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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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1% Dragonfruit makes the Fuji and CDS taste more like a danish with cinnamon apple filling. Without it, this just tastes like a cinnamon danish with apple slices on top.


An improvement on the already taste-tasic Snake Eyes juice by Seduce Juice. For more natural, stronger banana flavor, add up to 1.5% FA Banana. For an extra spicy vape, add 1 drop of FLV Rich Cinnamon per 15ml. For super-bold, in-your-face flavor, do both. Requires 10-day steep, seven for the coconut and Bavarian to go on their honeymoon and three more to get the little edge off the CDS.

Had someone request "something like CTC from Blue Dot"

It's not exactly a clone, because I haven't had the original in more than a year. It's more of
an homage to the profile. It works great as a shake & vape. The sweetener is entirely optional, because
the French Toast actually adds a brown sugar, molasses sweetness by itself.

It is a version 1 recipe, but I've had enough experience with all the flavors in the recipe that not much, if any, fine tuning was necessary.


Creamy Sopapilla casserole. My first public shared recipe. In its current state, it has taken me over 13 revisions. Nothing should be subsituted.

I have always steeped the recipe for 2 weeks. I prefer all my recipes 30/70 pg/vg because it gives a certain sweetness and thick mouth feel. Some times I have added no more than 1% tfa sweetener, but it is still very sweet for me without.

If you give this a try, I appreciate all feedback.


Warm pears over vanilla ice cream with a bourbon/brown sugar reduction sauce

FW cinnamon roll

No Description.

Apple Muffin w/ cinnamon! Pretty exact! The Vanilla Cupcake is NOT in the popular recipe that is found in most vape shops, I find it is a welcome addition tho.


Cinnamon strawberry

Flavor Notes