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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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This was inspired from the basic basket flavors for the New mixers Competition from Diy or Die.... i did some looking around for a bakery pastry recipe that incorporated those flavors and came across this, and it actually worked well...i was looking for that apple Strawberry melody accompanied with a cinnamon and pastery warm note.... along with the sweet

Req @ least 2 to 3 day steep

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Mixed at 75VG/25P
The problem with retail pumpkin pie eliquids I experience is that they are either too spicy or have some weird 'rubber tire' back note. I feel this pie is just so balanced with these particular flavors. It tastes like a home cooked pumpkin pie

CAP Pumpkin Pie:
Used at 1% due to its potent spices. Anything higher and I'm gagging. Nice tasting crust, allspice and creaminess

TFA Pumpkin:
Used at 2% because it's a thicker 'pumpkin' with spices....but the spices are not too powerful that they take over the recipe. I used both brands because they both offer something different which is needed for this recipe.

TFA Eggnog:
Why the low percentage on this? And why its inclusion? All I wanted from this is the nutmeg note. This flavor is pretty potent, so to balance it with the other flavors, only 0.3% was required

TFA Vanilla Swirl & Strawberry Ripe:
Both of these flavors tone down the strong allspice a smidgen and add creaminess and depth to the filling. Without them you get a spice pie with a little pumpkin.

Even though there are spices going on with the above ingredients, the one ingredient lacking is of course, cinnamon. We only need a little here. And at 1%, CDS not only helps flavor the pie filling...it also gives a "baked" crust flavor to the Graham cracker.

LA Cream Cheese Icing/CAP NY Cheesecake:
Both of these flavors pair so well and really make the pumpkins take on a pumpkin 'pie filling' taste.

FW Graham Cracker
Perfect graham cracker crust

Round it out with sweetener and you've got your very own Punkin Chunkin Cheesecake Pie!!

I vaped this fresh, but with steeping(3-7 days), the pie filling becomes more like a pumpkin filling and less spicy.

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Respect mixers, they are not your ticket to success...They are your friends.


Real flavors Baked bread RAW extract @1.75%, this flavor is not in the datebase yet but it's essential to the recipe
INW used as a 10% dilution

A sweet, tart cranberry spiced glazed donut.
Steep time 7-10 days



Credit to Fake_Lawnjesus over on e-liquid-recipes.com
A clone attempt of one of my favorite ADV's

Testing out a new recipe. Notes to come once I have had a chance to steep. 10-14-16 tried after 3 days steep. Not bad. Needs more time to steep.


A sweet cinnamon danish, with hints of blueberry on the exhale. Great as a shake and vape, but best if left in a cool, dark place for a few days.

Tis' the season for our basic white girl sides to proclaim "pumpkin spice matters" in all our yoga pant, ugg boot and north face glory.

I'll let you in on a little secret though. I'm not actually fond of things pumpkin "butt" damn who doesn't love properly executed yoga pants.

On to the recipe notes. Hangsen Pumpkin pie has the creamy sweetness you want from pumpkin pie filling but it lacks the spice (cinnamon and nutmeg) and crust of an apple pie. 5% worked out nicely to keep the creamy pumpkin pie sweetness but it needs some complimenting flavors to fill.out what it's missing.

I'm new to real flavors concentrates but what I have used and the reviews I've found all note that they are true to their descriptions but due to their VG base tend to need to be used at much higher percentages as well as needing longer steep times. Hangsen accomplished the creamy aspect with a hint of pumpkin and tpa pumpkin spice added the spice aspect but the pumpkin note still wasn't where it needed to be. Brace yourselves for violation of the 20% overall flavoring percentage rule... Real flavors pumpkin pie at 10% completes the pumpkin note.

Tpa pumpkin spice is some potent stuff that nails the nutmeg taste present in all things pumpkin spice while lacking the more desirable creamy sweet pumpkin taste brought on my the hangsen Pumpkin pie. 1% almost overdoes it for that needed nutmeg pumpkin spice taste but it gets tamed with other additions.

