinnamon Danish-These work together to make my pastry type crust and bring a little bit of buttery cinnamon to the mix.

The Filling:
I saw apples, pecans and cranberries in the filling, which also happen to be ingredients I like to throw into my oatmeal, so I already knew they went together nicely. Trader Joe used to carry dried orange cranberries that were amazing and I would cook with them every chance that I got. The PUR-Cranberry Orange just kind of warms up the mix and adds a nice depth. I liked the pecan flavor in the PUR-Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream so I used it to add some creaminess to my filling as well as the nuttiness. FLV-Maple just works really well with these flavors as does the FA-Liquid Amber to help round out the recipe. You could sub the CAP-Double Apple for Pur-Country Apple if needed. The Cap-Super Sweet is optional but it does add a nice hint of sweetness to the mix.

I let it settle for a few hours before taste testing it and it has not changed drastically with steeping. I did cut down the original amount of FA-Zeppola because it got a little greasier than I wanted. I may still tweak it a bit when I have time but overall I am happy with how it turned out.


This is a perfect recreation of a Cinnamon roll, I was a little reluctant to share this due to the high sweetener,but you can take it as low as 1%

Flavor Notes