Cap cinnamon swirl danish seemed like the best flavor suited to add a dough/pie crust flavor while imparting some sweet cinnamon taste to compliment the nutmeg taste introduced with the tpa pumpkin spice. At 2% I thought I was going to have to go back to the drawing board because I started getting too much cinnamon coming through as it was making the cinnamon aspect of tpa pumpkin spice stronger. It added some that hit that while not unpleasant was more akin to what you would expect from a pumpkin spice latte rather than a pumpkin pie. I considered ditching that flavor all together until I got an idea.

The pie crust aspect was still missing despite the addition of cap cinnamon danish swirl that was supposed to fill that gap. Queue the TFA pie crust. At 2% it mellowed out the sharp cinnamon and nutmeg notes and added that butter flakey pie crust that is a key part in the enjoyment of any good pie. Now on the the topping(s).

When I on the rare occasion partake of pumpkin pie it is usually in a 2:1 ratio of whipped to pumpkin pie. While cap vanilla whipped cream would suite the needs I had other plans for incorporating sweetness and a vanilla note. I went with fa whipped cream and at 2% it adds that dollop of whipped cream to the pumpkin pie and compliments the creaminess already added from the hangsen Pumpkin pie.

Now to address my preciously mentioned plans for incorporating some sweetness and vanilla. Rather than going for tpa vanilla swirl and em or sucralose I toke a note from a beginner blending episode and used vanilla cupcake to sweeten the pumpkin pie. Cap vanilla cupcake at 1% did the trick of adding sweetness needed while also not adding a distracting amount of vanilla.

I didn't expect this to work as a shake and vape due to the creaminess and potency of some of the ingredients. I've got to be honest though that it's quite wonderful as a shake and vape but I would recommend at least 1-2 weeks of steeping.

Alltheflavors does not have pumpkin pie added to their flavor listing yet which is why you see hangsen Pumpkin spice listed as it was the only hangsen Pumpkin they had a listing for. So hangsen Pumpkin spice is actually hangsen Pumpkin pie.


Taken from HocusKrokus recipe posted on DIYejuice.


Apple/Tobacco Spiced Custard. Mouth-watering good!
Steep: 1 week minimum. Some prefer shake and vape, but typical custard and tobaccos take time to develop.
Mix: 70/30
The Base:
Vanilla Custard (CAP) - This is the obvious base note for the flavor profile. Creating a thick velvety layer of Vanilla for the rest of the flavors to mingle with was the objective here.

French Vanilla Creme (TPA) - This flavor was used as an accent to the Vanilla Custard to boost the creaminess as well as the Vanilla profiles. This gives the custard another layer of complexity while not overpowering the staple custard notes.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) - Another accent to the base. Giving this a low percentage allows for a present cinnamon note with just a touch extra to the cream. A little goes a long way within this recipe.

Ethyl Maltol (TPA) optional - Once again - Just a touch of sweetness to brighten the cream layers as well as boosting the overall appeal of the vape.

The Main Notes:
RY4 Double (TPA) - This tobacco is such a versatile RY4. It's tobacco notes add a nice earthy tone as well as provides a delicious caramelized brown sugar sweetness that sits so well on top of the Vanilla Custard base. Using this at 3% allows it to shine but not overpower any other ingredient.

Torrone (FA) - This flavor is used more of an enhancer to the RY4. Finding the perfect percentage was key, but it was absolutely a must for this recipe. It offers a nice honey sweetness as well as a nice nut profile that (to me) is a match made in heaven for the RY4.

Two Apples (INW) - This is where this recipe shines for the fall season. To me, this gives off a nice Apple Cider kick. The CDS in the base notes sets this profile off. It also gives high notes of Sweet Red apple sweetness as well as a nice tang from the green apple.


Deliciously creamy peaches, vanilla ice cream, and a subtle cinnamon and pastry note to tie it all together.
Allow for a 1-2 week steep time.

Flavor Notes